: E is literally just an on hit effect for your next auto attack. Just like q for nasus and other similar skills.
yes, but the base damage of those autos are still able to crit. Kayle's E isn't able to do so, which is strange considering that her waves are able to. Atleast make the base auto crit, it doesn't have to be the whole AOE.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
tried kayle out on the practice tool, and I noticed that if you cast W on an ally out of range, the spell will just cast automatically and not heal the ally instead of having kayle walk into range so she can heal the ally. very strange, and probably not intended; would like it so she actually walks in range first so the ally can get the heal. edit: also seems like E aoe applies on hit effects (or at least red buff), but it doesn't crit (including the base auto), yet the passive waves are able to crit? seems weirdly unsynergistic with a crit variant of kayle
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: Feature in testing: New banner call outs for objective steals
hey riot i think this is a great idea, adds more excitement to the game without sacrificing anything. I think you should try the same thing with Pentakill steals as well.
: How to do the lux/nami glitch
It seems to have been patched, as they were disabled earlier today and now they aren't.
: Multiple ults: Lux and Nami
It seems to always leave you with 100 mana as well, meaning you can cast your ultimate as long as you can consistently pull it off.
Something more about this bug is that it always leaves you with 100 mana, meaning you can literally cast this forever as long as you're able to reproduce this consistently.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cottontail Fizz!
The Trident's Carrots look too round IMO, not as sharp as the splash art, but more like rounded at the top with a pointy part. Too fat, not pointy enough.

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