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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
> [{quoted}](name=20thCenturyFaux,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-19T20:31:32.093+0000) > If an enemy Champion steps on a seed, it dies. Rito plz, you say you care about balance but you give Zyra seeds that 1-shot champions when they step on them? Who's idea was that?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} bahaha
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Diana!
I'll just try to add some new ideas I haven't seen outlines yet. 1. I would like her death animation to feel more like she's being engulfed in fire. It currently seems more like the moon fading away theme of her base skin. 2. I think this pretty much boils down the skin/hair/armor color problem: She's got too much that's supposed to be "fire/lava" themed right now. She should have one of the following be a reddish, fire theme: Hair, skin, or armor. Everything else should be an accent/complement to that. I'm personally a fan of a picture that someone posted earlier: Flesh colored skin, fiery red hair, cool flame effects on the weapon. 3. Her back animation is pretty cool as is, I think it just needs more fire when she drags her blade along the ground. Maybe even like GP's taunt when he draws a line with fire. It would be cool to see the blade create sparks and then fire trail slightly behind it. Either way, the flames should go all the way around her and they should be larger. Everything else about the back animation is good IMO. 4. Just add some color fiery SFX to the ult and it will be perfect. The animation is really cool, just the feel of it is underwhelming. I'm REALLY excited to see what this skin looks like on release, I'm a Diana main and I've been waiting for this skin since you announced it :D
: Blue Buff Giving AP
[Here]('s a shot a few minutes later after blue buff has expired. NO other actions were taken.
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: Champ Select Freeze - Freeze Just After Pick Intent
I had a similar issue again, this time I had gotten through to Champ Select. We had just completed banning phase and I was altering Masteries for the Champ I intended to play. The client froze right after I clicked save on my Masteries. It was the first picks' turn (no one had locked in a champion yet). I forgot to mention, in both of these cases I had to close the client completely and was unable to re-enter that game, resulting in a queue dodge. [Here]( is a picture of the 2nd issue
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: Inventory Bug
Yeah I've had this issue too, i like to put certain items on certain keys and until i get 6 items i cant really do it
: Lux E Bugs (Cannot Predetonate E after Casting Sometimes)
I experienced this issue as well in a game, sometimes it would detonate immediately itself (I would make sure to only tap E once just to make sure I wasn't caused by double tapping), and other times I couldn't detonate it at all and I would have to spam E to get it to go off. When it works correctly it feels very clean, but Lux's E is very unreliable right now.
: Ekko's Ultimate
Yeah I think it's wonky but its not really overpowered. The chances of the enemy laner walking into the exact place that you were 4 seconds ago is slim, mostly because if they were that close and you had no turret/minions nearby, you probably wouldn't be backing there. The trade off is, yes you get back to lane quickly, but if you get ganked or if a fight breaks out, you have no ult damage/utility. It's a gameplay choice that Ekko has to make: use it to get an item/back to lane right away, or use it for protection/fighting.
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: Ekko's Phase Dive tweak
Maybe you could have the option? Either right click or press E again?
: Please Revert the Daggers on Wild Card Shaco
Personally I think that the daggers would look better if the white was more of a steel color.
: Fiora Ult
I had the same bug, and my teammates said the interface said I still had ult also.
: Bard's Passive feels underwhelming
I think Bard's purpose is to provide utility for his team. He's not a wave-clearer or a big damage dealer. I wouldn't want him to feel too over powered by giving him too much damage.
: Bard's Chime Placement
I haven't noticed chimes spawning too far away from lane early game, they usually are in river, or allied jungle. Occasionally they are in the enemy jungle or near their tower. Personally I think the decision to roam or not to roam is a player decision. I don't think Riot should make them any closer than they are now just so players don't roam. If you roam and your ADC dies, that's a mistake you have to deal with. Its no different than if you recall and they die. I think the other thing is the more I play him the more I realize that the chimes are there for a very long time. The tendency is to think of them like Thresh souls that must be collected right away. There is really no rush to run all the way to top lane to pick up 2 chimes. They will be there for a few minutes and even if I don't go up there, more chimes will spawn. **You start to view the chimes as a reward for roaming effectively, not as something you have to spend the whole game going around and collecting.** In one of the games that I played as Bard, our Caitlyn killed the enemy ADC. I had sightstone already, so we had good ward coverage. There were a few chimes in our jungle near mid lane, so I roamed up to mid, picked up the 3 chimes in the area, dropped off a heal pack for our Zyra (which she needed against Zed), and came back to bot lane before their ADC got back. I mention this because there are 2 things I like about Bard: 1) I would usually never go up to mid lane just to heal Zyra but having Chimes adds an incentive to do so, and 2) even though that was the first time I went past tri-bush to pick up a chime, I still had a decent number of them. I wasn't suffering for sticking around in lane. As the game went on and we had more map control, I was able to roam more freely and pick up many more chimes. I guess what I'm saying is I think there's too much emphasis put on early game chimes right now. Its much more important to help your ADC get ahead in the early levels. Chances are those chimes will still be there by the time you're in a better position to roam anyway.
: Autopath does not show a line past base till 1/2 way to inhibitor turret
Same here, just came to post about it. I've played 3 games today, all have had this issue. Doesnt keep you from moving past where the line ends.
: I actually did check the Server Status and I didn't see anything related to my issue. I don't see anything there currently either so I guess I missed it, what was the Server Status that made you say that? As I said, 8 other people were playing the game and not experiencing any issues at all. I'm planning on trying a custom again tonight.
I just tried playing a custom again and it still kicks me to the reconnect screen immediately after champ select. (Even checked server status, there's nothing there right now)
: Please see server status before you post. Thank you for posting.
I actually did check the Server Status and I didn't see anything related to my issue. I don't see anything there currently either so I guess I missed it, what was the Server Status that made you say that? As I said, 8 other people were playing the game and not experiencing any issues at all. I'm planning on trying a custom again tonight.
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: [Suggestions] Current Veigar mini-rework, Add Some Flavor!
To be fair, I don't play a whole lot of Veigar, but after playing both as him and against him, I think the Event Horizon's delay is slightly too long. I like that it is no longer an instant stun because that does allow for more counter play, but for a spell with such a long cooldown that also serves as his only escape ability, .75 seconds is a little too long. It's very good for zoning or trying to engage on someone, but it's going to make him overly vulnerable to the assassin/burst mids. I think something like .5 seconds would be more reasonable.


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