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: Sejuani Feedback Thread
So, here is what i think: Passive: I love it. There is imo only one problem: any minion attack trigger it. While early that's good, imo late game it's pretty bad since if you want to keep your passive for teamfight you have to stay clear of any from of non champion damage. It would be great to have it behave like Garren's passive: after lvl 11 minion damage don't trigger it. Q: Still awesome. W: Please, make it magic damage instead of physique. E: Unlike most people here, i like it. R: I'm conflicted. The fact it make the E go on cooldown is strange.
: Jungle Exp, BloodRazor Item, Guinsoos Rageblade, Elemental Dragons
I found bloodrazor pretty strong. Then again, i tried it on Kindred. Imo it is made specially for attack speed/on hit jungler, not just any jungler who happen to use aa. Guinsoo is much more healthy than devourer: less on hit damage (15 instead of 60) , take actually time to start the on hit every other aa (even with 2.5 attack speed it still take more than 2 second, while sated was directly on the second aa). Yes, Sated Devourer couldn't appear in game before around 15~ minutes, but after that it was godlike. That guinsoo is only strong if you have at least one other on hit item AND if you can stay in fight without dying for a sizeable amount of time. Between a Yi with Sated and a Yi with Guinsoo, i would take the one with Guinsoo any day.
: So after a few matches the only OP part is in Jungle he can solo all objectives and if he catches the enemy jungler and has Ult he wins 80% of the time. Team fights he is not the great. He needs to stand there and focus ONE target and he gets killed really fast when he does. AP Malz is better for team fights with his Visions doing lots of damage.
Well, even if he is worse than ap mal in teamfight, he solo objective clear time is enough to make him broken, specially considering some of the new objective are really powerfull for the whole team.
: AD Malzahar is so broken
I just tried out, and it is the first time i felt so bad while playing a champion ... against bot ! AD Malhazar farm so well he can out experience the midlaner just by power farming and taking neutral objective. I love the intent on making malzahar ad jungle a viable pick, but currently it is utterly broken. Imo, a possible nerf would either limit the number of voidling (bad nerf imo, it destroy what make him unique), or limit the damage each voidling do to neutral monster (good nerf imo, easy to tune a number that make it balanced, while keeping it unique)
: Banning new champs, or champs with significant changes shouldn't be possible on PBE
You forget one thing: what if banning the new champ trigger a huge bug ? How riot would know about this bug if it's not possible to ban new champ ?
: [Patch 11/10] Can a Rioter give context on the longer minimum melee range?
Well, during juggernaught they said they will be looking at melee champ to see if buffing their ranged would be a smart move. I guess they decided it was.
: New Sightstone Upgrades Comparison to Support Versions
So, Riot succeeded in doing exactly what they wanted ? They always said that the don't want the upgrades of sightstone to be actually good item. They want it to be barely slot efficient. Imo that's what they did. Those upgrade are barely slot efficient, just enough so that you can consider buying them if you don't need the active of one of the three support item. And that's it.
: I think got the same bug (I was solo queuing) but the reinvite would sometime take a couple of seconds, so to try to stop the bug I left the queue and started a new search but got the same team of players (and the same bug) again. Otherwise the same, looked like someone dodged but always reinvited me to the same team of players in the same roles almost immediately (this happened more then 10 times in a row) and seemed to happen randomly at any time during the champ select process. Based on there bans and picks it looked like it could be the same opposing team as well but I'm not sure.
The message left in chat when that happen is: "A player didn't accept afk check" Maybe the problem is here.
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: Any Context About Why Windspeaker's Blessing's Armor/Magic Resist Buff DOES NOT Works On The Caster?
10% Stronger shield/heal would just be way too strong on fighter, even more so if it add bonus armor/mr. Yes, this support focus mastery is completely useless when you are alone, then again support stay most of the game with an ally, so it's not that useless. (Also, Riot is pushing the team aspect of the game, and in a team game, being alone is a mistake)
: Kindreds' Existential Crisis (Any rioter's response is welcome)
Humm, in case you didn't get the memo, Summoner's Rift, and the Institute of War don't exist in the lore anymore. So, Kindred don't need any reason to fight in something that doesn't exist in the first place.
: @Riot: Can we get some proper anatomy in these animations?
YES, Riot, make this happen, even if we have to wait another two month. Soraka's is already way too awkward, i don't want another goat like champion being awkward again.
: As a miss fortune main myself that always bugged me too. I dont really care much if they dont show me how much dmg it does in total but the number of waves is really important so +1 from me to the post. Other than that since its a mf post i love the new change on her ultie, it was the only problem i had on her kid since the last update on her
For the record, her ult fire 8 wave, and i totally agree with you, at least show us the number of wave, so we can at least do the math our self without going into a wiki. As on the change, i love them, but it make me laugh prodigiously that now MF have two ratio AD on her ult. The damage, i can see it. Time to plan a Sejuani + MF combo with my buddies!
: Checked and tested, but this isnt a real bug. Another characters have the same reaction (Like when they trying to apply some kind of cc/weird thing with autoatacks). For example Kassadin, when he uses his W he does the same autoatack until the E skill duration wents off. With fiora happens the same but with atack speed because shes unable to crit inhib.
The thing is, new Fiora can crit turret with her E, which seems intended. The bug would be that her E can't crit inhib.
: [Fiora Update] Counter for tanks against 'Weak Spot' mechanic
Rammus is like the worst exemple you could use: with his taunt he can just make sure she doesn't attack him on a weakspot. (Same for shen). A counter for weakspot is Randuin, you slow Fiora, so her only way to actually hit the weakspot is Q.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
Awesome skin, i would just wish she said something special during Final Spark. Something l like: "Starliiight SPARK!!!".


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