: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
I picked Urgot and lost the game. Please fix.
: Xayah feedback after 2 days testing some builds, particularly with Black Cleaver and came across some issues. Xayah's tooltips & abilities need more clarification as it all feels counter intuitive when dealing physical damage when thinking about building Black Cleaver or Death's Dance. **Double Daggers (Q)** Double Daggers works as what a player would think. It has 2 feathers shoot out and applies 2 stacks. 1 for each feather. There is no issue. **Deadly Plumage (W) ** Deadly Plumage is confusing. The animation suggests an additional attack and not an empowered attack. It does not work like the tooltip on the PBE but rather what I found on the LoL wiki: PBE >Xayah creates a storm of blades for 4 seconds that grant her 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed and cause her **basic attacks to strike an additional time for 20% damage. ** Wiki >ACTIVE: Xayah surrounds herself with a storm of feathers-blades for 4 seconds, granting her bonus attack speed, **20% increased damage on her attacks**, and 30% bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever she attacks a champion. This would explain the theory of a missing stack from each hit. **Bladecaller (E)** Bladecaller does not work as a player would think. Using Double Dagger first, the assumptions of multiple Black Cleaver stacks could be made. However, only one stack is applied even though multiple feathers hit the target. Additionally, if a previous player used Ashe and her Ranger's Focus (Q), which is multiple arrows and the damage text stack animation, a player could assume Xayah's Bladecaller would apply multiple Black Cleaver stacks as it has the same text damage stacking style.
Ya, I actually think there is a sneaky bug going on when it comes to what is registered as a "hit" for her W and E. Going to look into that. Thanks! For clarity, her W does not count as triggering on-hits a second time, but it should proc cleaver. Same with her E hits (one per feather).
: Small suggestion: when there are two Xayah players in the game, the feathers for both sides look very similar and it's hard to tell which feathers are yours and which belong to the other team's Xayah.
Ya, this is a very good point. We have heard you guys loud and clear when it comes to mirror-match feather visibility/colors. We are going to look at ways that we can improve this. Thanks!


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