: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Nightbringer Soraka
Hiii! Love this skin a lot, just two things I have some feedback on. Her music when she dances is a lot harder to hear for nightbringer than it is for dawnbringer, hope you guys can look into that :D secondly her laugh seems a little delayed, i press ctrl 4 and it does the animation but I hear no laugh half the time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Ashe
Hii! Amazing skin, really beautiful thank youu. Just two things I would like to say, could we possibly have her angel form last longer? Maybe until she dies, similar to the leona skins? And second, could you guys increase the volume of her music on her dance, its a little hard to hear as well
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
thanks for the splash art edit!! it looks great :) now i just feel for some of her chromas, the in-game models' lips are a little too red? its reading as if shes wearing bright red lipstick
: I'll chat with the team today! Some of it may come down to lighting, but happy to bring it up nonetheless.
: We've been reading the comments and passing them along -- this thread has nearly 100 comments, and it's quite honestly impossible to give everyone a thoughtful reply. Instead, we've been compiling the feedback on this thread and others to give the devs more time to discuss if/what they'd like to change.
thanks for the reply! :) hope you can understand it from our point of view though, i'm not trying to come off as rude, its just sorta frustrating you know? I've been in situations where i give necessary feedback on these sort of posts and it goes unseen, for example the turn-tech that is still missing on classic SG and prestige neeko's tail. just trying to get our points across is hard sometimes! thanks tho
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand still no responses! <3 you guys !
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Majestic Empress Morgana!
could you either make her in-game hair a darker purple to match her splash art? or maybe fix her splash art to match her in-game hair color? ;x
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
still no rioter comments? >.> whats the point in giving feedback if there are no rioters constantly monitoring these posts, its like they put these up for every skin, and then wait until the final week to respond to people saying theres not enough time to tweak or add certain things...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
is there any way you can just, redo her face in her splash? XD I just saw rivens edited splash and now morganas splash art and the amount of detail is incredible. It makes nami look really....bad, not gonna lie.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
yeah im sorry the splash just looks too odd for me, her lips are too thin and her eyes are too big, she looks like a doll or cartoon character ;/
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Valiant Sword Riven!
hey really cool skin, just one thing thats bothering me is when she ults her hand goes through her Ult sword, doesnt look like shes holding it at all its just floating
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
i am so so so sorry LOL, i really dont want to come off as extremely rude and i understand how much time and effort is put into these skins, but namis splash..... looks so..... unfinished? Like, shes giving me clown vibes, she almost looks like a marionette or she even looks like pearl from steven universe ;x hope thats not the final product, she doesnt look like a real person. On the other hand rivens splash looks amazING, not sure how you can have rivens splash look that good and then leave nami's like that. Anyways like I said im not trying to sound like an asswipe but really, i hope you guyys are planning on working on the splash more.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
Also as of right now her hair is bugged, its just sticking out to the side when you move but when you stop moving it goes back to normal
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
I love the skin, just think her face looks a little odd, you know? Not sure if the eyes are a little too big, or maybe the lips idk.
: @Riot LoveStrut @Riot Beardilocks @Riot The main issue with light form is that it doesn't last long enough for you to enjoy or notice it most of the time. So I recommend these slight alterations: Xayahs uncorrupted form should last until she dies or uses W. Rakan's uncorrupted form should last until he dies or uses ult or uses W. Please give us a reply to this suggestion as a few people are okay with a longer light form being the fix.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko
whenever you can, her tail is missing the turn-tech that classic and winter wonderland neeko have
: Thanks for dropping the feedback! 1. New voice lines would be awesome! But unfortunately we don't have the capacity to do so at this time (build a script, find the voice actress, re-record a full set of lines, master them, apply effects, hookup call frequencies and behaviors in game). Xayah and Rakan underwent this process but did so over many months! 2. Will share this with the 3D discipline! 3. The octopus skirt definitely looks dope! But it's a recall/homeguard feature that displays when Zoe "transforms" or "uses it intentionally.' Please refer to my other comments about the scope involved with adding the octopus skirt to her entire 90-asset-animation kit (tho if I had the time, I totally would!) 4. Will discuss this with the team! Gameplay will have to be involved with this too! 5. We're currently looking at making this effect much more noticeable! Thanks again for all the thoughtful comments!
