: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Pyke
It’s kind of upsetting how this is one of the few legendary skins without a new walking animation but I’ll let it slide. I do have a suggestion though! With Vayne’s skin whenever she ults she gets a purple project border on the corners of the screen. Would love if something like that was added to Pyke’s ult. If Pyke executes someone ( gets reset ), a red project border appears on the screen. It would also be really cool if the border got more complex with each reset he got and maybe glitch out if he gets a penta idk, just a suggestion.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
Imo, the skin would be so much less upsetting if the ships would do a barell roll when casting W or at least have some wings in addition to the standard ships of his passive
: May I ask why you dislike the Lunar Revel concept? I can simply not understand how you could prefer Arcade and Candy King over this concept
Besides this, I agree with your post. Except the spaceships. I think they are the main reason for the skins price tag. I do not like them, but they add diversity to Sols stars
: I've been an Aurelion Sol fan for a long time and started maining him at around December last year, I'm very passionate about the character, and like the rest of the community, I was very excited for his upcoming skin that has been hyped ever since March. We discussed it, came up with theories as to what it would be and overall had somewhat mixed expectations. It's no secret that Aurelion Sol is seen as Riot's mistake and even a meme because of how unpopular he is, but I can assure you the community's criticism although harsh, comes from a place of passion and in no way do we actually want to make ourselves look any more ungrateful and whiny like those obnoxious people commenting "Sol Skin when" on every single post you guys make. However, just because we're a small community, does not mean that we have to settle for a mediocre product simply because "you finally did it". I have many problems with this skin but the main one lies in the thematic that was chosen. Many times I see comments saying things like you wanting to make skins that fit with the character, and even that it's hard to make to make an Aurelion Sol skin because his base skin is already so overwhelming and beautiful, and yet, this skin manages to contradict those points. In fact, it makes no attempt at trying to be better than the two existing ones. Aurelion Sol has a big personality, he's arrogant, sassy, charming, bitter, and a Mecha skin just takes all that and throws it out in favour of making him a soulless machine. And even then, the other Mecha skins have more personality than this. With two years of neglect, I've seen this community create beautiful skin concepts, myself being one of those artists, and personally I expected Riot try to look into what the community wanted to see (Some of my work: [Candy King Aurelion Sol](https://sketchfab.com/models/a95d25ba04c14868834913eb3849593c) and [Arcade Boss Aurelion Sol (Work in progress)](https://twitter.com/MonoShuga/status/1016447559106211842) Me and other artists are in no way professional skin designers, so you guys know what design choices work ingame better than anyone else. However, the community's designs actually seem to have love and passion put into it, something that this skin clearly lacks. With all the Aurelion Sol skin concepts out there, I can assure you that there was little to no demand for a Mecha skin, it doesn't match a character like himself. Although this skin has its fans, a large portion of the community is incredibly disappointed by it. Not to mention that compared to his base skin and even Ashen Lord, this skin is incredibly inferior looking. Another thing that is a really BAD sign is that, for the people who do like it, their only reason is that "It looks like Rayquaza", it looks like there was barely any character exploration with this skin, there is nothing original about it, people are buying it because it looks like something else, not because it's an original work. And this is not even counting the people who like it because "At least we got a skin." As customers, we should expect quality and I'm glad that other Sol Mains are standing up against this. I said this in a thread but I'll say it here too, in one of the links I sent above, there's an Arcade Boss Aurelion Sol skin that I'm working on, who also happened to be based on Rayquaza, his initial concept sketches, which I did not post, happened to look too much like the pokemon, and as such, I had to change it, because I wanted it to be an original design, not a "haha buy this because it's a reference!" And don't even get me started on the chromas, the fact that they look better than the actual skin not only is insulting, but it just makes you look even more greedy, it feels very intentional. If you really wanted to milk the more desperate Aurelion Sol Mains, you could have just made a better skin and an attempt to interact with our community. Now I'm aware that I'm being a bit unfair, Mecha Sol is just an ok skin, I would shrug it off if Aurelion Sol had received other better skins in the past, but in the context of his neglect, it's very bad. In the Aurelion Sol Mains community, most of us expected to get an Illaoi treatment, let the community pick the skin, let the mains pick the skin, hype it up, allow us to have updates on the skin's development, it only made sense. Instead we're just thrown this with no warning, and are expected to suck it up and take it. I WANT to like this skin, I told myself from the beginning that I would like the new skin, no matter what it was. I dislike ideas like Dark Star or Chinese Dragon Aurelion Sol, but even those have more personality to them and could work with Sol's character if done right and I would take them with no hesitation. I feel like I HAVE to buy this skin just because I don't want it to sell badly and therefor make Riot not want to waste their time making more skins for Aurelion Sol, it should not have to be like this. This just screams "Here's your skin, now shut up." First rant aside, actual feedback on the skin's design. If it were up to me, I'd go back the drawing board and try again. First of all, he barely looks like a dragon. In my opinion, a Super Galaxy aesthetic would fit him better while still keeping this whole futuristic theme, even if giving him a space skin can be seen as counterproductive, it would still look better. I really dislike the design on the head, you can barely tell what is what, and maybe if his eyes were easier to see, it would look better, but overall it just looks like Pyramid head. I'm aware that it is a design choice, but him having no legs really doesn't look good at all, composition wise. Either give him back his legs or find a way to compliment that part of the design. It's Mecha, so as much as I hate the fact that he turns into a spaceship on his recall, I can't ask you to remove it, I did notice however, than in the transformation animation, it doesn't look smooth at all, It looks like it's missing a few animation frames between his transforming and his ship form, it might be a nitpick however. I'm also really not a fan of the drones surrounding him, makes no sense having him crashing his ships into enemies. Personally I think something like asteroids would look better, or for some consistency, perhaps picking up the same beams of light that he's holding and make them surround him, maybe giving them some kind of hexagonal pattern trail (Similar to Final Boss Veigar's cape particles) A lot of people are saying it and it's true, he looks very pregnant so a few changes to that would also be appreciated Unfortunately, due to the RP bug on PBE, I haven't been able to actually buy the skin and test it myself, but from what I've seen, the E Q combo's SFX are very jarring and unpleasant to listen to Also his shades... That cannot be a permanent thing, you cannot tell me that someone looked at that and said it was good enough to be released, the animation, the way that they just "click" in place, the fact that they're the exact same glasses from the base skin, it looks incredibly soulless. But it also looks like it's a placeholder so that's what I want to believe it is, and if this skin doesn't get scrapped, I hope to see a better design for them soon. Overall, I really don't like this theme choice, for a two year long wait, this was not worth it, at all. The fact that we're more excited about Aurelion Smol being a thing rather than this skin, should speak volumes, and personally I think this one should go back to the drawing boards. I might update this if more significant changes happen.
