: Changes to Support Items (Removing Bandit for 8.6)
Ok, so as someone who's mained support since she started, this still kinda makes me mad. You took the actives on the support items that I relied on (Face of the Mountain, Talisman, Frost queen's) and threw them out. Threw me for a loop for a couple of weeks (still getting used to the fact that I have to rush Locket now in order to get a shield so my carry doesn't die or _I_ don't die when I dive in with Leona), but it's gotten better (even though I'm still angry about it). These new changes mean that when my adc backs and I'm left alone...it's harder for me to get my mission you made me do in order to get a sightstone. I play tank supports that don't really do much and my cs admittedly sucks. But Supports don't really get a lot of gold, that bandit passive actually helped as it got us able to buy what we needed to keep that glass cannon carry of ours alive. I know it's been said before...but for those of us who don't play Sona, Janna, Karma etc...what's to help us when our carry goes back to base and we're still in lane defending? Because those of us with relic can't really get the passive until a teammate is near. Sorry if this is ranty...I've been trying to figure this out and lately it feels like I'm being pressured to play the squishy enchanters that I don't like to play rather than my hard engage tanks.

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