: Ashe bug
I heard that there is the same issue on Fiora. Her basics make her dash around like her ult
: Support Items Changed like New Jungle Items
As a support main, I like this idea though I do agree with the others that giving supports too much damage would be somewhat counter-intuitive. I think maybe sightstone could be built normally, and then from there, get specialized. Not much, but a bit. I find myself rarely upgrading to Ruby until very late in the game because I don't need that little extra bit of health and extra ward. Maybe have it split into a tank-oriented and mage-oriented path? The tank one could give a bit of health and armor as well as the extra ward while the mage one gave a bit of AP and mana-regen. Quite frankly, I don't want to spend my gold on a bit of extra health for Morgana/Karma/Sona. They don't need it.
: [Fountain Laser] - Does Physical Damage instead of ignoring resistances
: Global sounds for baron and dragon.
I like the idea of even just an initial spawn sound. Even if it sounded every time the objective respawned, no one would necessarily have an advantage/disadvantage. If the enemy team sneaks a dragon without you knowing, then you would be assuming it is up. So, then you either check it and get the minimap icon removed until respawn or find out 5 minutes later that they got it. I just like the whole global roar idea.
: Tribunal suggestion
Definitely a good idea
: [Summoner's Rift Beta] Shaco Q can disable the laser of the enemy base as long as the Q is active
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
First of all, LOVE the skin idea. I think her model colors could be a bit better though. Her face is almost the same color as her helmet thing so its quite hard to see. Also, the pants... I'm sure you've gotten plenty of that. For particles, mantra and the mantra'd abilities could be a bit more vibrant imo. Especially her Q. Besides these everything looks great! 10/10 will buy
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Riot Kayle!
Is this skin going to be available for a limited time? The other Riot skins are all event only as far as I remember.
: Riven's Q Rumbles Q Corki's E
I agree that rivens should go in the direction of the cursor, but as corki's and rumble's are AOE damage effects and not movements, I don't see how that could work.
: Need Rp PLease!!
Umm... They took away free RP and IP a long time ago
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
After trying out the mechanics, she feels very nice. It's much easier to all in squishies with the extra range leap. Her damage does feel like it's a bit much. I was able to pretty much 100-0 a karthus level 3 with one rotation. I imagine it's more difficult on certain champs, like LeBlanc and the other more popular mids, but it still just seems like a lot. I like that her spears do less immediate damage, but can be followed up in Cougar form for even more than before. Overall, she seems to be able to both poke and burst... It seems to be borderline OP that she can go from distance to melee so quickly and deal so much damage so quickly. I think that another Lee Sin type change is in order. If you leap to a hunted target, the cooldown on leap should be longer. This would stop her from leaping in and still getting out safely without getting the kill for the reset. It'd make all-inning a bit more risky as it seems too easy right now. Just as before, she seems extremely versatile, if not more now.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
She seems more like a bursty assassin now than a caster. A 700 range leap seems like it could make for some interesting plays especially with resets on the basic pounce. Definitely going to try out jungle because of this.
: [Skin concept] Pool Party Zac
I like how this Zac skin idea actually looks significantly different. So many ideas for him and champs like Xerath are literally just re-colors.
: @Rammus
Scaling off his own would be a bit too good, but I do agree it could be buffed
: SKT zed is meh and shockblade is superior in every way besides why couldnt they make a better quality skin instead of skt?
Umm... You know how the Team Skins work right? The team that wins world championships gets a skin for whoever was played in the final game. Hence TPA and now SKT T1. They didn't just randomly pick Zed and the others
: We need a basketball player skin for Darius before a fire fighter skin.
: Archlight Thresh Concept
RIOT PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I need to change my pants after seeing this. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY
: You can sort by IP price, that should help!
As BlackRazz said skins can only be sorted by rp. The skins that become 1 IP with champ changes or VUs are the issue for me.
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: [Bug][Chat Box] The chat box in game is all wacky.
I had the same problem. Only some messages showed up and when I pressed z it would only show the first 3 lines of: "so and so purchased this trinket" from the beginning of the game. Couldn't communicate with my teammates and that really sucked.


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