: Ping in some games are significantly higher than others
Server is loaded because of Friday night, weekend is here. That must be why! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Same, I've just presumed it's due to it being around 5-6:30 PST meaning a bunch more NA players jumping on PBE and it's also then morning in China where so many have bought (obviously there are genuine ones too) accounts etc. So I presume it's just because of the daily flow of player numbers on the server, although until they brought TFT out on PBE I never had this problem on PBE. I also live in the UK so GMT here. If I am right then I hope that sheds some light on it for you.
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Clearly that must be the reason why the ping spikes around that time. I just finished a game now and it's totally back to normal. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali
I think that this skin is absolutely gorgeous. It'll be an instabuy for me. Although, there some things that I would like to address. Passive ring: I don't know, but it looks blurry and cheap, not very clear or sharp. I like the color though, but it need to look more vibrant, more shiny, just like the Blood Moon one. Q animation: I think it will be great to have a special sound for the healing effect. Recall animation: The only problem I noticed is toward the end of it, it's like a glitch where she just stands still. Is that intentional or are you still working on it?
: You are half right half not... High noon ressembless wild west... If you ever watched movies,read books sometimes there are people on fire,like ghost rider. But the urgot skin looks like battlecast urgot for me...
You are right, I get the part of Wild west stories and the ghost rider vibes. But the infernal part of the skins kinda ruined it for me!
: I agree. They're good skins, but they're not good High Noon skins. Compare them to high noon yasuo/TF/jhin and it's like they're in a completely different world. They should be named something other than High Noon.
Exactly! Infernal or Nightbringer would be more accurate.
: Can anyone explain how dumb you are.
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: I hope it doesn't have bans. It's supposed to be a for fun bloodbath not a tryhard game mode. Besides especially in a game mode like this, even if you ban 10 champions all that happens is the next 10 obnoxious champions will show up.
In this mode so far, the only two champions that need to be banned are Yi and Fizz. And Yi players are the definition of try-hard. Zed, Talon, LeBlanc, Kha'zix have abilities that they have to time to kill more than one person and they have no resets. The abomination of Yi just right-clicks everyone non-stop. I don't know if you are playing the same game with us, but clearly you're missing something here.
: I understand your point, but its just not my opinion. I prefer bans.
Give me 10 Zeds/Yasuos or 10 Zoes/Katarinas, I prefer being demolished by a skilled assassin or mage than by a brain-dead champion who just right-click you and your whole team to death (I don't wanna play hard CC champs like Rammus or Lulu). Just get Yi and the hell away from my games. That champ is busted, 2 items and he starts one-shoting every body. It's not a coincidence that he is so used in boosting strategies. Clearly this dude, has never faced a Master Yi that knows what he is doing.
: You can also take Rammus
I thought of it, I could go Rammus or Lulu and make those Yi players die every time they engage. But, I am not a party pooper, I am here to have and play fun, light champs with outplay potential, not right-click brain-dead ones.
: LOL this is actually awesome!!! I was the yi during the game we played, it was nice playing against you! xD
Shame on you again. Lol xD Let's see you play another champ other than Yi next time! :D
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: The wait time isnt there anymore!!! you can log in normally now! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Thanks a lot. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: People who's waiting to log in.
I lauched an ARAM game just to test because SR didn't work for me. But now I am over 90 mins queue and can't quit this queue. What should I do? I don't wanna close the client then wait 6 hours to log in again. Any solutions? Thanks.


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