: Font too big on Guardian of the Sands rammus skin.
Here's the pic. Like I said, minor font overhang http://imgur.com/a/4pPMu
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: I'm not sure why you've been downvoted.. perhaps another Kassadin hater. Of the few ideas you offered I kinda like the idea of changing the charge system of Force Pulse to Rift Walk but with a twist. 3 charges - 450 range 5 charges - 600 range 7 charges - 700 range That gives him players the choice of using Rift Walk with only 3 charges to get into range to finish someone off or wait for a longer range. In general play the swirling void energy could be used to show charge status. No energy? No Rift Walk available. Current swirl - 3 charges. Brigther and more energetic swirl - 5 charges. Finally at 7 stacks it would have a little extra touch to it, perhaps a small lightning arc across his body. Level 6 he starts with 3 charges. Level 11 he gains 3 charges. Level 16 he gains another 3 charges. This way it'd give that power spike of hitting new ultimate ranks and allow what every other champion has in one form or another - a chance to get the kill just as you hit 6 before your enemy does. A slight variation on that would be giving his base Rift Walk 450 range then charges apply additional range. 4 - 600 range, 7 - 700 range. Out of the two I prefer this one because he always has the Rift Limp available but to go further requires abilities used like Force Pulse currently does. The more likely of the two would be it relying all on charges. It lets people have their precious nerfs of "too OP!" for a short cooldown 'Flash' ult because they would be responsible for giving him the charges as he can't spam abilities super fast to charge it up constantly. However, such a change would have to result in more damage elsewhere in his kit. Scaling is fine but ultimately has people whine about him being unstoppable (if only!) late game or when fed (who isn't hard to stop in that situation though?). I'd prefer weaker scaling on his abilities but higher bases so it's a pretty even scale instead of being weak, less weak, painful, deadly. Unfortunately, Riot seem to have set their minds on the current status as how Kassadin should be. Whiners got what they wanted, Riot ignored every bit of feedback on here and shoved it live within a week of it being on PBE. No other changes go through that fast in general it's almost like someone has an agenda against all assassins unless you're the 'healthy assassin' Zed or the jungle favourite son Lee Sin.
part of me hopes it's some plot of a big void reveal. Kass lore wise is keeping the balance keeping the void from breaking into runtera, thematically as they make him weaker they introduce gates to the void in the game a player can buy and place. if by chance it's part of riot plot to rework how the void is seen by summoners, once the void breaks through i can see then reworking his kit entirely and changing his title from riftwalker to something else that makes sense and taking his rifting ability away all together...
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: This should be fixed now!
Excellent. It took me a long time to respond, but I'd like to offer thanks for fixing it nonetheless.
: Honestly, If you have a problem don't buy it. I Love it SOO MUCH and so do others. People may not like it but compare her VO to Gnar's VO. He talks complete gibberish aswell, people still play him.
The reason PBE exists is to find out what works and what doesn't and not just with the coding. Furthermore the forums exist to discuss. The day something is released on the pbe usually doesn't suggest that it's perfect as is. If they didn't want our feedback (positive or negative) they wouldn't give us the option. Ultimately they might decide that they agree with you and make no changes whatsoever to her voice over.
: When i try to login it say my account doesn't exist
same and it won't register with any of my emails i use for league yet here i am posting stuff
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: Female Gamers: is there a problem?
I wasn't' innately targeting streamers, it's just an easier topic to talk about. I see your points and I tend to agree with them. if a girl doesn't want to be known as a girl then don't throw it around. Men don't have to worry about that so it's not really an issue. My focus was a little more geared toward how would the league of legends community try and change this view of women? That includes changing the view of women by women who think that they can only get attention in the game from showing their assets. I certainly don't hope that the true answer is that men will be men (only watching for boobs) and women will be women (exposing boobs). She might get noticed if she's really good at the game, but I'm talking about the average female player. We tend to ONLY give respect to female gamers if they are gods. That's not the case for guys. Male gamers get a natural tick of respect (or rather no one doubts how good they'll be based on gender alone) yet when it comes to a female or a summoner with a feminine name, there's a tinge of "well she'd better not suck..." or... maybe the "they'd better not suck" is an all-around thing and we really have a problem accepting people as teammates and not some random entity that's going to drag down my mmr.
