: Chat room and Friends list not visible.
Ive been having the same problem
: Ekko Feedback Thread
So in game the enemy Ekko clone is the same color as Ekko, while yours appears as a ghost. Is this intentional? IMO i think the enemy Ekko ult should be a ghost as well. Anyone else's thoughts?
: I think so too, but on a smaller scale. :) You don't really master a champ if you only play ARAMs, in my opinion. But you still learn bits by bits. :)
I agree. Maybe it like should be on a slightly different scale, like it the difference in RP gain between normals and ARAM, but I think it should exist :)
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: yea after i finished up some practice on a custom game i left for about 25 minutes came back and couldnt join a game so i relogged and this happened.
: is this being fixed right now or not?? (this is now fixed for me, pressed reconnect and it went to main page)
Just got fixed for me too
: i guess for some only?
Fixed for me now too
: > [{quoted}](name=Enigmir,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=qnbZU4bl,comment-id=000900010000,timestamp=2015-02-21T03:56:32.678+0000) > > can you get on, without a reconnect to a game, and firewall issue? No, I don't think anyone else can.
ok. If the second issue is universal, that's good, hopefully means there will be another fix soon lol
: Ty Rito, I can finally be a happy League player again
can you get on, without a reconnect to a game, and firewall issue?
: Im still not able to fix my client, do i need to repair? Says i need to reconnect to a ended game. {{item:3070}}
I have the same problem.
: Now it is okay, try relogging in...
Are you getting a message saying you need to reconnect to a game, then getting a firewall issue?
: i have this same problem, and then it says there is a firewall problem right??
Yep I have the same problem. Firewall issue too. My normal solution to a firewall issue (a VPN, works on my main) also does not work in this case.
Hopefully it should be up in a couple of hours
: :D looks like im not the only one, or maybe it was just my wifi, its really weird and slow, made me post the same thing 3 time :P
alll good :). and It's not your wifi. Riot recgonized the problem, and is working on a fix right now. http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe
: This is happening to me as well, trying to see if fixing my client will work, glad this didnt happen in game, disconnected me right after the game ended{{item:3070}}
don't worry. It's happening to everyone :).....well that was SUPPOSED to be reassuring....now that I think about it.....prob didn't work LOL
: Some people just aren't reporting cause someone already has done it check how many people have seen these post.
yeah you have a point. Touche
: Yup. it should be fixed within the next 24 hours.
We can only hope :D
: It is. He hasn't logged off since then. If he tried to close and re-log he would have the same issue.
For me, the problem initiated when I tried to start a new game. I got the error message then. Then I tried to log off and back on and got the error again. So I think that anyone attempting to start a new game should get the error as well, if the problem is truly universal. But I could be a weird situation
: I'm just not sure what to do to fix the logging in OR the bug
ATM there is no fix. We just have to wait. The thread "are PBE servers Down" is your best bet for the logging in error. It may fix your bug as well. :)
: Guess ill go to the live server and play there then hehe
my live is too laggy :( so I'm stuck LOL
: i was talking for the silent user :P
Oops. sorry my bad O.o. From what I've seen, not everyone is having this problem. Ilovedon said this "My friends are experiencing the same issue although i can not join a game i am still loged in". So it doesn't appear to be a universal issue.
: whoops :3
all good bro :D
: Trying to repair right now. I will keep everyone updated on my status.
I just attempted to repair my client. It had no effect.
: you can play right now?
No, I still am unable to
You should delete one of these two comments :)
: Now I can't even log in.
That's not a problem with just you. A lot of people are having this problem. and if you just repaired, repairing it prob isn't a fix
: Unable to login to the client.
There are two posts about this. It seems like at least 10 people are having this problem, but others are completely fine. I am attempting to repair my client to see if that will fix it.
: Try repairing your client.
Trying to repair right now. I will keep everyone updated on my status.
: Yes, then i decided to restart the client! Bad call hehe
Same LOL. It looks like theres two posts about this. Ive seen about 5 or 6 people so far with this problem. Hopefully, they can find a fix.
: im getting the same error
ok so it's not just me. I was worried for a sec LOL
: I cant login either!
Same unkown error issue?
: according to this link it shows is online http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe but for me i can't even login to the server
Can anyone log in? I can't. I have the same error as the previous comment, about the unknown error
: Unknown Error?
I have the same problem. I don't THINK I got banned either lol
: Same for me, Nemesis match does not show in match history. Best way to show is Recently Played list is populated but Match History is not. How do i add attachment, it says 100% status but then that is it..? I can only click on X
I'm having the same problem as you. If anyone knows a solution that would be amazing :)


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