: 4/21 Passive CD 15 -> 9 No longer scales down with movement Now ignores minions at 7 and non epic monsters at 14 (a la Garen) W 2nd hit places a brief slow on enemies it hits, Sejuani is also slightly slowed when she is attacking (mostly to add the feel of weight, feedback here would be very appreciated) W radius larger Fixed a bug that caused Sejuani to move into the target when she right clicks them while casting W
Love both of these!! Can't wait to run em! PBE will have to wait until after Vancouver, but, thanks for the updates Sol
: Actually, Taric's E is is only ability without a cast time, which means that, if he can, he most certainly wants to AA during it for his passive. He simply doesn't have the luxury of doing so most of the time.
I mean, you're right in that he wants to auto still, but his reward for lining up his skillshot is a hard CC, so that's his main focus. Ours is either farming, or just trying to do damage and stack up Frost, no other reward for landing our skills. It's more awkward.
: The "do more damage" option is now magic pen, since Icebreaker deals so much damage. You can proc it twice in quick succession with E > Proc > Ult > Proc as well. That's 50% max HP damage which is amplified a lot by pen. A mid/top lane build with Sorc Shoes / Guise / Void ought to be pretty powerful, so the option is still there.
It's already been pointed out that about 50% of her damage output is physical, 50% magical. Magic pen was a fine option, but it only affecting half of her damage doesn't make it worth building over survivability items. Unless your comp has absolutely zero other magic damage, tank items will be more effective. Sorc shoes are situational, but she has almost no AP scalings left anymore. Never buy void, and Liandry's is a SUPER situation item.
: 4/20 Minor changes W should be easier to hit, especially in the jungle Casting E resets autoattack timer Things being looked at for hopefully 4/21 Early jungle clear W not feeling impactful enough
Bigger W feels a bit better. E autoattack timer feels... okay for jungle farming? I mean it's not hurting anything, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for a ranged point-and-click to have an auto-reset
: Sejuani Feedback Thread
Solcrushed, I had a larger thread of my views on it, I'll post a quick TL;DR of the suggestions I had in there for visibility. Link to thread - https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/b6qprBhh-sejuani-rework-first-impressions Passive Resistances - Useability feelsbad in the jungle, even getting the first bit of armor while taking a camp is nice, it just takes too long to come back. Buff from 15s @ lvl1 to 10s would help, even if you need to nerf values. Passive Bigauto - I like it! Keep it, if we can stack frost easier. Q - Fine, but would benefit from stacking Frost W - Clunky, not autoing during cast makes farming awkward, and puts us in a weird spot of "build AS for when W is on CD, or build CD to not care about AS?". I'd remove the sweep portion of the cast entirely, keep the second portion (flail through minions), then let us keep autoing. Generally speaking, having a side-sweep to apply frost stacks won't be needed much anyway, we're looking to frost one target, use E, then move on. E (stacking passive) - Being in one game with a full ranged team was enough to let me say, please give us other ways to stack this passive that isn't so team-reliant, or let ranged champions help us at reduced effectiveness. E (point-and-click) - Feels almost "slow" to use. When I get those stacks, I want to press E and stun someone. Make casting as it used to be, applying to full-frosted targets in the area. R - The change is fine. I miss the old one, obviously, but I don't dislike the direction you took here. Overall - Having an item-based direction to push Sej is currently weird, other than just HP + Resist. AP is awful, AD is awful, Magic Pen is less effective with split damages, on-hits are bad with W holding you back. Sheen items are fine. I just no longer feel like I can tailor my builds / runes / item decisions per game other than "should I buy armor or MR first". We never had a good "you should go full damage" build, but there were situations where Liandry's or Titanic was viable into specific comps. I'm not saying "give us a ton of scaling", I'm saying, remove some of the barriers that force us into sub-optimal item decisions.
: You have to have our mouse ON the target AND they have to be in range. I dont know but I think Yasuo's Wind Wall can block it. Because if they are at max range when you click them you can see a projectile shoot out and hit them.
