: LeaverBuster has to be here in order to prevent people from “ah you know it’s PBE what do I care /ragequit.” If people have bad internet, they shouldn’t play. Crashes that happen server side aren’t *that* common and historically people have been quick to notice them and stop playing until it’s fixed. You don’t get LeaverBuster for the server going in to maintenance. Everyone is disconnected, the game is deleted, there’s no history of it. As far as the server and LeaverBuster is concerned, the game never happened in the first place. Curious for you to have 30 upvotes within 30 minutes without any comments, though.
idk man, but if this post has around 30 upvotes right now then I guess it goes to show that ppl don't want leaver buster and want it to be removed from the game
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: We don't plan on leaving bans enabled indefinitely. However, we need them on currently to test changes to Champ Select timings. Look for them to be removed in ~1 week.
Oh ok and by the way thank you for designing yasuo and thresh and Darius I hope you make more fun champions in the future, keep up the good work <3 <3 <3 <3
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