yeah no rush but the fog of war thingy is a must fix, and as for the balloons if they were Ran shaped i think i'd actually die from cuteness overload x.x !!!!!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Erís,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Rz782gYw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-08-29T18:55:02.749+0000) > > Her empowered root needs to be more distinguishable from her regular root, both are the same color pls. Rn its really hard to tell You're right, we plan to correct this, thanks for the catch!
tyy :) also whenever you get the chance, her tail doesnt have turn-tech on it but her other skins do
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamayy,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Rz782gYw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-29T12:32:47.963+0000) > > Hey, I'll leave some feedback, ++ is pro and -- is contra > > -- Bug: Her regular walking animation isn't synced to the ground properly. Her left foot walks faster than the terrain moves. This makes it look like she is slipping on ice or moonwalking. But for some reason the right foot syncs up better than the left foot. This is the first thing I noticed when I started a game with her. > The same happens when you send a clone with W! The clone will have a fast leg animation, while actually moving pretty slowly (with only tier 1 boots for example). > -- Her brown legs and her tail look pretty bland, because they're just a single pastel color. I get that they're supposed to be slightly transparent, like Aurelion Sol's tail, but with a star pattern visible inside of them. But they still look too bland. Maybe draw some pretty "patterns" with a faint glow on those parts? They could draw the outline of her boots she wears in the base SG skin. That would give them some complexity so they don't look like a single color. > Specifically the colors in the picture below feel unsatisfying, because they're neither gold nor pink, but look like muddy water instead: > https://i.imgur.com/78eYmqA.png[/img] > Or is that supposed to be rose gold? Maybe this will grow on me later though? > > ++ When you press W and send a clone, both the clone and her look really pretty, I love it! > -- When you have 3 charges on the W passive, there are FIVE floating particles over her head, even though she has a star and 2 wings on her head now. > This is the same bug as I described in [this post](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/rueRMRE1-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-star-guardian-neeko?comment=0026), which has since been majorly improved, and I hope the prestige skin gets the same treatment! > Edit: This is still not changed and I think it's the most important change. You ARE going to change it, just like with the base SG skin, right? It looks so much better, and the random sparkles currently floating over her head make no sense at all, it feels so lazy and unimaginative. > https://i.imgur.com/2Ns9ns5.png[/img] > > ++ The Q effects look really nice, especially the golden variant. > ++ I love the wings on her back! > ++ Amazing backport, especially the large golden wings. > ++ The frog has wings too! > -- She doesn't have a homeguard run yet, I suppose this will come later. > +/- Her dance lights are now a dark pink instead of golden like in her base SG skin. Not sure if that's better or worse, but I _expected_ golden lights. > > -- Her haircut looks like a cheap wig that you'd get at a carnival costume store, please try everything you can to make it look like natural hair (the color intensity and bounciness make a good job of this so far) > > -- Her ingame face texture looks weird. It's like it's taken from a baby doll. Doesn't look like Neeko. Kind of creepy. Maybe it has to do with her eyes, cheeks and forehead. Her face expression also makes her look sad and scared. > > -- When you do her /joke or Q, you can see her butt. Well, that can't be avoided, since she's wearing a skirt and all. But right now you just see some weird flat color there, it looks like a super low quality censor and really ruins the /joke. Also, there's a clipping edge right underneath her tail. Now I'm not asking for panties, but can you at least draw some spats on her, so there's SOMETHING with a texture there instead of just some blurry color? > There's a magical girl anime for children that utilizes this and I think it would fit her perfectly: > https://i.imgur.com/CKgnuGk.png[/img] > Source: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTKZuRAYicM > > -- Her E looks kinda the same before and after it hits an enemy. I suggest turning the first form of the E entirely golden, and then make it turn pink after becoming empowered. > > -- Bug: Shooting her empowered E causes dark/purple rectangular particles to appear in the trail. > > -- The star with wings on top of her head is too far away from her head, which causes it to fly all over the place when she moves, and often even way to the BACK of her head where it just lies flatly, upside-down. You're just re-using her hair physics from the base skin, aren't you? Needs some tuning. A bit closer to her head, and tone the maximum bending down. Other than that, the star with wings is super cute and I hope you put some particles effects on them when you stack your W passive, instead of the random floating sparkle there are right now. > > -- Bug: Shielding a disguised Neeko turns the shield in the healthbar black instead of white. I only tested this on the regular SG Neeko, but it probably applies to the prestige version as well: [Video](https://i.imgur.com/iGHq5Pn.mp4) Wow, that's a ton of feedback! Thanks for all the great catches! We've definitely already made some tweaks around these areas (particularly the W passive VFX) and are definitely hearing you on a lot of the other stuff, we'll see what we can do in the rest of the time we have, thanks again!
