: We've been reading the comments and passing them along -- this thread has nearly 100 comments, and it's quite honestly impossible to give everyone a thoughtful reply. Instead, we've been compiling the feedback on this thread and others to give the devs more time to discuss if/what they'd like to change.
You guys could please put a rule against spam so people post their feedback on a s8ngle post reply instead 9f mak8ng 20 posts on the same thread
: This is not china server. Use english or begone! you've gotten access into NA illegally. Now go back where you came from
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
The splash art looks weird. The concept is good but her face looks off (doesnt look like nami and her features look disproportionate), there's not enought contrast between light and shadow and we barely notice the staff. Also it could look more whimsycal with some fireflies or some moonligh. As for the skin itself I think her r lack cohesion with the rest of her abilities, maybe with a flower petals trail it would fit better. Also her tail kinda melts with her staff
: I thought the same. I think the large eyes make her look a bit different from the concept art. If they were reduced to a certain extent. The nose should probably be a bit broader/higher. Opinion: I'm actually sad they didn't keep the tail as it was on the concept art. The whole thing about her tail being a fluffy cotton flower looks very strange when it could've been a glamorous translucent pink tail :/ Here her face looks more like Nami imo. I hope they can change a little bit of the splash before release. https://imgur.com/a/Zyd9vNV
It's more like those lips and tiny nose look so diproportionate with those eyes and overall facial structure
: I don't want to sound mean, but looks like you guys don't want to change the name out of petty! "Since we're releasing 4 skins together we felt it made more sense for them to share a name in this case, and avoid making even more sub categories." I'm sorry but we got 4 Arcade, 2 Arcade and 2 Battle Boss, I don't think Yasuo and Qiyana are called Arcade too, and they all came the same patch and were released together Battle Academia - New theme, all released together, 6 skins, we have 4 Battle Academia, 1 Battle Principal and 1 Battle Professor, and they are from this year, A BRAND NEW THEME. I really don't see a reason not to change them to Fallen Star, they will have the Star part of Star Guardian, but show their story (They are fallen now), they are not guardians anymore. I really just think it's a poor excuse when we had themes from this year with different names because they don't suit well, just like the case with Rakan, Xayah and Zoe. Thanks, Bess!
I wonder if they'll keep being petty after these skins under sell
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
could you please change her name to chaos star zoe/ star guardian chaos or something? she's clearly a FORMER star guardian.
: Star Guardian Little Legends (Little Guardians) Feedback
when your SG skins are not really SG so you'll get shisa instead {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Star Guardian Season 3 Feedback
they should change their names to chaos star guardian zoe and fallen star xayah and rakan
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
this is a former Stag guardian who keeps saying she'll destroy Star Guardians, can we change her name to fallen star xayah or something please? also can we get a real star guardian variant in the future, please (it could be like a precuel in lore, how she was before getting herself killed)
: Hi, Beardilocks here to answer your question about uncorrupted variants of these skins. First let me start off by saying I love how passionate about Xayah and Rakan Star Guardians everyone has been! I can see that you guys love both their light and dark forms, and we have definitely heard your feedback that this is a feature that you would like. However, I'm afraid that it isn't quite as simple as it initially seems, as there are quite a few things to consider. Please bear with me and read the whole context of why we won't be able to provide these. When we set about designing the Star Guardians for this year, we knew we wanted to evolve the thematic and expand the storyline. Until now, there had not been any definite antagonist for the Star Guardians to fight against - just some slightly generic monsters invading the city. We chose to do this by establishing Zoe as a villain in the universe, and having Xayah and Rakan as fallen Guardians, whom she had corrupted with her evil. When we go about creating a new skin for a character we create 3 "Pillars": Core concepts about the identity of the skin that are like guiding principals that we always try to work in to every aspect of their character. For Star Guardian Xayah, these pillars were: - Corrupted former star guardian with **internal struggle** - Dark star guardian beauty/ beauty with an edge - Fierce warrior spirit As such, when we were making creative decisions about the design, animations, sound, visual effects and voice recording, we tried to make sure that we were representing at least one of these pillars. You can see that I have highlighted the **internal struggle** part of her first pillar, as this is the most important defining feature of this skin. In pretty much every ability, animation and recall, we were trying to play up the struggle between dark and light, between good and bad. You can see this in her spells - her W is her reveling in her dark power, using it to damage enemies. Her R is supposed to be the most exciting moment, and highlight of her gameplay, and so is the point where we create the most contrast, expelling out the darkness and returning her to her original light form. All her voice acting also reinforces this - her voice lines are a contrast to her normal ones, where she is a badass anime villain, especially taunting the _loser _Star Guardians of her former team. We also wanted to play up the dynamic between Xayah and Rakan in this struggle between good and evil. In both their solo and duo recalls we see Rakan trying to save Xayah from the darkness by taking it into himself, trying to sacrifice himself to save her, becoming even more dark and corrupted in the process. This all ties into the story of Star Guardian this year (more story details to come soon!), though I don't want to spoil anything more in that area. **If we were to simply put a light version chroma out of this skin it would remove the central pillar of this skin, the internal struggle between light and dark, and the thing that makes this skin a legendary.** It would mean that a lot of their spells would not make any sense. A light Star Guardian Xayah would turn dark when she uses W (which would be a big contrast), but she would not change at all when she did her Ult (which would feel less impactful than her W at that point). Rakan would fire darkness out of him when he did his W (which wouldn't make sense), and when he ulted he'd turn super dark and grow big evil wings. Their recalls would not make any sense either, as the whole aspect of corrupting darkness would be out of place, and there would be no emotional impact to Rakan trying to take the darkness from Xayah. Further more, none of the VO of them being evil would make sense either. Some players have suggested that they would be fine with stuff not making sense and I understand that, but I don't think everyone would feel that way. I welcome anyone who thinks _all_ players would let a "small" detail like most of their spells not making sense to go to read some of the responses of other players on the boards and twitter about minor details they don't like :( If we did commit to fixing all of these things so that they made sense for a light variant, we'd need to do entirely new visual and sound effects, new animations, new voiceover and new recalls. At that point, we would basically have to charge the price of a whole new skin, or to add these as a toggle they'd basically need to become ultimates, because it would take the same amount of development time as a whole new skin would. Deciding to do this would be something we would have to do at the start of development, not after they are revealed on PBE. Additionally, they would be alternate skins that don't really fit into the story that we're trying to tell this year, which might even potentially confuse players. I know you're super passionate about this, and it's something I think would have been awesome to see too, but if it was something we chose to do, I would definitely want to do it properly to do it justice. Instead we chose to focus on delivering dark, corrupted Star Guardians, which I think we did successfully, but I'm sorry if you're disappointed.
