: Xerath E is way too slow
Its because its a great follow up spell, and it has the potential to stun for 2 seconds at all levels. Along with your W, or a jungler gank, your CC is VERY powerful.
: Dorans Shield Nerf and its consequences in my oppinion
Doran's shield is WAY too strong atm. Though I would have nerfed the damage block I think, not the stats. In longer fights/masteries/barrier/perseverence/sustain, that shield literally blocks 100's of damage. Also, they said they wanted to overnerf dorans, to find where in between its a worthy buy, so its likely to get buffed almost back to live after they supposedly find the sweet spot.
: I feel Xerath is losing his core mechanic with these changes.
I dont miss his old magic pen (which is a pretty OP mechanic and makes MR even more useless). Why? Because he has a 4 nuke rotation now, instead of a 3 nuke + magic pen. In a different way, he retained his damage.
: [Suggestion] Would reducing Doran's shield by 35g with the new nerf be counterproductive?
This post might be better off in gameplay, not site feedback. Im not sure though. They specifically posted that, they are overnerfing Doran's shield to try and find where its power should lie(between live and overnerfed). It might see some more versions before it hits live. So, the 35 gold cost decrease may or may not be relevant depending on which version of Doran's they settle on. Of course they are looking for feedback. I personally would have lowered the doran's block, and left the stats almost the same. I think the amount of damage prevented in all in's is extremely high, especially with defense masteries.
: Let's talk about Xerath's ultimate
These are my thoughts on this as of current PBE version. I still feel that the bullets are so incredibly fast, that, even showing the landing spot, they cant be dodged. Ive seen out of maybe, 50 separate bullets, 5 get dodged, depends on distance. Very often I see flashes wasted because trying to mess with hyper speed bullets is pretty hard to say the least. Also, 3 separate bullets at 190 damage, thats a 570 damage ult. It goes up by like 50 a bullet(150 total damage per rank up), and in range up to 5500 range. He definitely feels powerful.
: Not sure if it's what you are talking about... But there are additional pink effects on the ends of the bow when her Q is active
I was mostly referring to, I believe its her passive's glow from rainbow to pink. I think its rainbow on classic ashe, and was originally like this on this skin, but now it has a pink glow, and I just wanted to make sure there was emphasis on making the behavior of the glow consistent, which the new skin now does I think. Im not very good at expressing artistic opinion on these, just wanted it to work properly and look nice.
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
I was wondering if there was a reason the glow on the bow changed from rainbow to pink. I feel like rainbow is her default, but the pink isnt behaving exactly the same. Also, is there a flavorful reason why the glow doesnt extend to the bow's string as it goes from the outer part towards the inner part of the bow? Why doesnt the glow extend out into the arrow? Is the glow consistent? (it wasnt when it was Rainbow, but seems more consistent in its pink version now).
: Nexus Exploding sound missing?
The vacuum + explosion sounds on nexus are missing. I believe the announcer's kill shouts are also missing(DOUBLE KILL, TRIPLE KILL).
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
There seems to be sound effects missing for Xerath's spells, most pronounced is the ultimate. His passive's tooltip needs some clarification as to whether it scales or not with mana items(it doesnt), but the blue mana number implies some sort of mana ratio that scales, which is not the case. Though I do like that it looks cooler and more readable than a flat number. His passive showing as a buff to remind players that its available is a huge plus. However, his passive's icon shows how much mana he gains, but it doesnt show his mana gained against champions would be doubled. I like the direction of the rework. Q+W annihilates minion waves, but you have to control the passive or you OOM. I think the E could use a tiny missile speed buff. The W is the slow, hard to hit spell that can follow up on the E, or wave clear farms, but if the E is also slow and hard to hit(harder at max range), CCing with Xerath can be pretty hard. Though a buff to the E might make him too powerful of a gank assister so its a subtle balance.
: In-progress Lunar Revel skins on the PBE
All 3 skins have very appealing looks, but their essence seems weak(lacking visual or sound effects or great niches). On the Riven skin, I really like the explosions theme she has going on. Clearly the best skin of the 3 now with the new effects. Trynd seems ok as well, nothing special that I can notice. Diana is a big issue though, as I feel she needs oomph behind her new effects, which are very cute, but lacking sound effects/visuals. The lotuses/flowers are helping the visual a lot, but there is a resounding lack of OOMPH to her sound effects, as matched by her classic skin. Please, a check of the sound effects for Dianas skin is needed. Biggest concerns are: - Chunking sound of the end trail of Q, with small explosion of light, which the current Goddess skin is not matching properly IMO. - Drawn in sound from the E. Will test some more soon.
