: Loading screen Championship Riven
This IS a bug but its not very important one. Text bugs are just there because Riot focuses more on stabilizing the game and adjusting other things.
: Extremely Bad Patching on PBE
I have 9 mbps and yesterday it was downloading at the speed of 200 kBps. Im from Europe so I thought its cuz of signal strength or because of rly long distance. If you are from europe it might be cause of that, or their download servers might be under heavy load.
: As a riven main on NA i would like to give my feedback on this highly waited skin! I love it but i see two problems with it : 1. The saturation on the spells, its too high (basically the spells are way too bright/colorful), would be awesome if that could be toned a little bit down, the original CS riven had way darker spells and while i do prefer the more brighter and colorful version this one has it a little bit too much, i think we could find a sweet spot here btw both! 2. Her Q strike particle (the small one around the champs hit, not the big smashed ground one) is green instead of blue (same as base), now this one is probably just a bug (or a missing particle?) but yeah it looks completely out of place. Other than that its great! Good job on the new particles/textures.
: Championship Riven Q Animation Bug
Omg thats like first thing ive noticed. Its so unavoidable and uncomfortable.
: old championship riven is better !
I really prefer the old one too! I just like her textures the way they were b4.
: Championship riven
yes it doesnt display her name in loading screen eather! It displays something_something_something_Riven instead of Championship Riven. Although this IS a bug its not a key factor of PBE bugs discovery. Text bugs are just there because Riot focuses more on stabilizing the game and adjusting other things.
: Change Championship Riven recal plz
Agree, i got disappointed when i pressed recall.
: Ahri Nerf... WHY?
Yea i think that they shouldnt change champion's kit right now. But they still should nerf her. The change might reflect to lower pick/ban/win rate by a lot, in which case they should realize that they screwed up and revert the kit changes and actually nerf her numbers.
: Were you using intermediate or beginner bots? I found his ult to be executed quite well as an intermediate bot. He had map awareness, ulting teamfights that were away from him. His barrel placement was also pretty similar to a player's.
well, while im from eu i play exclusively with beginner bots :$ cuz lags are terrifying, i havent checked if they have fixed it now, will check soon.
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: Illaoi's icon doesn't show up on Match History
: We need more RP!
This would be a cool feature.
: thats not even possible to do in champion select...
well it should be possible, if Rito notices this as breaking the system of teambuilder.
: could probably be added as it's own report offense "refused assigned role"
It should be putted in champ select like little <!> sign and only reasons to report should be offensive language and refused assigned role.
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: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
I rly dont like Jinx's changes, her attack speed was already low imo. Gtg test vayne, those changes look very interesting. Nice urgot buff tho.

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