: On a side note: Did you forget about Irelia? Her Q resets its cooldown completely whenever she last-hits an enemy with it, or would it look annoying considering she resets it a lot in combat?
That's a bug, it should be on for her! We're fixin' it. I've playtested with it and it actually feels pretty satisfying, not large enough to be annoying.
: ***WARNING: LONG POST*** First of all, I never knew {{champion:28}} had a reset.. TIL Think you left out {{champion:84}} R, {{champion:1}} Q and {{champion:105}} W on kill resets. (maybe some more but can't think of any on top of my head) For the {{champion:11}} conundrum: If these are limited to full resets only, How come {{champion:55}} R is on here? , getting one reset and 15 seconds off a Level 16 45%CDR Kat ult should leave it at around 10 seconds on CD, I think the limitation should be altered a little where if the partial reset will bring the ability back off CD it should do the animation. --- But truthfully, I think this looks really neat! My suggestion is that the same animation should be played on transformation/evolving champs, with the new abilities' icons replacing on top of the old ones, which IMO would look really cool! --- **Forms/Evolving** {{champion:60}}: QWER, Human/Spider {{champion:150}}: QWER, Mini/Mega {{champion:126}}: QWER, Cannon/Hammer {{champion:76}}: QWER, Human/Cougar {{champion:240}}: Q,Mounted/Dismounted {{champion:141}}: QWER,Base Kayn/Darkin/Shadow Assassin (Is it possible that this animation plays on champ portrait too?) {{champion:121}}: QWER,Evolved Abilty {{champion:421}}: QWE, Unburrowed/Burrowed {{champion:14}}: QWER, upon entering zombie mode where all his abilities become Death Surge {{champion:112}}: QWER, Evolved Ability Kai'Sa: QWE, Evolved Ability ^the portrait is not on here yet and will show Zyra instead{{sticker:sg-janna}} removed for confusion And what about on empowered abilities... {{champion:74}}: QWE, Upgrade {{champion:43}}: QWE, Mantra {{champion:107}}: QWE, Full Ferocity {{champion:7}}: QWER, Mimic and (more farfetched/not sure if possible but would look cool) when an ability reaches their final form... {{champion:164}}: Q2 could use this as well (on the true damage version only not on the normal one) {{champion:202}}: R, 4th Bullet {{champion:50}}: R, when Demonic Ascension becomes available to recast as Demon Flare {{champion:157}}: Q3, Tornado {{champion:82}}: Q3 Or situations where they give alternative effect? {{champion:83}}: Q with 3 Graves --- **Items** Not sure if they have any animation live in game (I know they do in spectator mode) but when {{item:2419}} comes online, and {{item:3003}} and {{item:3004}} transforms into {{item:3040}} and {{item:3042}}. As well as on the new reworked support items {{item:3311}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3097}} when they gain the sightstone effect on quest completion. --- Thanks for reading! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey! Thanks for putting so much effort into this post, I appreciate it :) (formatting is great btw) WheelChair Racer already answered for Akali/Annie/Fizz. The "Transforming Champions" application is really cool! However, I think it misplaces the UX importance here - this flair is meant to show that the player **fulfilled a condition**, and **got the instant reset** because they did it (both a reward and a reinforcement). For it to play on all of those champions would be technically strange, as those cooldowns aren't literally reset, and also wouldn't involve that reinforcement of "fulfill condition" and "get reset." **Zyra W is missing and we'll add her!** Same logic for Heimerdinger. Karma's a weird case - I feel that her CD reduction feels more "incremental" than "reset," so we'll probably leave it off her to start. Rengar's also a weird case - I think we'll leave it off of him, as it could be confusing when you reach full ferocity, "reset" all basic abilities, but then after using one they all go on cooldown. Same for LeBlanc. The Camille - Yorick, and Items suggestions are cool too! Like above, however, they're not meeting the goals for this flair. Thank you again!
: I barely play Karma, just wanted to make sure she wasn't forgotten. I partially want this reset visual to show up for every ability for every champ when its cooldown is over.
Gotcha, thanks! It's important to only play this for reset scenarios, so it's unique from abilities going off cooldown normally.
: It seems like a nice little aesthetic feature but one question for you if possible Have you guys considered if this is going to cause complications with players who have conditions like Photosensitive Epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing images? I don't have the condition myself but it's the first thing that came to mind when reading about this feature. Could there be a toggle option to turn these on and off at will?
Hey! I'm talking with someone right now about sensitivity to flashing images. I don't think it should be an issue, as it takes up such a small space on the screen. I'm unsure yet whether or not this needs a toggle; in my opinion it's small and only affects a subset of champions, and we don't need to clutter our options menu with a toggle for something like this.
: Is Karma's ultimate cooldown reduction off her attacks against champs not big enough? It's the same sort of thing as Kat's.
We had thought Karma's CD reduction on her Ultimate felt more "incremental" than "reset," so we left her out. How do you feel?
: You forgot Zyra W on takedowns
That's right! Thank you.
: Hello EdwinMols, I'm here today to share my experience with the new Z de draven reset system. I see that if our Z is not yet learned, we still see the small animation of the reset. One thing I do not find very logical. If we have not yet learned the skill, why show the reset? Here is a video I made to show you what I want to talk about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHxxJiS4NE4 Then, once we have learned the skill and we do not use, we also have the small reset animation. It is not logical. Here is a small video that shows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fokqGWgPuvw sorry for my english. I am French. I hope you understand my message. Cordialy, Cobra02
I understand you very well, thank you! Videos are awesome. Those are both bugs that we will fix.
: I'm just speculating, but I think because his Riot permissions were set up after the post had already been made.
: Hi ! you have forgot {{champion:11}} Yi (Q,E)
Oops! I left Yi off the list accidentally, but we are giving him this treatment.
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