It can, I had it wind-walled the day it came out. I was confused at first haha
: I'm sorry to hear that, and if the E mechanisms are not your cup of tea you definitely would hate the new Sejuani :/ She was shifted because most of our tanks fit that same bill. We wanted to create diversity between our tanks instead of leaving them as AOE dot + teamfight winning ult. A separate point I saw on your linked post: Overreliance on ultimate is not an issue because spells need to have similar levels of power across the kit, it is an issue due to the nature of ultimates as high cooldown abilities. Having too much budget in a character's ultimate leads to the character being near useless for the majority of the game when the ultimate is unavailable.
I actually like the new way of having E spammable but only frosting one target... I don't like the point and click nature of it though. Generally speaking, getting 4 frost off on more than 1 target at a time is a rare thing, thinking purely about proper target selection and how many melee characters in a game will actually auto consistantly. What I'd like to see here is keeping the existing E functionality / spammability, but make it the old style of casting it. AoE auto-cast. Getting your 4th stack off to have someone go out of vision FeelsBadMan, and frosting someone over walls / out of vision is something that's been a fun playmaker for Sej throughout the years. Or, flashing into approx range to E.
: Do you find Taric E clunky as well? This was a worry I had with the W, where the targeting paradigm is a relatively foreign one. It probably is the freedom of movement you have while you are swinging the W2. I wanted to maintain complete freedom of movement while casting W but it definitely takes a hit in making the spell feel less weighty. Tell me if it starts growing on you with plays or it remains foreign.
Taric E isn't a good comparison here. Taric uses it to line up hard CC in lane, we use it to apply 2 out of 4 frost stacks, and, primarily, to farm. Taric doesn't want to autoattack while he's lining up, we definitely do.
: It was not the goal, although we do want to discourage tanks from oneshot bursting people (like AP Malphite or Amumu) even if they build offensive. Sejuani really doesn't go there though. Do you want Sejuani to have a way to build offensively, or do you specifically want AP Sejuani?
While I liked having the full AP Pig as an option, I'm fine losing it, but it very much feels like we don't have a solid "do more damage" option if you have a team of tanks and want to amp a little. Iceborn seems core, so a sheen item is sort of there, but I mean things like Titanic, Liandry's, Wits End... etc. They all sort of "had a place" in her build if you really needed that type of damage, as where now it feels there's less synergy with any of these items. Awful AP scalings on abilities, mixed damage types, having W be spammy while locking your ability to auto means we don't want to focus on on-hit items... it's a pile of catch 22's, and not one way to say "yes, this item has good synergy, I should build it". Now it's just "stack HP, stack resist, hope team can do everything else for me"
: I share most of your thoughts with you, especially those on her new W. Additionally, is it just me or does her new E feel really unresponsive from time to time? Has any one else noticed this? Also I think it should not be point&click/press. If you believe stunning every target in range would be too powerful, how about you keep the targeting with the cursor but on top of stunning the targeted enemy every other marked unit in range is slowed at the same time. Just some minor opinions.
I felt that as well. Initiating, getting followed up, I'm mashing my E but it's awkward to get off. I'd like the old instant-AoE cast back
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: Sejuani's new permafrost
This is a pretty cool idea. I played a game today with Vlad top, Orianna mid, Varus bot, and Thresh support. We won, but those teamfights were painful. I was pretty useless, just a meatshield more than an initiator / stunner.
: AP Sejuani?
AP is pretty damn useless on her now.. W has no scaling with it, and Q and E have very SMALL scaling with it. Her passive is her main source of damage, and has no scaling at all. AP Sej used to be strong as you had a full kit of AoE damage and meh scaling. The meh scaling worked because it hit 5 people. Now you can hit one person with R, one with E, one with passive. AP Sej is dead boys. The only thing I'd recommend if you want more damage is build tank with penetration items / runes. Abyssal is good, Sorc Shoes are okay if the rest of your team is AD, Precision runes are what I took today in lane and they felt fine.


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