: [Minor] Smite Damage Display
Same happened to me. Flash/ghost first, smite second. Smite keeps "stacking charges", and a charge is used when it is used and goes on cd, seemingly not affecting anything. The number of damage displayed on my ghost was hard to notice, either using smite or ghost seemed to remove the number from my ghost's display.
: I think it would be better if it was less visable.
They are not gonna make spells less visible to add power level to them. Game visibility is a big goal when making spells, not tricking players with graphical displays. The walls visibility doesnt even matter, since you should be using it as a reactionary tool.
: Yasuo feedback
You want to cast the spell on reaction. Actually, his W is so game warping, its probably getting nerfed. And it has the passive that helps get more flow.
: Over 80 minute q for a ranked game
I dont think theres enough people on PBE to provide fast queues. Many people simply dont log in if theres no new content to test. My queue's are 10~ mins long If I play on prime time(but usually im on my main account on NA server). If I go at any other time, cant find people.
: It would be nice if you could make the rofl file available for us to download and see it ourselves... Don't forget to attach there the log file of the game. The crash reason, most certainly, is there.
Ill be happy to add the log and rofl file, If you can tell me how to get it.
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: [Kassasin] Upon death, his W isn't applying the passive damage, nor is the active working.
: Answering the poll question "Battles on the PBE are more exciting than on live servers"
I tend to play bot matches. There is hardly a reason to play normals with high queue times, high ping, toxic players, and sometimes players who only want to exploit(case in point, pantheons 10 second ult in every game when it was glitched). Bot matches lets me test a lot of stuff like jungle routes(spirit stone items), animations(yasuo's tiamat glitch), etc without the hassle of players ruining the game. A lot of players truly believe there is no punishment for ruining PBE, and as such, they act with no regard for the games. And they spread the word as though its factual so that others get corrupted or annoyed.
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: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
When a Yasuo kills you, theres no info on his tips to fight him. (For example, Amumu assisted in the same kill and it shows to stay away from him to avoid his ult, but Yasuo has 3 bullets with no text for any of the 3). I didnt notice if it gave info on what damage Yasuo dealt to you, but I dont remember seeing it. Also, please update with the store glitches. You can still buy snowstorm sivir and snow singed after buying them, and I know a rioter said it was being investigated.
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: why i still can't log into pbe?
Yes same here. I didnt put a point into Conjurer(that mastery was gone last times I went to PBE), and I still get an error. Unexpected platform error when I log in, appears multiple times. Then permanently logging on.
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: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Another round of posts since the new patches are rolling in. Offense tree: Spell weaving and blade weaving needs more visual representations that theyre working. They seem to work sporadically. Theyre also showing the frenzy attack speed icon when procced. Executioner is working on all damage sources and on any enemy unit, under 50%, instead of only on champions. The perseverence buff is still not working at all times, or at least not displaying at all times. Green regen numbers showing only sometimes through the match is very confusing. The biscuits display has been fixed, and the burst regen on mastery is working. However, if you chain biscuits, the newer biscuits dont burst after the first one is done healing. It punishes you for queueing multiple biscuits to heal. The inventory issue where you lost potions if you buy multiples as your 6th item still happens. All potions get erased and you end up with 1 biscuit. The biscuit transformation is also allowing players to break the 5 potion rules.
: Please post this bug on this thread: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/01G6gBG2-103113-patch-current-list-of-bugs-so-far-found-on-this-patch
I posted it the same day I made this thread, I went to the actual main jungle thread and posted it, since I saw Rioter's responding to that thread I figured theyd see it. Thats ok right?
: Minor Bug on wriggle's lantern
Sorry, just saw this, but I posted on the main Riot jungle thread immediately after this If I recall. I just double checked and its there. Is that ok? and as of right now its still not working.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
All masteries have scrambled names. Offense Fury displays as 1% weaker(4% max) than stated on your patch notes. But IDK in game if its 1% weaker or just a tooltip fix. Defense, in general, kinda hard to not go over 21 in this tree. Lots of competing tier 4-5 masteries. Perseverence doesnt seem to be active all the time. I can see it doing nothing all game, then 15 mins into the game finally see some green numbers pop up every 5 seconds, then it disappears again after a few ticks(say for example, a 30 second window with 5 ticks). Is it only showing the green numbers when you are at low life? Is that intended? I like the display but seeing as how its not always up, I really doubt the mastery is working half the time. Might be worth to turn it into an hp5 mastery but its less cool to see its direct effects show up as a green number. Can we make runic shield's +50 hp shield refresh at fountain rather than on respawn? Masteries that count on dying for extra value are not very good. It might not trigger more than once in the game only because you didnt die. Seems weird to think about it that way but its also a tier 5 talent and it has to compete with perseverence and legendary guardian. Making the shield bigger might also work, as it makes certain lvl 1 laning safer, since I see this mastery as a jungle hp buffer and an early game safety net mastery, why not make the shield bigger so thats what it accomplishes. ATM its not even a potions worth of protection. Utility The biscuits mastery is instantly replacing potions into biscuits. This is a serious issue when you have 5 items, buy potions as your 6, and after mashing to buy 3 potions, the mastery turns it into 1 biscuit, takes up its inventory slot where the potions were, the other potions have disappeared so theres no more conversions into biscuits. The inventory item for a biscuit is "tooltip spell missing" or something along those lines, needs fixing. The burst regen from biscuits is not working, from the mastery. Also, is there any chance to make different biscuits for mana potions? That heal 50 more mana and 20 more health? Seems like its almost punishing to buy anything but hp pots with the mastery atm.
