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: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
Hi, overall i find the new sion very balanced to play, the only bad point was the camera angle change in his ultimate. now i like that creative idea to make him see what he is running into, but don't forget that he can use this ability to escape too, and if he can't see what the enemy behind him are firing he can have a hard time dodging :(. also it can disturb the player if he is using it just to burst his llane oponent, so what i suggest is to keep the camera stable in the first part of the ultimate , then when he start acelerating you can move it forward. and thanks for reading me
: Yeah, happens on live too :o ! I think you can reproduce it sometimes when you're in mid-cast of Q and certain enemy abilities interrupt you. I think a temp. fix was to alt-q to self cast Q, and then you'd be able to cast it again. Had this happen too. Otherwise quitting and reconnecting does usually fix it.
your reply sums it all. i main vi, and this bug has been in live for over a year. it hapens sometimes when you get stuned while charging Q as you said. i posted about this ages ago and it is still not fixed
oh guyz and what about somthing like " THIS .. IS .. SSHURIMAAAA " xD
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: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
hi, Let's get straight to the point. Azir is waaaay too op right now. His Q is very wide and fast making it hard to dodge when it invovlves two sodiers. the ration on the W makes him a beast late game ( with 3 soldiers, 1500 magic damage per attack at an attack speed of 1.39 ) and his laning phase is the safest among all the champions ( W, Q back , E, LATEEER). he has some weak things thought, the shield on his E is weak and not worth dashing into you're oponnent especially that you are a squishy carry mage. and his turret is kinda useless since t lasts oneminute and minions respawns every 30 seconde, by the time they get to it it already self destructed. Last, that change to make Azir summon a soldier inside a turret should have a counter play, they should be targetable at least, otherwise the turrets while go incridebly fast in the lanning phase
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: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
yaaaay, looks a lot like an idea i proposed long ago :D
: Victorious Skin Sneak Peak
it's clearly morga.... DRAAAAAAVEN {{champion:119}}
: Lets talk Master Yi
the things that people do when they see yi ult and running at theme is fleeing away and dying eventually while they should atack him especially in early lvls
: [Skin Idea] Prince Yasuo would be cool
I was thinking about a sephiroth ( final fantasy 7 ) like skin , since they have the same huge sword :c
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
Since dino gnar throw a house with his Q, how about making him look like godzilla ??? :D
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Hi, Just found a bug with the turret agro in the new summoner's rift. occasionaly, If you flash inside the turret range you will loose the agro, i tried it and it hapened 2 out of 3 times.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Hi; I liked the E and how it works when used on a unit. it will be cool if he is able to use it on wards too :D. overall, I feel that the champion is well balanced. The uncontrolable transformationis a good way to tame his power as an adc ( i almmost felt that he is stronger than vayne :c ). Although im afraid of what AP gnar can do with that 1.0 ratio on Z, especially after returning to small gnar where he no longer gain fury and can throw many autos during that period. Big gnar is most powerfull when the team fight occurs in the jungle or near a wall where he can practicaly stun evrybody with his ult and Z.FInally , i think that the Hp regen he gets is a little bit out of control and should be nerfed, as he might turn into a mundo with warmog and baron buff :D
: Bug with Vi in the All-For-One Mirror Mod
no, i think you probably got hit by another Vi's Q while charging your's. This bug can be reproduced by getting a stun while charging Q
: This could be one of those random bugs. I was a Thresh in one of the live games. I grabbed a Vi with her Q charging, but she can still use it for the whole match. Since your bug has been reported before, based on the reports I have read and tests I have done, the only possible reason that some testers are not able to reproduce the bug is that that the bug is randomly happening. I guess Riot needs to look into this then.
Yes you are right, it is random, not all stuns make her Q bug
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: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
Hellow, i played a game with mf to try both the new bots and the changes done to her, but nevermind that i will talk only about the bots. what i noticed is that indeed as said in the coments, they got stupider. usualy they used to run away whene they are low on health, now it seems like there reflexs have been lowred down, they dont run away immediatly. Also i noticed them always pushing bot as 5 even if my bots are destroying there inhibitor from top lane, even when i pentakill them and they come back to base, they just iggnor my bots and keep going bot. one last thing i want to point is i was running into renekton enemie bot , he was standing there doing nothing , then he used his Q in the air for no specific reason and started to run away before he turned into a nice hand bag for mf :p Hope it will help
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: I absolutely love this idea. hopefully they make this a test mode so we can see if it works and all. Would be interesting to play that
: [Akali] - shroud not visible when cast in brush
:o ! normaly when cast in the bush an the enemie is outside, he shouldnt see it, but upon entring to the bush, he should be able to.
: Hexakill metagame
6 Adc top and pushing to the inhib, it goes pretty fast and they cant kill supperminion on lvl 3 or 4
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: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Hello, So we were trying a Hexakill game, we slected champs, we went to loading screen, evrybody was 100%, and the suddenly the window closed and we returned to the lobby o.O.