: Well, it all started one hell of a time ago when people thought gaming was for boys (and quite a lot still think it is). So there were fighter games, racing games, but 'female' games have actually only just started to exist. In general, in gamers it's also the boys the game producers are paying attention too. Those inhuman breasts you see in every game *(Yes, I am also looking at you, Riot)* are mostly just to attract boys/men into playing that game. There are indeed quite a few people who watch/donate a female streamer just for that. Now this can go two ways: A) The female knows it, and uses that by showing more. Those are the attention girlies who try to get more donations that way (Hmm, getting paid... That certainly sounds like a job that's been existing for centuries.) B) The female doesn't even want people to pay her for her appearance and those feel quite harassed when people say things like 'Show me your boobs' 'u have a webcam?'. So yes, they hide their identity, because they want to be treated like every person here (no matter how much my mother has f*cked some weirdo in Australia). They don't want to be treated in a special way just because they are female. You'll find lots of female to planers and stuff, they just won't tell you that they are female. Hard part there too, there are a lot of people (men mostly though) that won't watch because they can only see her play LoL and don't see her breasts. Trust me, there are a lot of Diamond X good girl gamers (God I just *love* the alliteration) but with this community they mostly never show themselves. Players also make this worse because when a female is, for example, premade bot with a friend and the rest of the team finds out if mostly *'u her boyfriend????'* because they assume females won't play this game on their free will and that get con convinced by their boyfriend because he needed a support. (When in chat and they find out, you can also get a lot of *'o u a girl? thats nice'* and in some rare wird case actually people who are trying to flirt with ya *how the hell they immediately believe it is beyond me) And then in post-game screen you get 3000 friend invites and if you accept any of them, you still get the *'u have a webcam?'* bullshit. There are also also more 'neutral' girls. They will answer yes when questioned if they are female, but they will plainly ignore all the other comments people throw at them. It's not all fault of games/gamers though. It's also just that feminism hasn't really broken through yet (and then I mean *feminism*, as in, EQUAL genders, not *women should have more power than men* (some weirdos seem to think feminism is something else). It's a long way but it's coming. 50% of the Pokémon gamers are female, and more and more females start to pick up games and play them and they can be just as good as everyone else :) xx **PS:** Pleaase feel free to reply, I love this kind of discussion :33
So would you encourage girls to broadcast their femininity? perhaps if we knew exactly how many women play, it wouldn't come as such a shock to be teamed up with one? Im playing the devil's advocate here, just asking questions for the sake of questions. Also would you encourage other players to respect those women in that when they're being bothered by people in chat about it, speak up against the troll? I wonder how well a "sexual harassment" option would be received on the list of things to report someone for. It's funny that you mention the sexualization of most of the women champions on league (there are some exceptions) because a female I game with regularly complains often that none of the male champions are attractive to her.
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: New Sr Might Deserve New Music
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: Red Buff Went on Wrong Champion
additionally, a teammmate Katarina with red buff used her sinister steel around me and the burn was applied to my Thresh
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: The idea of barricades is great but I wouldn't place them like that with little gaps. This will actually reinforce the poke champions because you can't dodge while crossing them. What about somthing like that : | = barricades o = turrets --- ..........................................|........................|.................. o .|....................... .......................................................|. o ....................|...........................|..... --- Maybe adding a permanent movespeed bonus to all champions will help dodging long-range skillshots (nidalee, xerath, ...) and favoritise teamfights (aswell as helping low-mobility champions). Or all minions could carry a mini single-use Yasuo wall that will block the first skillshot intercepted and walk in zigzag ( or like the Roman turtle formation )to block some poke. Other than that, the presence of free champions in ARAM is necessary I think. Otherwise, someone could simply unlock only xerath, nidalee, lux, ... and other ARAM god-tier champions. This would be terribly unfair and not fun. P.S : Sorry for my bad English, I did my best
I do like your idea of a movespeed adjust. Another idea I was toying with was a crack forming in the center of the map that champs could run over, but with occasional gusts of icy wind that blow up like temporary wind walls.
: [Udyr Icon] - Udyr's new icon changes depending on active stance
The only stance that retains the new splash thumbnail is bear stance. It's possible they are working on making a dynamic icon which would be cool.
