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: With the new AP items, Lux's E NEEDS to change ASAP
....Just buy archangels, the changes made it incredibly strong.
: New Liandrys + Rylais Mordekaiser R interaction.
Buy adaptive helm...Squishies still have 1 slot for situational. Going full glass cannon every single time is foolish.
: Mana for DoT mages pls!
Then buy a mana item before going into them...It's not rocket science....
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: Project Jhin's ult should be more epic.
I'm done, I need to sit down. I seen "Wouldn't it be cool if his ult sent nipples" I'm laughing so hard right now.
: Do **NOT** use her water form. It is crashing the game (mainly the recall).
Water such an op element that not even the summoner client could handle it lol.
: Precision: The Perfect
It's the weakest of the damage keystones, there's no issue with the vulnerability lasting some time.
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: Arcane Comet feedback
It was a good rune until they nerfed the CD... Before you could get it off quite a few times with DFT champs and reliably have it every fight. Hope they give it multiple charges...
: Tbh i was never even a fan of DFT. Lol
DFT was just an enabler for silent dmg rack up for cassi/malz/brand/swain and a few others. It was garbage unless you could apply it constantly to the entire team since most situations didn't let you keep it applied on only one target unless you were brand. But comet enables DFT champs to perform still, It might be inconsistent but the recent change makes it soooooo much better since it can recast several times. Only thing is as you said they need to rework the visuals it's now completely solid except for it's visuals which can cause issues for multiple procs of it.
: I dont know maybe you just had luck i waited 8 months
I might've been more lucky than I even knew... Jesus I didn't know PBE was in so much demand, I thought it was just something you could participate in if you wanted to.... Cause I literally just signed up and a while later got an account and was like "that's pretty cool now I can try sometime", Logged in, but then I felt disenhearted that I was level 1....then saw one day think it was during the first role update a youtuber brought up that the pbe account starts at level 30 and was like "wtf", went back to try saw my acc was lvl 30 and celebrated oh happy day. Only to log in occasionally to try out stuff. Edit: Wait why did I bring up the story of my pbe acc....
: Are you serious riot games?
? Waiting for months/years? Weird I signed up years ago and got an account in practically the same day, I didn't know people had to wait years for one...
: Quick rune thoughts.
Opinion 3: Yea I could get behind a visual rework of it, as long as it has the same exact delay it has now (The delay is the only thing keeping them from reverting the previous buff which put it in the proper spot of replacing DFT)
: New press the attack is so weak
They need to remove the CD, it's trash until that CD is removed. After that they can increase the amount of hits needed but that CD has got to go.
: Yeah I think I underestimated how good it would be in lane. Playing against feels like playing against a shorter CD thunderlords for auto-attackers. That being said, I feel like it has no place on on-hit champs. It seems like more of a range/burst tool now.
Yea the CD is the only thing keeping it back, it's a lot better than fervor if not for that ridiculous CD making it essentially a horrible TLD/electrocute whichever it's called.
: The CD is the only thing that makes it balanced.
Like I said, remove the CD and tone down the damage/increase the amount of hits needed to proc if needed. Right now it's trash.
: Actually DFT has a major damage difference even in single target applications. In terms of damage it was comparable to thunderlords on a single proc, massively out damaged it if you kept procing it, and became far stronger than other options when it came to applying it to multiple targets. For comet to even compare you'd need a stupidly low cooldown, like 1.5 seconds or something, and the range would need to be high enough to beable to consistently hit multiple people.
Regardless the main appeal of DFT was appliance and ramp up vs the entire enemy team. And current comet MORE THAN fills DFT's spot EASILY.
: DFT's total damage is MASSIVELY higher than comet and can be applied to several champions. The damage potential is just not comparable.
DFT gains that damage from appliance to majority of the team consistently. If Comet's CD were much lower it would easily match it reasonably with how unreliable it is to land.
: So is there going to be a DFT keystone added?
All they gotta do is lower comet's CD and it would be a proper replacement, but atm they're letting DFT champs just release and will address it later... I'd even take summon aerie if they'd fix it's return time to 2 seconds level 1 to 0.5 or 1 second at level 18
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: While I think you are trying to help, that's not how the keystone works. What it does is you hit them three times, they take some damage, then they have "expose weakness" on them for 6 seconds. During that time you CANNOT proc the damage again (which is adaptive not true). So it is not an on hit ability at all. Even at 2.5 atk speed you can proc it at most once every 7.2 seconds. I had the same thought as you upon reading it, but I tested it, and it really does suck as a damage keystone.
