: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
The recent texture updates on a few champions have been really helpful. But, can you kindly focus on VUs of some of the season 1 champions like Warwick, Sion, Blitzcrank. Thank You. P.S: Can you guys please make Orianna's in-game textures like her new splash art? It would be just awesome!
: (7/15) Server Status "Error" and Disabled Launch Button
Thanks, nice and clean environment. Also I like the tab where the free champions for the week are shown and their stats are shown in a card if we click on them. Thank You.
: It's probably because they're coming out tomorrow, and they are done testing. :)
Oh, I see. Thank You for this info. :) Looking forward to playing it in the live servers.
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: Thanks for the report. This is a bug we are currently investigating a fix on! :)
: [PBE] [MAC] Login screen bug
Yes, the login screen splash image is smaller than the window size.
: It's a nice idea, unfortunately for the moments is better to store it for future implementations :-) The animation could be added or removed in the graphic menu, like shadows. Doing like that, everyone could set it according to his computer ;-)
It would make it more realistic wouldn't you say? The new water animations are good, but when a champion walks over it, it seems inconsistent. Thank You.
: I had this issue happen twice when I was playing some Doom Bots. But I think the issue was that the serve went down because I tried to log out and log back in and it said the server was unavailable.
Ay remedy for it as of yet? I tried again but in vain. Thank You.
: Summoner's rift updated
Could you please see to that water splash effect? In its current state it looks pretty unrealistic. Thank You guys.
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: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
Dear Exgenier can you kindly bump up my summoner level. Thank You for the nice work.
: I believe that it saves what it's supposed to be stacked at, but doesn't grant the mana or show the mana it is supposed to grant. So, when you upgrade it, it will then give you the mana it's supposed to, but while it is still Tear of the Goddess, you only get its base stats.
Yep I checked it last night, and it just insta-upgrades tear of the goddess to seraph's embrace just as 'theguff' pointed out. I bought tear of the goddess and upgraded it to archangel staff after merely 2 minutes and it just upgraded it.
: Tear of the Goddess
Okay. Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out surely.
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: [BUG] Red cannon minion not attacking
Red siege minions aren't attacking, they are just stuck in a position ready to attack.
: [Visual Bug] Blue side Minions flash when hit by turret
There is a blue square popping up, whenever turrets are attacking minions. Can you kindly look into the matter. This was happening when turrets were attacking the blue minions. The turret damage is fine, just a visual glitch.


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