: I -REALLY- don't like this idea. I really don't like it. Champion mastery to me is champion mastery. Emphasis on mastery. It shows how much I've played a champion, how well I know it. I have over 250k on Quinn and I feel that I know her in's and out's extremely well. I have 80k on Vayne and Nami and I feel I know them pretty well. I like the idea of champion mastery and champion mastery points. But this just leaves a sour taste in my mouth just reading about it. I don't care about the rewards that champion mastery may have to offer, I care about it from an achievement point of view and a progression point of view. Unlocking additional mastery levels with hextech will never give me any sort of a sense of achievement, nor will it give me a sense of progression - my overall skill with the champion has not magically doubled because I decided to unlock this mastery level. Any special rewards you have planned for champion mastery, just stick them into hextech. Give it a champion mastery requirement to unlock and it's the exact same thing in the end, just without the terrible feeling that I would get. Finally reaching level 7 mastery so that I can unlock the champion icon with the shard I've saved up for it would feel a lot better than piecing together shards so that I get level 7. Champion mastery is an addition that I thought was really cool, but if this comes to pass I don't think I'll enjoy it anywhere near as much. **The time where individual champion mastery tiers no longer reflect skill and dedication to a champion is the time where I can no longer view it as champion "mastery".**
Well said. Your comment articulates everything I tried to say in my few comments in a much more fluid way. While I do enjoy the idea of "more free stuff," I feel like the champion mastery system should be reserved purely as a measure of mastery.
: yeh, its "sucks" but if it can be done with IP then its just another "ip sink" for people who have too much ip for people who dont, i see it the same way i see "buying champs with RP". yeh unlocking a champ would be nice, but if i save it and buy the champ with ip i can instantly upgrade the mastery cap! i know i'm a glass half full guy but hey, its something and theyre trying! its FREE content, i'm always up for it
Free content is great! I totally agree! However, I was under the assumption that unlocking additional champion mastery levels would work the same way as levels 1-5, simply requiring greater amounts of XP (thereby making them naturally more difficult to obtain). I suppose I'm OK with unlocking levels, but I don't like relying on shards to unlock levels if I already have the points I need anyway.
: "This will increase the level cap, but won’t increase your actual Champion Mastery experience or unlock any associated rewards" if you want level 1-7 you have to play, you just up the level cap! so if you havent played him enough, you wont get level 6/7
I understand that in order to _use_ levels 6/7, you have to accumulate the necessary XP, but I don't really like the idea of only being able to utilize that XP _**if**_ you've unlocked the ability to use 6/7, whether or not you have enough XP to fill the bar.
: well you'll only increase the cap, if you dont have the XP you still only get mastery 5... so you need to play the games
Yes, but in order to **_use_** the XP you've earned, you have to **_also_** unlock the level separately with shards.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
If this is the design you guys are ultimately going for, I like that you've planned to make champion shards available for IP in at least one way. However, I don't entirely agree with the design choice of being able to _**purchase**_ champion mastery levels (albeit indirectly). When the champion mastery system first debuted, and client/video assets for levels 6 & 7 were added to the PBE shortly after, I was really pumped to be able to show just how much experience I had on my favorite champions. What made the system so uniquely **_cool_** in my mind was that in order to obtain that shiny level 5 badge (or beyond), you had to **_earn_** it by playing enough games and putting in the time. Whenever you see someone flash their emote in game, you know for certain that they at least put in the time, effort, and experience necessary to level up that champion. Seeing four badges next to your teammates in a loading screen is one of the most reassuring things in the game, because it lets you know that your teammates probably know what they're doing. Though one might argue that purchasing champion mastery levels for shards simply "allows players to earn rewards through a different method," in reality it detracts from what makes the champion mastery system so special, by changing it from an absolute measurement of experience on a champion to something purchasable. In my opinion, if a player has enough mastery points to fulfill the requirements for level 6 or 7, then they've earned it. They shouldn't have to unlock the level separately just in order to be able to _use_ it. I can't think of an alternative rewards system for players that have unlocked all champions right now, but I hope this post makes some sense.
: Misplaced visual ground indicator
Is this at all related to the Z-fighting issue that's been happening on live with Kindred's W?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Prehistoric Anivia, Cho'Gath & Renekton!
Might I ask who designed the Anivia skin? Loving the look of it, and the particles as though they'll actually match decently for a 750 skin! Also, I've been wondering: Why the sudden increase in 750 RP skins, and why are they always in trios? I think that the group splashes look pretty cool, but I kind of miss having separate splashes per skin, especially when these recent ones have been so awesome.
: 5 DJ sona problems
We already know that Ctrl+5 interrupts abilities. ***this has been stated that it has a channel time, and therefore will do those things. read the official post before you complain about what is not a bug.***
: Dj Sona stance music
Same, can confirm. Really annoying bug, hope this one gets fixed.
Rioter Comments
: How would you improve it?
Personally, if I were to alter its appearance, I would give it some indication of it being related to Season IV, in the same way that the Season III Championship ward skin had a nice, big "III" in the middle. Another thing I might try changing would be the small diamond-shaped crystal in the center of the ward. I would either change it to a "IV" symbol, to represent Season IV, or maybe enlarge and brighten it in a way that draws attention to the centerpiece of the ward skin. I love the way this one looks and sounds, but it just feels slightly lackluster when compared to its predecessor. Hope this was helpful in some way!
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
> Our goal is never to take something away from our characters. Building on this note, what is one way you guys working on this project decide what details on a champion to keep, what to omit, and what to highlight? What are the hardest challenges in doing this?
: I can't really speak to this, sorry. I don't really know. :D
Ah well. Thanks for answering my questions anyway!
: We're planning to! I think he could use a little love. Edit: I mean in the rebalancing sense. Again, this isn't a ChampUp project. <3
Aw yiss! One more question: I seem to recall a Rioter mentioning a color-matching update to his particles, namely between splashes and in-game (I.e. Shadow Prince). Is this a possibility?
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
> We're talking just about every champion and skin released before 2013 (with a few outliers) What would an example of one of these outliers be? Just a particular post-2013 champ? I'm curious as to how this will be accepted by the community.
: Surprisingly, no! Only a few megabytes per patch.
Will Malzy be getting any love?
: Xerath bug Basic/Auto Attacks
I've had the same issue appear for me. {{champion:101}} will either attempt to autoattack (run the animation with no projectile, damage, passive activation) or will just stand in place stupidly doing nothing, despite numerous relogs, target switches, and deaths.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
**Somewhat frustrating bug to report: ** Xerath's autoattacks either only work sometimes, or not at all. You can click on a minion, champion, structure, or jungle creep, and 1 of 2 things will happen: 1. Xerath will run his autoattack animation, but no particle will be fired, and no effects (i.e. his passive) will be activated. 2. Xerath will stand still and no attack or animation will happen. No amount of switching targets or relogging will fix said problem.


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