: *Updated* 6.14 Bugfixes
Hello riot meme, do we have a date for the jayce ulti fix that freezes your screen ?
: I have found the same bug. I set my cursor over the masteries and they start blinking. Not only at PBE, also at live client. It's a visual bug that, although it don't damage in-game progress itself, it's a little bit anoying and I think it should be fixed.
Lol i did not expect someone to reply on this kind of thread, the necromancy is real! had to check up the thread again due to a recent reddit post that reached frontpage regarding the same issue. Nice to find i wasnt alone. It kept flickering all these2 years but i just thought that it was my pc so i stopped paying attention to it.
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: PBE Wukong clone CRASH GAME on 2015 Sum rift
can confirm my game got crushed too while playing with underworld wukong skin.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Right now it is very difficult** to keep track on how long a soldier lasts **by the time you have summoned him. So i am suggesting to add** AN INDICATOR** to soldiers where** it counts the time until they fade.** This way you can keep better track of them and make better use of the combos.
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: Question: did you do this vs bots? Because you can do anything vs bots.
I think that bots are slightly better than most of players in normals XD. Seriously though the theorycrafting on this one is 2 strong.
: Vel'Koz changes on PBE
So any news about the changes? Are you going to inform us why you removed them from pbe?
: i do like the damage adjustment to his ult but this is not the main problem there are a lot of very ult-relying midlaners in the current meta like orianna or ziggs, but these champions actually do offer some presents in lane, whereas vel'koz has a complicated q to poke with additionally all of his abilities are massively delayed or the projectiles are super slow so you cannot build up any lane pressure imo
it is very difficult to kill a highly skilled ziggs in lane. Its a very boring matchup that the only thing you can do is keep shoving and wait for jungler gank or roam. These changes help even more the mid-late game of velkoz so as i see it you are going to scale better than ziggs. As for orianna know you can kill her in lane due to her spells being also delayed. Just go 21/0/9 so you can start with 345 ms and keep moving in lane and poking (:
: Vel'Koz changes on PBE
First of all thanks for your time RiotRepertoir to come over here and give us a brief explanation behind those changes. I would like to state something i noticed since i dont know if it is a bug or not. The changes that came with the latest pbe patch show that his ulti deals 300/450/600 Damage instead of the one you listed. So could you fix this if it isnt intended? (: Now can you explain more how the slow stack works? Does it stack additively or multiplicatively?
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
Or you could just add that as a third item option that u can get it from upgrading tear? This way all will be happy.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
is this skin going to be in the 4.12 patch?
: my money is on overheating or low power. Get something to measure the voltages/temps.
i checked em via everest and the condition is just normal. That explains why i dont get restarts on live server.
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: I've tried it and it didn't bug, maybe it's your client man :s
no its client. THere is also a reddit thread about it. Just try spamming random champions via the random pick several times for 20 secs and u will get the same bug.
: [Champion Select Bug] If you change champion too many times your client will bug a lot.
i have also experienced the same issue on pbe and live server too. To me it happened while i was spamming random champ for fun with some friends and then we all had the same bug where our screen froze and couldnt click anything. Upvoted for visibility
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: [KARTHUS] - Q Increases Creep Score
: [Skin concept] Pool Party Zac
all i have to say is that i hope from riot to release the pool party skins sooner this year and also choose zac to be one of these champs. This guy deserves some love and a watery skin fits greatly both visually and theme wise!
: Are you still able to reproduce this?
nope its fixed now (:
: It's because you are moving your mouse between two masteries. I've marked an area where it changes. But it's a bit awkward when you do that on utility tree while on offense tree it works smoothly.
i actually have my cursor standing still in the center of the mastery and it starts blinking.Idk i just noticed.
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: [Gragas] Gragas base movement speed is too slow for his class
he does have some mobility though but i agree, he should have his ms increased since his role in game kinda changed.
: That's not a travel time. That's called a cast time. Regardless, that's rarely much of an issue unless there are cases where her ult isn't working but is going on cooldown anyhow.
From what u just wrote i assume that u have never played lissandra in ur life. U dont even know how bugged her ulti is because of the travel time. bye
: Her ult doesn't have a travel time. That's practically the point; it's an instant stun. Unless you mean of the ice radiating out from the victim? That would be a pretty minor buff that would just reduce the gameplay surrounding her ult, and it would also cause us to lose out on the really nice visual of the ice radiating away from the target.
You didnt get what i said! Unless i know the definition of travel time wrong these years. By saying travel time i mean the delay which takes the spell to be applied on the enemy. Lissandra has a 0,4 sec cast time delay before her ulti can be fully applied to her enemy. This means that people can flash/dash out of it. Lulu W(polymorph) has also a travel time before the polymorph is applied for example.
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: Atlantean Syndra Ultimate sound effect needs some tuning
: [Feedback] Atlantean Syndra is not up to par.