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: ARAM suggestion
I'd like to see a little mini boss of sorts on ARAM. Another idea I've had for a while for arams is a continually crumbling map to make for more choke holds and possibly make it harder for poke champs to just dominate. Maybe a pillar falls and splits the map in two in the middle around the 10 min marker and creates a physical wall (with a gap or two) that doesn't allow long range things through. The team them has to push through a choke point to continue their poking or bar the gates and defend the point. This pillar wall could be cleared by champs that can clear most walls in Summoner's rift so it's not a total block but it does stop xerath, nidalee, sona, and zigs from just tossing things as fast as their cooldowns allow. Or if a wall poses too much of a problem then the pillar falls and leaves a small line of slow ( gravel or such) in the middle to allow for teams to retreat or use this slow to their advantage. make the map more strategic and less balls to the wall all the time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Reaper Soraka
I think a teeny change I would like to see is a small animation like a split (not a total sexy leg split) in her robes to show her hooves. It would add a touch of "devilishness" to her. Maybe her fur should be gray-black underneath.
: Internet Troll Trundle Skin Idea
Lol thanks for the support guys.
: Now THAT would be awesome.
the more I thought about it, the more I thought that champ ones should be earned and Damacia, Pentakill, Arcade ones could be bought.
: Kassadin's Nether Blade Activation Noise Procs With Every Autoattack
Ah well, I remember it happening in a team fight against a Kayle so maybe the "glitch" (if it is one) involves her ultimate.
: Skin Deficient Champions
lol I love that name for it
: Yorick is also due for a new skin, although he could use a visual rework first since his current skins make his head seem really small... not that it stops me from using them.
I understand lol. but what other skin do you need when you have pentakill?
: You are neglecting jinx who only has her one release skin. I want more than mafia jinx, dammit.
yeah I left out the champs who are still fairly new. Zed and Elise were out when I started playing. I didn't mention Zac either and I'd love to see a Zac skin
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: Kogmaw Has ** Before Name in Champion list
Ok I've confirmed that it's only on the main server, PBE is fine.
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: Kogmaw Has ** Before Name in Champion list
If it matters, this is on the main server; I haven't checked yet if it's ok the PBE server as well
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: Random Skin Select Idea
bumpin' it like Alistar's headbutt! Like Blitzcrank's knockup! Like!!! Like!! uh.... Lulu's ultimate!
: ARAM suggestion
As an avid proponent of arams, I also have noticed that it seems that the free champs are rolled in an over abundance. Perhaps (I don't rally want to suggest this but I think it might make more people happy) they should allow for bans in arams. Also, like Kassadin is Nerfed quite heavily on the dominion map, maybe we need to see some aram -specific nerfs for champs like xerath and nidalee
: Ward Skin Select Option during Champion Select Idea
I'll bump this back up painting a pretty picture of what I'm talking about. As a support player, I love nothing more than to stroke the ego of my adc and if they happen to be playing Draven, it's only appropriate that I leave his shining smile in the bushes I ward. Or maybe I'm dutifully playing Thresh or haunted Zyra and feel that my Halloween wards are more appropriate to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies during epic ward battles!
: I wouldn't mind something like this :) I like being able to customize my profile (summoner icons and skins mainly) so this idea would be great!
Same here. I think it brings a little personal touch to our profiles instead of just being a series of recent matches and our rank
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: lol I was thinking it's be a similar price to ward skins, but I guess pricing would be ultimately up to riot
Addendum: the individual champion ones you can earn rather than purchase by choosing that champion so many times in champion select.
: Pool Party Ziggs already uses snorkeling gear and pool floaties but I like the idea of a pool noodle for his W. There have been cool fanart for Pool Party Skin concepts: Ahri (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4507387) Sona (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3911788) I wonder if we'll ever see those, I'll be very sad if we don't. Also I wonder about Pool Party Jinx from the official picture...
...and pool party zac. He's seriously lacking skins
: Kassadin Skin Idea
I think Kass deserves some lovin' after his repeating beatings with the nerf bat. It's obviously an abusive relationship with Kass and Riot
: Not a bad idea, but I couldnt see anyone wanting to buy a banner, but then again I didnt think anyone would buy the mecha summoner icon...
lol I was thinking it's be a similar price to ward skins, but I guess pricing would be ultimately up to riot
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dunkmaster Darius
One small thing I don't know if it needs pointed out, but Darius does cuss in one of his walking sound clips. He says, "Who's court is this? Damn right, it's mine." While this doesn't' offend me, I'm wondering how younger players (particularly their parents) will respond. Lots of kids love sports guys and they might be more tempted to buy the skin. League's rated Teen on ESRB so maybe it's not a problem. I just can't think of another champ that swears.
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