: They're not obvious unless you look closely and are actively looking for them though.
Exactly and on most splasharts like the Darius one, you can recognize the other creatures. If there are any other creatures on the same splash art they have to be small or blurry or somehow not directly visible. The only thing you should really see is the champion. And by the way, the style of the splasharts should be similar. The resolution should be higher, the shapes of the champ should be sharper and the sky shouldn't look like it's created with paint brushes only. As your splashart also has very "strong"(strong related to importance) lightning, the lightning should be at leas correct. And why do the bad guy come out of the light... just saying. By the way, the third guy is ok, but the other two are too much in the foreground.
: I didn't get that
It shouldn't me "resistence", it should be "resistance"
: So i saw the new Lee Sin splash art
Those guys in the background don't fit into a champion slpashart.


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