Yeah nothing will change:P But its k, who really plays syndra? People dont like her and for that reason they are also not complaining about such skin. I dont really mind though since i find the classic and the justicar far superior than this both in game, model and sound wise. ^_^ Riot will probably notice it with the sales.
: As RuthlessGrouper said, with the current season, giving them an up will move them from jungle to top/support maybe with dramatic issue. Even in jungle, if they can jungle whitout trouble they can also become monster. Seems Riot don't mind doing buff/nerf to "force" a champion role, so why don't give them a little bonus damage, with very low scalling trough the game, against monster to help the early.... Honnestly I'm okay with the way they are, making them resilient to early game champ (which fall late game compare to tank utility) can't result in something good... Perhaps change the "Runic Blessing" to make this an "high rank" jungle dedicate masterie. So if an assassin want to goes for it he will sacrifice early power.
How exactly can a nautilus/sejuany/maokai survive against the monsters of the top lane? Yeah, they have to be resilient to early game, but compared to the carry jngle meta, they are far on the weak side. Also how could these champs surpass the utility thresh and leona provide? In this meta supports dont build full armor items. Typical build is mobi boots, sightstone, michaels and a def item. You are speaking in way that riot is going to overbuff these champs. I am simply speaking of buffs that would help em survive in the jungle. And even if thats the case, i am positive to increase the support champ pool. In every game i see a leona or a thresh. Also bringing more melee supp champs would also help the range supps rise for once more. edit; dont get me wrong i understand all the concerns u have stated. I just think that they are too weak. I dont think that small buffs would do more harm than good (:
: [Master Yi] Master Yi Missing From Files
: While I do think you make some good points, I feel some of the problems are with the champions themselves. Nautilus has Skarner's old problem - his attack and defensive buffs are wrapped in the same ability which is also a shield. Once the shield is gone, both Naut's early defensive and offensive capabilities are shot. Changing the Spirit items wouldn't help that much, because the main fear is being invaded/eaten by your own jungle in the early early game. Reverting random nerfs likely wouldnt do the same thing as solving current problems. The mana problems thing is known at least - these carry junglers get tons of mana back from the camps, and Kha/Elise/Lee Sin rarely have mana problems to begin with. The main problem as I see it is that those champs you mention can easily build damage early, kill 'tanks' with their base states alone early early, and still transition into tanks if need be. I still think Sejuani does well - she can still be a funn late game tank while having damage based on that tankiness. Maokai's has bad mana problems, but also has a targeted gap closer unlike some of these other junglers on both sides.
sehuany has a chance of doing well against op champs. If u play the tank jungles against their kind (hecarim, rammus etc) the game transitions way better for bothh of sides. But when one team has the strong picks like kha/elise you are doomed in oblivion. Isnt this unfair? What could be done? Nautilus for example. Revert the cooldown nerf of his q, or atleast reduce it. Give his shield an ap ratio so he can actually benefit from buildind ap and getting tankier. Increase his base ms by 5 or 10 so he can invest in offensive masteries and ap runes instead of utility and ms. Some ideas(:
: I agree with you on many of your points. One thing to keep in mind... these guys are on a tightrope. Yes they are intended to be tank/utility junglers but this makes them very hard to balance. Give them just a hair too much dmg or natural regen and they become top lane gods or support gods. Why play a classic support when you can have the ying of annie's yang. Super tank with tons of utility who now gets way more gold and low mana costs or cooldowns? Bye bye standard supports. I would love to see these guys make a comeback but it may Take a very creative solution.
yes, thats completely true! This is why riot needs to buff and tweak these champs wisely. Want to give u an example? Lets talk zac. What could be done in order to help him? Give him back a portion of the nerfed hp5. Increase the damage of his E while charging it( like varus and vi). Increase his ap ratios a little bit so he can actually go for sotsw and benefit from it. Buffs like that could make his life easier and reward him better for his actions and the buildpaths he will take.
: I understand that, and I'm not expecting it to. However, I want it to at least live up to the standards of the previous skins, at this point it's not. I don't want this skin to end up in the same category as Amethyst Ashe: great concept, poor execution and I want to weep when I see it.
yeah i feel you. For a third skin it was a letdown and the reason imo is because syndra isnt loved much by the commnity so they dont really give a fuck as they did to diana. Anyway, i dont think that i should expect more from this skin. I will check again the release version and i will decide wether bying it or not.