heyy!! just another couple of bugs i caught. For some reason the enemy told me that they knew it was me when i was disguised because your name disappears when you shapeshift? not rly sure about that one, but another bug i caught was that neekos tail doesnt have turn-tech like her classic or winter wonderland!! hope you can catch these and fix em <3
: Sorry! I don't mean to shoot everything down. As of now, I just want to address all the feedback that everyone is kindly giving (which I understand!) and deliver reasons why some things we can't act upon while discussing the things that we can! If I were to describe the overall process we go through when we concept and develop a skin, there are SO many ideas the team has to make the skins as awesome as possible. Due to the time given to each skin for development, we have to be specific with what features and scope we can include within our timetable. Animating the octopus skirt for her entire kit wasn't feasible, so we tried to include it in her unique animation assets that we had decided to build for her skin (homeguard + recall). As an animator, I'd love to animate extra things on everything (it's kind of what I do), but realistically speaking we have to pick our battles and be smart with where we apply our weapons. I hope that makes sense! Again, thanks for all the feedback you guys are giving! Still reading and sharing all of it!
can i talk to you about something not zoe related? not sure if you can help me with it but Qiyanas in-game portrait is miscropped compared to her portrait in champ select. Im gonna leave the my reddit post here -> https://www.reddit.com/r/QiyanaMains/comments/cdambz/qiyanas_portrait/ , as you can see her portrait in champ select is cropped PERFECTLY around her face, like every other champion in league, but then her in-game one looks so zoomed out that you can even see her facial features, all you see is tiny eyes and poofy hair. If theres ANYTHING you can do for me it would be greatly appreciated because ive been trying for weeks to get into contact with someone. Also sorry this isnt zoe related my fellow zoe people, dont hurt me ;-;
: Hi Fodona! I'm happy that you guys all really like the skirt we added on the recall and homeguard! A toggle would be neat, but as you've probably already heard (from many skins in the past), toggles have historically been tricky for us to implement and put onto a skin. Some champions have them since they were built with that functionality in mind, but it's unfortunately a lot harder to just add a toggle after the fact once we've completed production on a skin. Something like the helmet toggle is slightly easier to support b/c a static model is simpler to manage. Specifically for Zoe, one of the main issues is animation bandwidth. Since base Zoe doesn't feature a cool octopus skirt, she doesn't have bones or animation data to have the skirt exist/move. They were added into the recall and homeguard as those assets were being custom animated from the ground up already and didn't cost a lot of extra time to implement. For all other cases, though, the 30 bone skirt would need to be completely animated across all attacks, idles, runs, spells, and emotes just to support the toggle feature (i think i counted 90ish specific animations) which did not fit into our allocated time for skin production. As an animator, I wish animation weren't so expensive and time-consuming >.< Cheers! edit: i'm also going to add that i've seen some comments about just having the skirt on 100% of the time, but due to the reasons stated above and the fact that from a gameplay perspective it would change Zoe's base silhouette too drastically, we're unable to have the skirt be present all the time. edit2: the organization of my post is all wonky but everything i wanted to say should be there haha
man you guys really like to just shoot down everything lmao, would you instead add the octopus skirt as a permanent addition to the skin then instead of making it a toggle?
: Hi Anhilyx; thnx for the photos! Currently the Yo-Yo is actually a 2D VFX card that swaps faces (to emulate it being the familiar in yo-yo form). Our two options are to either keep it as is or change to just a recolored version of her normal yo-yo (so theoretically purple). During production, we didn't have the bandwidth to reanimate a different familiar form for all yo-yo assets since we invested animation work into a lot the other assets. Does the clipping and 1-frame face swapping bother you a lot? The Ctrl+1 Joke for SGZoe is identical to base Zoe, as far as I know. The elbow is being scaled down to almost zero to trick you into thinking the arm is going into the portal (we do this in a lot of different character animations) so the arm actually doesn't interact with the portal. From what I can tell both SGZoe and base are behaving normally in this manner. I tried emulating the E overlap disappearing bug you're describing and not able to repro it. Do you have particular settings? It could also be a practice tool bug specifically?