I added "The only thing I dislike is the CD" And I probably noted the surrender@20 notes hence why I accidentally put true damage.
: Press the Attack is now like Expose Weakness. Why though?
It's far better. 180 true every 3 AAs+12% AMP(Deal 200-300 damage per AA is 24-36 Bonus and that's just AAs excluding abilities and allies >>>>>>>>> 192 every 3 AAs after 8(4 for melee) AAs, which is still mitigated by Armor, and it's not just exclusive to AD champs anymore It is better for low end AS type AA'ers, while high End AA'ers have lethal tempo. Only thing about Fervor is it slightly scales abilities, but 12% amp is far far more valuable than it scaling AD abilities. It's just overall flat out better. Honestly even bruisers would get more use out of it than fervor of battle. Adcs would probably take it the most due to AoE application The only thing I dislike is the CD it has.
: Possible way to have 2+ keystones on PBE?
I mean it's not like they aren't going to place back runes next cycle or anything...
: New Leveling System
I mean it's not like there's an elo system or anything....
: Runes Base Stat Adjustment Feedback
With stuff like that, I always look at what can be changed later. Things releasing slightly under/over tuned is something which can be changed later. Right now I'd more focus on things that aren't "slight" but more obvious and apparent. Cause thankfully rito isn't stopping patching anytime soon (Probably not for years minimally) so I don't think things releasing slightly less than perfect is better than things releasing which obviously needed fixing. Hopefully along with them watching DFT champs, they'll pay close attention to how all champs are in the early stages of a game since there are some who needed extremely specific setups to even function early.
: Creating Rune page bug
Have to relog when that happens. And I don't THINK currently, it can support more than 9 player made rune pages.
: Nullifying Orb not working?
Think there's a bug where once you die once it stops working for the rest of the game.
: Aery rune bug
There's also a bug where once it returns it interrupts your current attack command.
: Beekeeper Singed Delay
: I played a game where I was Ziggs with Aerie and the enemy was Oriana with Comet. Early game she was doing a lot more, but once I got boots and I learned to keep moving once she hit me it almost ever hit. End of the game I did a lot more then her with my Keystone (and for some reason also had blocked damage from the shield that Im not sure where I got)
And that's without the return time being fixed for ranged units, cause you can't kite while aerie is returning atm. or if you have to dodge something like hell aerie can't keep up. Not to mention the bug where once aerie returns she cancels your AA which can mess up CS'ing. Those 2 issues are fixed, aerie>>>>>>>>>>>comet than it already is.
: Suffering at the moment seems like the only thing to do now. But hey, the new runes aren't out yet. Still time to talk about it, possibly see if some changes can be made before it fully ships
I wish they'd be open to talking, they already acknowledged DFT hasn't been properly replaced and they're waiting for live before they compensate DFT champs :c
: The new 3-hit condition for proccing it is much stronger than the old one for most champions. Even champions like Talon who took it before AND do big damage have an easier time, especially in the early game. And that doesn't even count champs like Darius and Singed who now have access to this rune reliably. While 15% is probably too little early game, its still a pretty good rune.
Don't be remotely fooled, proc'ing it by 30% HP was FAR easier than this new way. Eletrocute is fine but Phase rush is horrible to proc.... Singed likes colossus a ton more which guardian fufils, darius either undying or press the attack. But new phase rush is trash, champs used that poke to get in range to land hits, if they could land 3 hits consistently they wouldn't be taking stormraiders.
: No, definitely the wording. And no it's a stupid keystone. Junglers would get infinitely more usage out of any other combination. Summoner CD for ghost which is actually better because it'd have a significantly reduced CD and doesn't actually stop the effect when you enter combat. Ghost and Electrocute or Dark Harvest if you want movement speed + damage. Righteous Glory + Damage. And the movement speed isn't particularly good in alot of cases. Normally it only works if you're actually stacking it with other forms of movement speed, and junglers like Hec and rammus don't need it to get to people in the first place. All it's accomplishing is 1 situation every 3 minutes where you run hilariously fast.
Can confirm, would 100 times over take dark harvest over predator and just take ghost for my damage type junglers. Even hecarim who you'd think would love the "free" movement speed. That crap is WAY too punishing. If it worked like ghost but at a 90-60 second cooldown it would be good but for that little damage, too risky of being interrupted even by yourself and no refund for failing it? AND IT'S A KEYSTONE so having such a ridiculous CD even if you successfully use it is meaningless. I get far more value from just taking ghost and dark harvest. And while I do think the active item runes can affect it...............there just isn't point in a damage jungler only banking on mid-late game usage of a speed advantage because at that point people will have more reliable ways to outspeed yoi. Predator is a good idea but they put way too much restrictions on it on first release.