: Oh my god, I could go on about the shitty female armor in this game, because most of it is not only impractical but dumb looking. (boobplate, minskirts, heels, ect) So, if seems like we're talking about practicality here so: Before I start I would like to say that high moblity battle wear doesn't mean *wearing less*; it means wearing light weight armor/clothes that can be easily moved around in. Wearing something that exposes vital organs and arteries is never, **never **a good idea. Her outfit is actually rather poor for moblity, atm. If we're talking about movement underwater she would need to be wearing something *much *more streamlined: Her headpeice would need to be removed or minimized significantly, her skirt with the flappy bit would also need to be removed in favor of something sleeker, something would need to be done with her hair lest it get caught on things or get in the way. Overall she would need to be in a wetsuit or something of the like. Have you seen Fizz's Atlatean skin? He is wearing *armor*. But syndra? She gets borderline lingere. I'm not asking for her to be in full plate or a super ornate outfit, I'm asking for her not to be sexulized for no reason and given shitty reasons for said sexulization.
u have solid points there pal.. too bad riot is probably not going to change anything now. THey scrapped it and this is like their final version as it seems. sad panda is sad.
: Cooldown animation on Elise's skills
that would be great! Well i mostly play elise and everytime i switch form using spells i just keep counting seconds for cocoon cd. Its kinda easy to manage the q and w cds but the E is quite the difficult one. Many times i have swapped form believing my e was up. Riot pls! And if u do, then apply it to ther champs aswell(nida etc)! Edit; If it isnt possible there is also the option to add the abilities in the buff bar.(u know in the place where we see buffs etc).
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: Atlatean Syndra Feedback... Again
i am just gonna stick with my justicar syndra. People need to realise that a new skin isnt supposed to outclass an old skin. It depends on the likes of each person. Riot despite all the feedback that got from ppl decided not to do something about the punny ultimate sound which is a complete letdown for me. So yeah, this is it, some people like it other not.
: Heimerdinger Nerfs
He was picked in Ogn, he is one of the most toxic lane bullys against melees, and he scales great in late game. Riot nerfs are just justified. He also sits on a 55% winrate. I think that he needs to be nerfed, and then judge his condition if he needs slight buffs.
: Because it is supposed to be a **Syndra** {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} skin. If I wanted to buy a skin that looked like Nami then it should be on Nami **not** {{champion:134}}. And that is why the model failed... it didn't deliver **Syndra** it delivered some type of Nami Syndra mash-up love child that made no sense to people who like **Syndra**.
I agree. Well u have to consider one more fact. When dianas skin was about to get released, chaos errupted in all server forums and reddit. People complained about her model, and made such a big deal about it.(and they were right) Syndra fans are quite low in population compared to dianas.I fear that our voices cant be heard loudly. It is like nobody cares about her third skin. Hopefully there are guys with very nice feedback who still care about an underplayed and underestimated champion from the community of lol. The fact that they scrapped the skin out of pbe relieved me, but again i dont know what to expect from riot!^^ Well if i have learnt these past months something is that riot manages to deliver what the community wants, so i have faith ^_^
: Feedback about Rengar's last rework
He was one of my fav champs. If riot proceeds with this specific reowrk, rengar will just become another boring bruiser. His assasination power is just lackluster atm.
: Why Riot :( She was good enough! I hope she's gonna come in Patch 4.6 or something.
actually she was pretty bad
: Atlantean Syndra
Thanks guys that u took the time to consider all the feedback from people! As the skin was it was completely incomplete both visual and sound wise. Anyway, just like diana's skin i have great hopes for syndra too, so i believe her refinement will be great.
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: Hey, thanks for the feedback. She is still WIP so we are still iterating on her apperance; I'll make sure the team hears your concerns regarding the model. (And the compliments regarding the particles--I think they're super badass myself).
As other ppl mentioned i also feel that the spell effects for the new Syndra skin aren't too satisfying sound wise. They look nice, don't get me wrong.... But the watery sounds seem so puny, particularly when you compare it to her default skin which has a lot of loud drums of energy and crashing and colliding of forces happening around with vibrating echoes. While this skin has amazing particles the sound effects makes it to loose all the feelings and the sensation syndra has, ***Unlimited power***.
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: Problems with connecting to the chat
: I don't see how Riot could buff Akali and Diana without making them problematic champions again. Even right now they snowball really hard in mid lane when they get a lead because of how constantly they can all in after level 6, and how strong their roam is. Lich Bane is pretty cheesy on Akali. Sure it does give her a huge burst, but it also makes her even more vulnerable both in lane and in teamfights. So I don't think it is really a core item on her, it is likely a last item if you don't need more defense. Lich Bane on Diana is better, however I remember the times where Diana players would go Abyssal + Zhonyas and wreck everybody, so even without Lich Bane she was still very problematic. My point is that the nerfs to Lich Bane are not necessarily indirect nerfs which justify buffs, there are other items that can be just as effective at snowballing. If you buff Diana or Akali right now with the argument that Lich Bane lost 25% of its AP ratio, then these two champions could simply buy other items.
yeah i agree but there are always buff paths that cant make a champion that toxic. LB on diana is a power spike on her. Riot can revert her passive damage nerf to compensate for it. Same for akali(even voyboy has stated it in lcs i think) but i cant speak fr her since i dont play her. My point was that nerfing lb and adding small buffs like fizz and tf is the right direction to approach this IMO.
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