May I ask why you dislike the Lunar Revel concept? I can simply not understand how you could prefer Arcade and Candy King over this concept
: We are really happy that some of the issues are getting fixed and appreciate for the work and reply! The thing that was asked for the most on our discord is the color and i don't think the color scheme will change anytime soon but at least can you make the color tone to be brighter since this dark green we think it's just doesn't work on a character like Sol
I must disagree. The green is one of the few things i like about the skin
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
There’s a bug with his E : I suppose the wings are supposed to go by his side, making him turn into a plane. When casting the ability this feature works, but after a few seconds the wings just move to their position in the skin - upwards on the back. Cant explain it any better but im sure if you pay close attention to the skins spotlight youll notice the awkward movement of the wings
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
As an ASol one trick and skin enthusiast, I am just mildly disappointed by the skin. In all truth, I personally remember consistently checking twitter in classes to find any mentions of an Aurelion Sol skin since the Warwick rework hit live; and since then ive been doing it for every two weeks - I can assure you Im not the only one who’s done it. What let me down most was the theme choice for the skin. You’ve probably already heard this countless times but it indeed was something so hard to get wrong. I wonder why the ASol skin backlash started with the Lunar Revel event... What bugs me with the Mecha thematic is that it hides Sol’s chinese dragon features. Asol mains fell in love with his base skin, therefore you should have gone for something closer to his original design. As for the skin itself, id it hadn’t been Sol and some other dragon got the skin - I would have been quite surprised by how good it looked. I would have liked it. It is in all truth above the average skin. But as with any skin, improvements can be made: - the particles on his passive(what comes out of the ships) are very underwhelming; they make the ships look quite awkward. I would suggest making them more complex by having additional VFX for the flames that exit the ships engines(the ones that are right next to them) - perhaps some thick flames just like a rocket ships? But what bugs me MOST about the particles (ship flames) is the color scheme..They have the same pallet as the skin itself, making it look very bland. I suggest using the blue fire from the W(-celestial expansion ) for the passive , and using some red for his W - to compliment Sols arms and make the ability look more menacing. - the W (celestial expansion) is also underwhelming. It’s basically just the passive you’ve given him (along with my complaints about it) but bigger. Firstly , i believe the red i mentioned would be a very good fix, but the VFX itself is still too simple- I’d make the flames look more like electricity which I firmly believe would look SICK AF with the red. As for the ships, i REALLLLLY dislike how they only get bigger when using W. They should be given some small wings when the stars expand, as im sure they would add more diversity. - the Q: not much to complain about here since you’ll turn the opacity down but there’s still something i have to point out. The Q on ASols other skins seem to be more complex than this one - other small stars seem to all shift towards the center, like a vortex, feature which i think is absent in the Mecha skin. The Q looks therefore very bland when at a big size. - the fact that it’s not a 1820 skin but oh well, my expectations were too high - IT HAS NO BORDER PLEASE MAKE A SKIN BORDER FOR IT PLOX. Thanks. What I like about the skin: - the color scheme. Honestly, im into it, theres not much i can say. But please read what i had to say about the w and passive particle colors, they bug me a lot - the E . Looks quite decent, i like the idea of Sol turning into a ship and think the orange is a good choice for the ability An edit you could make though - add hexagons around it just like in Rengar’s skin - the R. Again, there’s not much i can say since the ability only lasts for about 1 second, but its a good second tbf. - the recall. I mostly like the fact that he’s not going through any portal unlike his other skins. Its something new - the voice. The touch that makes him a zorg. I dig it! - the chromas. You gave him a pink one. Thanks. I think thats everything i had to say. Im not writing a conclusion since i think the comment itself covers everything that needed to be said but i would like to thank you for the effort you put into the skin.


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