: Hybrid runes dont work
The Lethality runes also show up as "?????" in the rune pages and don't appear in the Statistics section of the rune page. Also, while the Lethality quint shows a tooltip when hovering over one, the Lethality mark does not. These bugs are on the old client.
: Disable Karthus on Doom Bots?
I think adding about 2-3 seconds to Karthus's death timer would balance him. This way he can't mindlessly suicide into Teemo or the bots as much, which reduces the overall damage he does. Speaking of damage, I have over 100k damage dealt to champs with Karthus from this game on level 92: http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/70149144/2200008953?tab=stats
: Insight mastery doesn't work in Doom Bots
Fixed in the 10/11 update - Flash CD from 150 to 128.
: Summoner Spell reductions don't stack. This effect still remains true in gamemodes such as URF and ARAM.
The Insight mastery definitely works in ARAM. Flash CD w/ Insight: 153 Flash CD without: 180
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: Doom Bots -- Which Champions have YOU found good?
* Brand - Consistent % max health dmg, easy kills on bots with ult * Karthus - High DPS on Teemo * Syndra/Lux/Vel'koz/Ziggs - Good damage, CC, and range
: [Bug] Cassiopia bot - didn't buy any items
Experiencing this bug too when using Cassiopeia Bot in custom games.
: Health relics - they path and hit you like minions.
Happened when I tried with Rammus too. They show as Invulnerable when I tried to damage with Rammus ult, and I was able to reduce their dmg with defensive ball curl.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Doom 2 bomb and 5 bomb become locked after every PBE update, even though I previously unlocked them by winning on each previous difficulty. Today the 2nd Doom level (2 bomb) unlocked for me even though I lost a game on 1 bomb difficulty. Banshee's Veil doesn't seem to block the Dark Binding spawned from Doom Morgana's Tormented Soil - is this intended?
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: All-Stars testing: Showdown, Hexakill & U.R.F.
Is Crystalline Flask disabled on Showdown? I remember the last time Showdown was available, you were able to buy it.
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: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
Trundle/Irelia vs Garen bot/Darius bot in top lane * Both bots move back and forth a lot, occasionally using skills * Darius bot doesn't follow up with other skills after pulling * Garen bot uses e while retreating Vi vs Irelia/Renekton bots top lane * Irelia did a bad towerdive when we were both 2 and ended up killing herself from tower aggro + vi q + ignite. Renekton didn't help her towerdive. * Renekton used w on a minion when i'm chasing him and about to kill him. Also sometimes the bots seem to get stuck next to their inhib or around their nexus towers.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
Some comments after playing a few bot games on Intermediate: * Bots grouped bot lane even though they were losing towers/inhibs in other lanes. * They move back and forth a lot without doing anything. * Bots tower dive acceptably, but could still use improvement. * I liked how they position aggressively to zone defenders when pushing a tower as a group, but they should move back and forth less and attack the tower more. Difficulty wise, I think the bots (in their current wonky, unpolished form) are about the same compared to Live. Specifically when I played 2v1 top lane, the bots didn't autoattack the wave in order to deny me cs. And when the wave did get to my tower, they dove me. In comparison, on Live, the bots aa the wave to push it to your tower, where you can easily get cs; they also hit you with a skill to attract tower aggro, but don't really dive you.
: You should see a home button in the middle of your screen when you're in the shop or whatever. That'll send you back to the team builder lobby.
Sorry. I meant to say when your team is waiting to be paired up with another team. The home button isn't there in that case.
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: [Store] - Champion headings duplicating when sorting skins by Champion
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: One For All Enabled On PBE!
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