: No. But on the Right side of your screen are the Player Portraits with their Remaining HP. And you can use those to travel to their Board.
idk. i've played like 15k? games of league..and way more autochess than i shouldve in since february. i just cant do locked screen man ;-; it feels so bad. thank you for trying to help though. hopefully riot looks into it. i dont see any problem with giving people the choice.
: To do that you just have to Left Click on the Icon on the Right Side of your Screen. Serving in the Solution of the Loose Cam. The Locked Cam is much better suited for TFT than you might think. It keeps your Focus on YOUR Board. If you want to scout, all you need to do is to Left Click the Players Portrait and you get to see His/Her Field with the Same Cam that is on your field. Purpose here is to keep the Focus on the Board and not off side. It's to prevent Mistakes and such ;) I mean I do Understand that some People prefer a Free-Cam. But I think the Lock-Cam was intentional from Riot here and I personally want it to Stay. Also I think Part of the Reason is, that the "Background" for Each Field is Placed beneath/behind it. And the Space between the Fields is Probably Empty as it doesnt need to be filled with a Locked Cam.
oh shit did i completely miss a lock/unlock cam button on the side?
: Well. The Cam is supposed to lock since your not supposed to fly around the map with the cam. The board has a fixed angle. and the round robin should lock you so you wont accidantly pick a wrong unit. Locked Cam is in this Mode absolute neccessary :D
you absolutely are supposed to be able to "Fly around the map" and scout other players' boards. its a basic mechanic of auto chess. i understand it locking for the carousel, but then it simply wont unlock for the rest of the game.
: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same.. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
to put it more in riot speak : it feels way worse to get no items than it feels good to get good items. that's supposed to be against riot design philosophy.
: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same.. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
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