: PBE's Equalize Function should go to Live URF Mode
I agree, good suggestion Frodo Baggins.
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: My PBE Account
I have a very good friend of mine, OrisCoffee, who loves league and is extremely active. He plays about 4 times a game, never flames or rages, and is very very enthusiastic about new content. He is extremely sportsmanlike, and proved he is responsible enough to handle a PBE account. He has not yet submitted a PBE account request, but from discussions at school he would love to have one. Thank you for the honorable gesture you are providing, I wish you luck in whatever you try next. **Just talked to him, he would very appreciate the opportunity to try out the PBE.
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: Junglers should be stronger early so that they can facilitate map control. There's more to jungling than to clear camps all day and hope that you get your items so personally, I have no problem with jungle giving tons of hp. Yeah, bloodrazor probably needs some tuning to be on par with the other jungle enchantment (removes the cap would be a good start). Guinsoo is very strong but it's expensive as hell and requires you to spend time in combat to make the best use of it so it does have a requirement for you to access to it's power. As for the elemental dragon, I agree and disagree. I feel like the air dragon needs some buffing but the elemental dragon system itself is fine. I made a post about how it can be improve but I feel like it's here to stay anyway
Are you saying that phantom hit on an item with no gating mechanic is fair? The only reason devourer wasn't broken was because it was gated by smite and farming. You still get phantom hit without 8 stacks, 4 aas for 8 stacks. If I could get sated without smite and paying for the initial devourer, i would 100 percent buy it.
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