: Aurelion Sol and Runes Reforged
They just need to lower the level 18 CD on the comet and fix "Summon Aerie" return time down to 2-1 second at level 1-9 heck I'll even take a 1 second return time at level 18. Then you'd 100% have runes to use. All I can say atm, you gotta just "suffer" as most DFT users will, using the extremely under powered comet or the horrible return time summon aerie has for ranged units.(Oh and the return time only gets WORSE when you're trying to kite, I forgot to add).
: I mean if they didnt not place % dmd on ult, but just fine scalings - you could be able to use it whenever you want to without wasting dmg and she wont become less healthy
But you can use it whenever you want to, you're placing your own restriction on it. There's been plenty situations where I've used abilities less optimally to succeed. It's up to the players to assess the situation for their own benefit. And what after they were to remove the below 30% hp damage for 2x overall damage? They'll immediately nerf it even further and it'll still as current be useful for just entering an area. Ulti doesn't do anything worth writing home about for you to EXCLUSIVELY use it just for an execution, 2x damage is a joke compared to actually being able to stick onto a target just for 1x dmg or even when it isn't used for damage. The only thing that would happen is they'll hard nerf her ulti to compensate your suggestion which they absolutely shouldn't have to since it's fine where it is currently. And I already know she wouldn't be less healthy because your suggestion will kill her power.
: grasp is garbage, nobody should take it if they're looking to trade cos every other tree except inspiration has a keystone that'll work much better for them in that case. Also consider; being FORCED to trade constantly sets you up for playing very aggressively, which means you are very liable to being ganked over 5 hp. If you're going to play _smart_ then you aren't going to get nearly as much HP as people are advertising. Grasp should've been reworked to something that'd actually be appealing given its pathetic numbers. Something like making its charge-up shorter the more you proc it in succession, or letting the procs be AOE like originally advertised. Nothing I see in the resolve tree is something I feel inclined to take on a Juggernaut, one of the 2 classes meant to opt heavy into tank items. Even with the full-tank ones like Voli and Mundo I'm probably going to look for another tree to take.
Grasp doesn't remotely need anything else, all they've done from live's grasp is add additional Perma hp scaling on it. Still adds onto sustain with early dueling power as it always done. But now that it also grants free hp with it. You're able to get additional free stats while staying in the lane to carry through the early game on top of the sustain. It's only because it's more of the same, that's the only reason you don't think it's good. As for "being forced to trade", that's completely untrue proper wave management and playing normally is perfectly fine to get value, if it's forcing you to do anything you just aren't understanding it in the slightest. It's EXACTLY the same as live with a slight bonus effect, literally nothing has changed which is why it's so good. How much HP others advertise has nothing to do with it. You should NEVER approach scaling things on what their maximum potential or another's potential. It's fully decided by YOUR potential, I can actually tell minimally I'd consistently get 100-200 HP on sunfire tanks, 200-300 for darius. Due to how it just takes DoT to keep undying charged up, landing it 25 times minimally is easy with how trades go. if you keep dying due to picking bad trades and over extended, it's not for you because you're 100% focusing on the wrong things and would probably be better off with something else. However it isn't remotely bad in the slightest for the goal it provides. Could assume other trees make trading better but no other tree is as durable and thus tank champs going elsewhere will just cause them to get shut down heavily by the jungler's aggression if they were major users of undying/colossus. As for juggernauts, they fundamentally work differently than tanks since they're more agro magnet meat walls than huge CC disruption forces and thus going damage or defense is more than an option for them. Juggernauts are not "meant" to do anything mastery-wise, for example Morde/Illaoi/Udyr/Shyvanna/Nasus NONE of them dive for tank keystones but are "juggernauts". But all I really care about is my Cho/Darius/Ornn/Poppy/Sion all of which can thrive with use of it vs the other options top-side. Galio/Mao/Gragas/Sej/Zac are better off taking guardian since they were colossus users when top.
: Evelyns and some more thoughts on %hp dmg
They aren't telling you to always use it the way that it's made... Those who can think outside the box with their ability use will be a lot more successful, hell they even showcased just using ulti to get INTO range for the rest of her kit.... There is obviously an optimal situation but more than that there are multiple ways to use the kit.