pls make her octopus skirt a toggle
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
: Whilst I think this is a neat idea, it would be kinda hard to see Xayah through Rakan's shield during that moment. Also, since we're currently linking light form with her Ultimate, it might confuse people and make them think she had just used her ult.
why do you guys literally hate your playerbase? shouldnt you see to it that atleast SOME of the feedback is taken into consideration, because we are the ones paying for these products? 0 feedback on sg zoe so far, one response for sg neeko, and now the only feedback we're getting for xayah and rakan are straight up "actuallys", "althoughs" and straight up shoot downs of any good idea. slow clap for you guys, would it really be that hard to add a toggle for a light form? im not understanding why you are using lore as your excuse still, like?????????
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Chromas!
for zoe's chromas, can you change the Ran on her bubble and Q to match the Ran from her dance? For example the pearl chroma is white and black, so Ran has a cute blackish color, but when she uses bubble and Q he's still purple and pink. I think it'd be a nice touch :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition!
Her empowered root needs to be more distinguishable from her regular root, both are the same color pls. Rn its really hard to tell
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
also for her chromas, can you change the Ran on her bubble to match the Ran from her dance? For example the pearl chroma is white and black, so Ran has a cute blackish color, but when she uses bubble he's still purple and pink. I think it'd be a nice touch :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
Make her lgendary, add more VO lines and special interactions, make her octopus skirt a toggle!!!!!!!! >;3
: if fixing things, please consider making * her eyelashes longer * her mouth less smirked * her nose slightly bigger * her eyebrows not so weird and pencil thin (i'd also say the shape of her eyes is a bit too round or small i can't quite figure it out)
: Hi, Beardilocks here to answer your question about uncorrupted variants of these skins. First let me start off by saying I love how passionate about Xayah and Rakan Star Guardians everyone has been! I can see that you guys love both their light and dark forms, and we have definitely heard your feedback that this is a feature that you would like. However, I'm afraid that it isn't quite as simple as it initially seems, as there are quite a few things to consider. Please bear with me and read the whole context of why we won't be able to provide these. When we set about designing the Star Guardians for this year, we knew we wanted to evolve the thematic and expand the storyline. Until now, there had not been any definite antagonist for the Star Guardians to fight against - just some slightly generic monsters invading the city. We chose to do this by establishing Zoe as a villain in the universe, and having Xayah and Rakan as fallen Guardians, whom she had corrupted with her evil. When we go about creating a new skin for a character we create 3 "Pillars": Core concepts about the identity of the skin that are like guiding principals that we always try to work in to every aspect of their character. For Star Guardian Xayah, these pillars were: - Corrupted former star guardian with **internal struggle** - Dark star guardian beauty/ beauty with an edge - Fierce warrior spirit As such, when we were making creative decisions about the design, animations, sound, visual effects and voice recording, we tried to make sure that we were representing at least one of these pillars. You can see that I have highlighted the **internal struggle** part of her first pillar, as this is the most important defining feature of this skin. In pretty much every ability, animation and recall, we were trying to play up the struggle between dark and light, between good and bad. You can see this in her spells - her W is her reveling in her dark power, using it to damage enemies. Her R is supposed to be the most exciting moment, and highlight of her gameplay, and so is the point where we create the most contrast, expelling out the darkness and returning her to her original light form. All her voice acting also reinforces this - her voice lines are a contrast to her normal ones, where she is a badass anime villain, especially taunting the _loser _Star Guardians of her former team. We also wanted to play up the dynamic between Xayah and Rakan in this struggle between good and evil. In both their solo and duo recalls we see Rakan trying to save Xayah from the darkness by taking it into himself, trying to sacrifice himself to save her, becoming even more dark and corrupted in the process. This all ties into the story of Star Guardian this year (more story details to come soon!), though I don't want to spoil anything more in that area. **If we were to simply put a light version chroma out of this skin it would remove the central pillar of this skin, the internal struggle between light and dark, and the thing that makes this skin a legendary.