: Yeah, this is a simple way to actually open 2 clients or more at the same time. Just deleting that folder and making a copy of the Riot Games entire folder, then just creating shortcuts of each League of Legends.exe and opening the account that you want at each one. The problem with that is that if you then want to get the new cliente back, it could be a problem as it HAPPENED TO ME. I did all of that I said before like a month ago, and then I wanted the new client again and couldn't have it till a week or something like that.
Thank you very much! Just got it done, im really happy i dont have to type in everything 5 times a day haha. I actually dont like the new log-in client that much, it takes way longer to load then to just enter my password. Thanks again!
: You can uninstall the new client, i don't recommend it, but it can work temporally for you. Just go to C:/Riot Games and delete the folder named Riot Client
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