: Dark harvest does a little too much damage
Only stackable off of cannon, players, or jungle camp. It's justified inf stacking since it's only useable for 20 seconds.
: resolve runes are horrible
Undying is worse how exactly? It's exactly where it should be, rewards trading but not an overbearing amount. it's an overall buff and great one at that. It's perfectly fine staying where it's at. They've only buffed it by additionally giving perm HP too, doesn't need anything else. Aftershock is not as good as colossus or guardian tbh, I'd rather take a large shield over just resistances for 2.5 seconds. It's basically useless for hard engages cause champs who hard engage and would take it, probably have CC Chains which last more than 2.5 seconds and it's quite frankly useless if you're low on HP since you'll have no HP to scale those resistances. Grasp of Undying>>>>>>>>>>Aftershock. Only place aftershock might be decent is jungle, but I'd rather take Guardian due to better defense for safer ganking, ability to protect allies and speed them up in certain scenarios. Demolish is great for tanks who could win lane but still had a chance to lose turret if the enemy laner is a damage champ since they couldn't even remotely damage turrets. Now tanks can actually threaten turrets when the enemy wants to back at the wrong time or die. Now font of life, it's BS that they didn't make it Heal Over Time, so it's only useful with high AS allies as said, they needa change that severely. Now for the Third Row, I hope riot changes the first 2 runes as well. I pray and hope they don't do something stupid like make conditioning available at the 20min mark instead, I'd rather them make better runes rather than nerf one in a good spot. Last but not least the final row, Overgrowth is good actually since being near 160 minions=8% max hp, it's up to you to actually pay attention to how much minions you consistently see per game. But it's horrible as hell for a jungler, getting near that much CS takes far too long since unlike laners you have to actually kill the units yourself not just stay near their death. Overgrowth is for laners and supports, revitalize is only for supports imo not worth it unless you're a utility support who can go a tad bit in the tree. Lastly Second Wind is a god sent pre-built doran shield, the idea is great just gotta see how it performs on live where people actually know how to poke.
: I noticed this too while using Aerie. Pretty irritating missing some CS.
I forgot to include that situation too, cause I was wondering sometimes why I didn't secure some CS.
: Thing about Comet is that it works "Ok" early game before people get boots but after that it just does not hit reliably. Unless you are a champ with a good built in slow or Root (Lux) who can really dominate with it at all stages of the game.
As far as I'm concerned summon aerie is far better than comet all stages of the game regardless of which champ. Especially if they fix it's return time for ranged units who are kiting.
: Please dont let adcs go live like this
Whut? Ezreal isn't OP :c But I like my 22 lethality and so much free items I can start with tear components and get free pots to lane with. EzBank FTW. Although MF got the short end of the stick since the only keystone that enables her regular playstyle is dark harvest.....
: Glacial slows on AA and fires a beam when you slow with an active item.
But wouldn't it be redundant if you're already using hextech items? Think that active item CDR rune would be better vs it, although I havn't looked at glacial CD.
: I haven't tried yet, but I guess these would somewhat be okay. 1) Glacial Augment -Rush {{item:3030}} or {{item:3146}} 2) Electrocute 3) Phase Rush
Glacial you have to AA if I remember. And It's hard for malz to proc either electrocute or phase because it has to be 3 UNIQUE spells or attacks, and malz tends to only land 2 spells, rarely 3 (Before E counted as 2 different hits, and Ulti could solo proc TLD)
: My issue with Dark Harvest is that it can't proc often enough for it to be considered useful :/
Ikr, Hopefully they fix arcane comet instead of releasing it in it's current state, because it does have potential for every DFT user since their focus is Large AoE damage spread out across multiple target.
: Setup on Malzahar
Yea their idea for DFT champs was the arcane comet, however it's far too lackluster and no liability period from it. If Comet has a lower CD and larger AoE effect I think it would be a fine DFT replacement. As for the moment all I can see for DFT might be dark harvest just to pseudo fill the void left :/
: Thoughts on Aerie as a Support
I wish you had TWO different aerie one who was offense and one who was defense, I dislike that you gotta wait for it before it swaps use :/
: Why would you NOT take Press the Attack with Jihn or MF?
Because it's bad on Jhin, and MF is more of an AD caster not an AS focused carry or else I'd be using jinx/twitch etc. Moment you try to get stacks going with press the attack you're much less likely to get off ulti properly and bursted before use. However I will be trying dark harvest as others have stated for MF, as for Jhin I'll try Lethal Tempo AFTER the bug is fixed.
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