: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
Yeah the double health bars are a known issue. I would like to have the conservation items state their cap in the tooltip please, which is at 90. The maximum gold earned on a kill is 30, but it can stack to 90 and be up for 3 simultaneous camps(while regening stacks as you do these). Are all of these intended? Wriggles has a bug where it never displays wards placed on its tooltip.
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: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
{{champion:34}} If you cast ult on top of 2 champions, you get +8 from both instantly if youre holding a kages lucky pick. About Marty's call line of items: I find it weird that only this item line improves how much gold your ally gets, while the other 2 improve how much gold you get as a support. Seems counterintuitive. Also, theres no sound effect on its active in the max version. {{champion:16}} It seems that her E's cooldown display rounds up and down, but it never shows fractional CD amounts. IE, she doesnt show a cooldown of 7.2~ if you bought appropriate cdr, instead you see 7 or 8 as the amount. I find that the Armor, HP, MR utility ratios scale better than the AP ratios. In other words, I feel like {{champion:44}} {{champion:89}} have more realistic item paths that are not nerfed by the fact that they can solo lane and get more items. Balancing supports around low ap when they can clearly try to go into another lane seems impossible, and is turning into nerfs for many champs. {{item:3096}} Line of items dont need a nearby champion to have the passive proc. You get money for missing CS, not for conceding CS over to your duo lane. Doesnt necessarily scream as a support mechanic, instead it seems to be a "pardon" policy on missing CS while having regen and gp10. Might be taken into other lanes. My biggest issue atm, is that theres many nerfs on AP utility scaling. I understand you will have certain thresholds to break even or beat the old utility #s, but theres also a big issue of who wants to build which item. Lets say {{champion:16}} wants to play passive. Then she decides not to go Kage's, but instead goes philo stone. Her gold income might stay the same, but her utility is scaling off AP, so, she is now weaker because she chose to not buy AP this one game. Not only is ability scaling hard to balance when its too much AP, its also hard to balance when its too little. Maybe set caps on the utility scaling so that theyre easier to reach, but not completely broken by solo laners, and that way the champs arent nerfed "on the chance of the abuse cases". Maybe, not a true cap, but a diminishing return. First 100 AP gives you +8% to Janna's MS on W, but the next 100 gives you 4%. Maybe 2% for every 100 after that. Its also worth noting that {{item:3089}} can really throw off scalings kinda wildly.
: Team Builder Available on PBE!
First game on saturday. I was Heimer jungle, support udyr, everyone clicked OK no hesitation. I really like the vibe this team builder sets up by having everyone on board with the plan. I wont talk about the known issues(no skins etc). Please add a way to change both summoner spells at once. Or did I miss where it was? I think having a small introductory chat line to where the chat starts can help. Something like WELCOME SUMMONERS TO TEAM BUILDER. Anything hinting as where the chat starts. I think everyone is too busy fidgeting with their champ/masteries/etc and they easily overlook the chat. Both my games had near 0 actual chat used. Was the LoL Logo(the one that shows before showing the loading screen) a different one than the ones for other Queues? Seemed a different color or something. Which gave me an idea of maybe adding something to that(or to the loading screen itself) to really kinda unify the team builder feeling. Because its a different interface from a normal game, you get a whole different feeling of how your team is coming together and going into the game. It felt like my whole team was ready to kick ass and a different loading screen+loading logo might help that as well. Second game on sunday. I was Sivir mid, udyr support different player. Some hesitation in chat, but everyone accepted. Again, chat barely noticeable and it was near the end that anyone even started speaking. I think even weird comps will be allowed, because at least you get A)the chance to not accept the team you got put into, and B)some time to adapt and think, how will I play with my team knowing full well what it is before hand. "They accept my pick, and I accept theirs", and there shouldnt be any fighting. That alone will make League teams evolve A LOT especially for preseason and Season 4. I really liked the team builder so far but I want more games. I always log in near closeout time for team builder.


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