: We got a HEXAKILL ["on tape"!]( The game was A LOT OF FUN!
the anouncers sound shocked xD
: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
Hellow, Let me refer you to these two dicussion i made way a long time ago about some bugs alongside with the new xerath's rework problemes **Xerath :** **Hecarim :** Hope it is gonna help.
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: Hello Rioters :D, I know that this problem is mentioned earlier, but i will do it again. The problem with the home button when you are in team selection dos not appiars when you go and try to change runes. Second, the last game I had I have lag that start mid game and at the end of the game I have "Attempting to reconnect" and for 25-30 seconds can not see or move.
I tried that, the home button appeared for me
: Team Builder Bugs!
hellow, So i tried to join a team , I chose katarina and fixed all the lane and masteries stuff, i clicked on The buton " find Group " 3 times but it didnt work, i got a message eror saying " There was an error processing a message from the server, this may be caused be caused by a nomber of issus so it is recommended you restart your client..." i pressed Ok and then nothin happened. i had to quit the queue and restart again, it did work the second time. Hope this will help **Edit 1 :** When you hover your mouse over the timer that appears when someone join the group ( and if you are not the captain) , you will still see the discription saying that you must accept him before the time runs out. you can see the discription that is normally adressed to the captain. **Edit 2 :** I dont know if this is a bug or just the fact that there was no opposing team ready. After all members joined the group, we started fooling around by clicking "ready" "not ready" several times. after we stopped, we all clicked " ready", but the captain was not able to launch the game. **Edit 3 :**We joined a group but the support were missing, it took a long time before he came, whene he did, the captain "Balckthorne5" was not able to accept him even if he clicked accpet, he got an eror saying "Name cannot be found " and thaat support got kicked automaticly after the time run out. It happened personaly to me when only the jungler was missing, i got a message saying "SERVICE_UNKNOWN" **Edit 4 :** When you open the rune's list or the masteries list and try to redimension the client window with your mouse, the list is not redimensioned along with it **Edit 5 :** I still hear the Team builder's music even after my group has been dispatched and after i left the queue **Edit 6 :** Members are able to change theyre skin by clicking on there picture , the captain is not able to do that.
: Thanks for the report ElMehdi!
: Team Builder Bugs!
hellow, So i joined the team builder as Udyr and selected the skin " Udyr spirit guard ". I didnt go ingame with the team directly, i had to change sevral times and some of the captains i met diseabled there teams, when i finally got ingame, the skin didnt apply, i played the classic udyr. Hope this help
: Mine just goes black, and stays black.
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: In-progress Lunar Revel skins on the PBE
the {{champion:92}} Skin is cool but i'd lile to suggest to make it cooler for exemple when she use her stun, that the animation is more like a fire dragon that shows up briefly :D. Same thing for her ult, like a dragon comes out and spit those flames :p.
: Broken IP/RP
: Singed Q doesnt make Tear of goddess go on cooldown
i did it, i did not get mana and it didnt go on cooldown, and thats another probleme, you get mana only a seconde later eventhough you lose mana from your poison trail
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: maybe lag can be the cause of this bug (i'm bad in english but i try) not on PBE but on the EUW server it's happen to me
nah , my computer is a monster, cant be lag
: He's not overpowered. He does in fact have a slightly weaker early game than most melee champions, no one starts off the game with crit chance, you're only hurting yourself if you do. His Q is basically a basic attack and does less crit damage by percentage than your autoattack (if I remember correctly). His shield is easily bypassed by the ranged laners that play mid; it lasts for two seconds, takes a while to recharge, and can be brought down by one autoattack. His tornadoes are easy to dodge, and unless you're not paying attention/are too close, they should not hit you. You mean make his low range wannabe "poke" weaker than his autoattack. Decreasing his critical passive would be a massive nerf that would send him into oblivion. If such a trade off were to take place, you'd have to increase the damage he did per critical strike.
tryndamere start's the game with crit chance and a good player can get himself first blood at level 2 with him, but anyway. another thing i wanted to point is as yasuo you wanna rush static shiv. it is supposed to do 100 extra magic damage but i noticed that those magic damage crit too ( weird huh ) and so it goes up to 200 magic damage, the thing is if you get that item by lvl 5 or 6 , lets say you're Q does 100 damage noormaly, since you crit a lot you'll do up to 400 dmg in one hit. at lvl 5 or 6 its nearly 50% 60% of a champs hp :o. anyway, thanks for your reply :d
: Yes, I can also confirm that problem. You're not alone mate. :)
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: [Dragonblade Riven] - persistant healing particles after first spawn
Actually i noticed that in all champs not only riven, somtimes it happens and somtimes not
: [Rengar - Savagery (Q)] - The timer before Rengar uses his Q is not the same as in the description.
Hellow, I confirm too, i already made a post about it.
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: HighNoon Yasuo's Hat Bug
: It's mentioned in the stickied post for the season 2014 seed: [link](
that link does not open to me , if its mentionned sorry about the post xd
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