: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Graves w is broken it's basically if you are just as strong as graves and get hit by it you auto lose, if you're behind graves in damage you auto lose... Even if you're ahead you can't run in the direction he fired it from because you'll probably be in melee range taking max AA damage. Not even gonna talk about him being really strong at jungling.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
The passive is weird to get used to but it really gives you a reason to q in fights. Still wish it could either fall off jungle mobs or something because although chaining the w between the large mobs and the minions is fun (the love tap sound is just yes) it will get you killed/once the minions die you're kinda like ... not to mention baron and drag....
: Thunderlord's Decree and its purpose in game.
30sec cd really? that means its useless compared to the others in the cunning tree. almost no point in going past T2 unless you've got heals/shields or really want that speed boost (but there are so many speed boosts now not really needed)
: Ezreal, Lucian and Varus kind of get the short end of the stick. Ezreal specifically also has issues with his ulti, which is global, yes, but it's quite slow, has a really long casting time, loses damage for hitting multiple units which makes optimal use extremely hard (need to account for casting time, travel time AND avoid hitting anything before the target), and its scaling is crappy. Lux, in comparison, has: * Significantly less casting time * Instant travel time * Lower CD without needing to spam Qs * No damage falloff, can hit everyone with it without losing damage * More damage than Trueshot Barrage on Illuminated targets (and fleeing targets more often than not ARE illuminated). Not to mention she can setup her own ult with her Q and E. Ezreal's ulti needs to be fixed, at least for the AP playstyle that basically relies on it.
Luicain is fine, varus is still terrible outside of mid, ezreal should be able to get 25%-50% crit damage on q imho
: > Well then why not just get rid of Skystrike? I was actually in favor of this approach for quite some time, but we thought it was something that players would be attached to, and that keeping it around at low power budget would be best. > Also, question on the side, does W still work while using Tag Team? Yeah, W still works during Tag Team without cancelling Tag Team. You can also cast Q and E from Tag Team, but they will remove you from Tag Team.
Just remove skystrike then, it makes no sense now that you can't even AA while melee. Personally more attached to Pecking things to death as valor than skystrike.
: [Kindred] Wolf (W) should be able to pass through terrain and Wolf's AI
17 votes and no comments smh. Probably more frustrating than the current passive bug. watching him attempt to run around terrain and then getting pulled back is depressing. they should really change this.
: Game crash then return to home screen
I have the same problem both queue and custom games nothing works at all atm. edit: just got a custom to work somehow
: I have that issue with my mouse buttons too
> [{quoted}](name=LeathalCreeper,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=BwJOdMpp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-22T22:20:09.646+0000) > > I have that issue with my mouse buttons too I basically just have to wait a pbe patch or two for it to not have this problem since nothing get it to work and support isn't helpful either.
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: LoL Patcher Sounds
They should really either lower the sound or allow you to disable it, It's way too loud.
: New Jungle, Why you got to be so complicated?
the chicken camp is straight up broken and quick smite still feels better than everything else especially early on although the heal might seem good on slow tanky junglers, but quick smite is superior just do to being able to have 2 maybe 3 jungle smite passives at the same time (assuming you kill a crab/invade for a lower cd) that's alot of power more so then a slow/nuke that uses your smite.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I find that the fully upgraded item/the first upgrade feels weak as a jungle item (coepared to the current spirit items) because they are all weak sustain (sans warrior) this is even more problematic for either tankier junger/caster jungers that use alot of mana or have really slow clears this is probably very bad for all tanky junglers everywhere since AA junglers can pretty much ignore these problems.
: New wolf camp
well I find that it acts like spooky ghosts so when an enemy enters the blue side it chases them and starts pinging the map
: Shaco ult crashes games?
ah so that's what happened I was try to see how he did in the new jungle since minions seem to take a ton damage and once my game crashed interesting
: Attempting to Reconnect Bug
same i can't get a game to last past 15mins :x
: Reconnect to Nothing
Oh so it wasn't only me! Thought I broke something.
: [Azir] BUG: Confirmed Ult + Soldier Interaction = Incredible Damage. I suggest disabling him.
: Renable Banshee's Veil in Ascension
: [Azir] BUG: Soldiers Do 1,000+ Each.
I have seen it happen too. should have taken some screenshots tbh.
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
What I've experienced is that once it starts happening it doesn't stop.
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: [BUG] Utility bicsuit
yah and you also cant read the text on it in game :| or buy more than 1 if you already had 5 items...
: How do you counter eve's early ganks with the current limit on vision wards?
you can't ._. which is the problem with visible vision wards you just have to afk at your tower. so shes gonna get nerfed again probably
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
the new dance is goofy, doesn't fit his character, and looks bad please remove it. also why doesn't he have idle animations?
: Why hasn't Pantheon been disabled yet?
lucian was disabled (even though it was for bug splat) idk why panth hasn't.
: Pantheon Ult Bug
can you disable him please?
: Hi guys, An issue was introduced which breaks channeled, aimed skillshots ( think Vi Q, Varus Q, Zac E). This issue has since been resolved internally. Thanks again for the reports!
so fixed next patch?
: Vi's Q
yah those 3 sec q's are a bit silly did they do something to channels? first panth now vi?
: New ward trinket [bug]
yah same mine just goes on cd and never places it.
: Pantheon Ult Bug
had one im my game to today so annoying ._. still won though cause he was so bad.
: Cant attack inhibs/nexus and other bugs.
its really inconsistent on when it happens ._.
: Mini Map Icon (Sivir)
I keep mistaking it for olaf ._.
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