As much as the story seems really interesting (it does): we buy skins for their looks, not for their stories, when you said you'd be making Star Guardian skins everyone got hyped for new cute shiny happy skins (because that's why SG are liked and popular in the first place) and these ain't it. You took one of the most popular skin lines and changed them into the oposite of what made them popular and profitable to begin with. If you guys had introduced just one or two corrupted star guardians and made more regular star guardians than corrupted star guardians the reaction would have been better. At least change their names to fallen stars (Chaos Star guardian zoe could work too) or something, it's so weird they keep talking about how they hate star guardians but their skins are called star guardians
: Riot Asking feedback on SG Xayah and Rakan
: Change ETERNALS concept to CHAMPION PASS Riot pls!
also please an option to disable/mute them? it causes so much unnecessary visual clutter and makes league look cheap
: Can we have a way to disable eternals ingame?
yes please, this whole concept is so dumbd and tacky, too much visual clutter
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: The overwhelming toxicity on PBE
I came here for the same reason. It's getting ridiculous, people are way more toxic in this server, they should be banned asap. Also I've seen people flaming in other languages, that should get checked too.
: Useful information for new PBE players
"Can I get Banned? yes" my ass,I see more toxic people on the pbe than on the actual servers, specially people flaming in other languages, if you allow non english speakers you should have rioters able to understand other languages so toxicity is still punishable.
: Seems that some people rather than report the bug they exploit it to win here because on official servers they cannot :) too many accounts handed over to people who don't deserve them...
Tell me about it, I'm sick of toxicity in the pbe
: cant launch a game
Same. I've tried to play in the training tool and it crashes. Had to restart my pc. I wasnt even wearing a skin
: I love a lot about this skin, but the really tiny shadows on the ult and the fact that she's still very visible in the center sort of takes away from the fantasy on that for me. It doesn't look like she's moving quickly at all because you can still very easily see her. I assume you want her to be visible for gameplay clarity purposes, but you can accomplish that without it looking like she's standing still while clones or whatever jump around. I would suggest enhancing the visibility of the pink blurs that move around and making her actual model slightly less visible (Faded, duller to blend in, etc.)
Yeah the thing is it could look way more cohesive, because you see her normal model spinning and some little blurry Kat phantoms hitting her enemies as effects and the model kinda clashes with the little phantoms. If hey changed her spinning model to a more phantomy one (still make her long hair more notizable than the rest of the model since it's a staple of her while spinning and for clarity), or/and made the little phantoms a bit more notorious then it would look more cohesive.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Katarina
I tried out this Kat skin and I liked it a lot but it could be improved. -Her daggers in the floor look too similar to her original ones (I mean the model, not the effects around it) also it's kinda hard to see them in the floor in team fights. I was like playing with a handicap. (I tried her in butcherer's bridge, maybe in SR they are more notorious?) -Also her ultimate's concept is cool but lacks cohesion because you see her normal model spinning and some little blurry Kat phantoms hitting her enemies as effects and the model kinda clashes with the little phantoms. If you changed her spinning model to a more phantomy one (still make her long hair more notizable than the rest of the model since it's a staple of her while spinning), or/and made the little phantoms a bit more notorious then it would look more cohesive. -Also I think her clothes could have been better. Maybe drop the loose hoodie and change it for a tight bolero with tight sleeves (still showing her shoulders), and gve the skirt some plaids, more similar to Lux's skirt since they are suposedly in uniform. Also maybe make her tie bigger. -Also I think her splash art looks kinda bland, Idk if it's her pose, the angle or the background, the coloring but I think it could have been better. Still loved it, loved her anime pink hair but as someone said the hair antena is a bubly character cloché and kinda fitted Lux better
: Katarina's ultimate sound effect sound a little bit dull to me. it feels like some sound effect from an old TV show. And please make this Katerina skin into a legendary skin, it is so good now it just needs a little improvement in her dance and other interaction (admit it, old Katarina dance and interaction are SO out of date to compare to the new skin and reworked champ)
To me her ultimate's concept is cool but lacks cohesion because you see her normal model spinning and some little blurry Kat phantoms hitting her enemies as effects and the model kinda clashes with the little phantoms. If you changed her spinning model to a more phantomy one (still make her long hair more notizable than the rest of the model since it's a staple of her while spinning), or/and made the little phantoms a bit more notorious then it would look more cohesive.
: Feedback of Battle Academia Icons
: I'm in tears.. Why is this happening
Same. Got tired of it and went to aram. I could only play with BA Kat so far. And gave up on draft pick
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: Please tie leaving/afk abuse with live account
Please. This is getting out of hand. I couldn't play SR after 10 dodges and 2 remakes
: [YUUMI] First impressions from a random support main
How the hell did you use Yuumi. I've tried to but this to me is league of dodge and league of remake and league of crybabies


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