** It would mean that a lot of their spells would not make any sense. A light Star Guardian Xayah would turn dark when she uses W (which would be a big contrast), but she would not change at all when she did her Ult (which would feel less impactful than her W at that point). Rakan would fire darkness out of him when he did his W (which wouldn't make sense), and when he ulted he'd turn super dark and grow big evil wings. Their recalls would not make any sense either, as the whole aspect of corrupting darkness would be out of place, and there would be no emotional impact to Rakan trying to take the darkness from Xayah. Further more, none of the VO of them being evil would make sense either. Some players have suggested that they would be fine with stuff not making sense and I understand that, but I don't think everyone would feel that way. I welcome anyone who thinks _all_ players would let a "small" detail like most of their spells not making sense to go to read some of the responses of other players on the boards and twitter about minor details they don't like :( If we did commit to fixing all of these things so that they made sense for a light variant, we'd need to do entirely new visual and sound effects, new animations, new voiceover and new recalls. At that point, we would basically have to charge the price of a whole new skin, or to add these as a toggle they'd basically need to become ultimates, because it would take the same amount of development time as a whole new skin would. Deciding to do this would be something we would have to do at the start of development, not after they are revealed on PBE. Additionally, they would be alternate skins that don't really fit into the story that we're trying to tell this year, which might even potentially confuse players. I know you're super passionate about this, and it's something I think would have been awesome to see too, but if it was something we chose to do, I would definitely want to do it properly to do it justice. Instead we chose to focus on delivering dark, corrupted Star Guardians, which I think we did successfully, but I'm sorry if you're disappointed.
are you guys looking to add new VO's for sg zoe? Hers being all happy and stuff really doesnt make sense, plus it says the skin features new VFX and VO. Wheres the new VO? Is the echo in her voice supposed to count as the new voice over lines?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
you should give her some special interactions with the other star guardians ;x
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
pls make a toggle ;3 i know yall arent going to but still, countless people are asking for it so maybe consider it? ;3
: The thing that stands out to me the most that I would like to see get changed is her face in her splash art. Her eyes and her eyebrows look very off to me and she's missing her iconic scales on the apples of her cheeks. https://i.imgur.com/57RLKfG.png
: I think the main thing that irks me is the splash art. Her face seems so odd and doesn't look like Neeko at all, mainly because of the face shape and the absence of her "key features." Some people on twitter already made some adjustments for themselves to show how it could look and they fixed all the issues her original splash art had. https://imgur.com/a/8z0qFgK The colors are really mixed as well but I can survive with them, I'd just really like to see her face adjusted in the splash art.
: IMPROVE HER SPLASHART FIX HER FACE Not trying to troll or be mean, but this can't be said enough. It looks UNSETTLING and LIFELESS and just derpy in general. If you change only one thing, add PUPILS. The eyes are the window to a person's soul, or so they say. If you can't look into them, it's creepy. And in order to look "into" them, you need pupils. The way it currently looks, my first thought is she has some kind of parasite in her eyeballs that made her blind. Yes, star-shaped pupils work in anime, but clearly not in this splash-art, as is evident by the feedback in this forum, twitter, reddit, youtube, and so on. And the mouth angle is way too crooked as well. See: https://imgur.com/a/8z0qFgK Other than that, I have seen no issues while playing her and I love the recall, homeguards and dance. Especially the large fairy wings on her back. The bi-colored clones are also awesome.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
Loving the zero communication guys!! keep it up! Once again i feel her golden fingers dont fit at all but hey, what do i know! im only a consumer!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
please make her fingers and the tips of her boots black, the gold looks horrible im sorry
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
pls why are her fingers and the tips of her shoes gold, it does not fit at all in my opinion ;(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
why are her fingers yellow, that looks so horrendous, should be changed to white or gray or something ;x
: Qiyana Bug Reports
Her in game portrait still needs to be fixed please
Rioter Comments
: Qiyana Bug Reports
Fix her in game portrait I beg, it should be centered on her face you shouldnt be able to see her neck it looks awkward
Rioter Comments
: Qiyana Bug Reports
hey could you please make her in-game portrait the same as her champ select portrait? her in game one seems too far back, you see her neck and stuff and it doesnt match the portraits of other champs, thanks :D
Rioter Comments
: Quyana Bug [No Cooldown on Q]
Rioter Comments
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition!
Her running animation is still messed up if she runs and casts E at the same time, but i guess you guys dont care considering there has been no rioter feedback since may 1st lol.
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