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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I'm on a freshly built (two months old) PC. I just went to play my first game on the new SR and it loaded just fine, but I can't move my screen from the corner and i can't move my champion, access the shop, or access the chat. Even if I just sit there and do nothing, the same thing happens: LoL crashes and says 'failed to create dump file:" (error 0)' I tried the usual fixes - deleting the lol_launcher folder in RADS/projects followed by full repairing. It has told me the last couple times that it thinks I have corrupt files, and when I did the full repair it calculated differences but didn't show as downloading anything. For the few seconds at a time that it loaded into game, I could see that at least some of my team was loaded in and the enemy players as well. After the auto repair happened twice I did the full repair, and after that it did another auto repair - this is when I saved the logs, but I can't attach them here for some reason... Says invalid file extension. - sr updated version works in solo customs, too
: maximum number of runes reached... but not all runes unlocked
Okay so if you buy a bundle and then use the combiner, you can slowly use it to grind out other runes, however comma, I had to submit a ticket to wipe those runes and ended up having to buy another bundle to get all the runes I lost. That said, buy one when you get your PBE account, and do it before you get any runes. Same for the champion bundle. THEN buy individual runes and champions as you so choose.
: DERP easy fix - the rune combiner! *failface*
Actually, I have to check back later but after a lot of combining, I still have bunches of runes and it's not showing them in the combiner to remove... I think I broke it, so I'll report on it again tomorrow when I know more.
: [Custom Game] Bots do not load with Vel'Koz
I had the same issue, luckily you can still check out his abilities and practice cs because the minions don't know enough to be afraid like the bots...
: maximum number of runes reached... but not all runes unlocked
: It's not mechanically possible for us to only let you buy the Rune bundle once
I don't see how, it's like any champion or skin bundle - you buy it once, you have the limit of the item in question, you can't buy it again. Just take the rune page out of the bundle and you should be able to figure it out. we can buy rune page packs cheap anyway. But, I'm not a coder for Riot so I dunno...
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
I love how it says in here not to buy the bundles more than once, wish they just put a "you already bought this" tag on it like they do for other bundles... I bought like 6 of these like a week ago and now I have to wait for a Rioter to fix the ticket :(
: maximum number of runes reached... but not all runes unlocked
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: Team Builder Bugs!
Two things I noticed - 1) you select champ and skin, but skin doesn't translate over to game (was wearing EE Tristana skin to select, but went into game nekkid) and 2) after playing, clicked "play again" button and it brought up the page with the "skip waiting for stats" button like I just ended another game. Also, howcome there's no champ banning? If it goes as is to ranked, there will be pandemonium. *EDIT - I went into another and selected my EE Trist skin while in the team lobby, said currently selected skin and everything, but still went in without a skin.*
: Security certificate doesn't match?
I'm kinda thinking that the servers got hacked and we all gave our login info to someone
: "Did not recive a response from the server" error
For me, if I didn't click yes on the security cert (like while I was taking screenshots and such) fast enough it would say the server didn't respond. Does clicking yes on the security cert popup take you in? It did for me, hence my asking.
: normal queue restored, won't ranked
yes. taken to soloq normal, then went back again and manually verified that it was showing ranked but it still queued to normal. logged out, logged back in, queued to ranked, worked.
: Security certificate doesn't match?
I copied the certificate to file, if necessary I can provide this as well but it's not uploadable (unsupported filetype)
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I feel like I've seen this happen with regular skin, I know I've seen him run like The Flash at you with the normal skin, I just never thought anything of it because I never played as Zac so I assumed it was a speed boost ability. If it's a bug, it's definitely not just based on SW skin. My sightings of this were in regular LoL as well, not PBE.
: [Client] "Waiting for Stats..." never end
I've been having this happen a lot - its happened after normal blind, normal draft, and ranked using happy elf teemo, earnest elf tristana, and others. But here's an interesting twist... I never had a long wait on my non PBE LOL client, and I just played a game as EE Trist in ranked there and had the same thing happen. It goes to the screen that says "skip waiting for stats" and then just sits there. If you wait a while it usually comes up, but by then everyone is already gone. BUT there have been at number of occasions where it just plain sits there. When it's just sitting there for five, ten minutes, if you click skip waiting for stats then it won't let you queue for another match because you're still assigned to the game that just ended. It's like the server isn't recognizing that the games have ended... But what really interests me in this is that my regular client is doing it now as well.
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