: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
I have one very small but very real piece of feedback about Bewitching Morgana.. I know it's not a HUGE deal but in her previous (technically current live recall), a frog comes through a portal and Morgana throws it into her cauldron, as seen here: https://youtu.be/7urngkHVxSQ?t=45 This frog actually comes from Darkstar Thresh as in Threshs skin, his joke (? I think it's his joke) is that the frog gets sucked into his lantern, a dark portal, as seen here: https://youtu.be/MyGRmK6vyoQ?t=25 I always loved this little interaction and sort of wink to the audience that they were connected.. But with the new Bewitching Morgana on PBE, the frog just appears from under her dress, as seen here: https://youtu.be/pRq51EuGU0o I'd REALLY love it if the small interaction with the frog coming through the portal could remain and be edited back onto Bewitching Morg on PBE! I know this isn't game breaking and most people probably didn't even know about the interaction or realise that the recall is slightly different but I've always known about it and would love it if it could remain the same, at least in the sense of the frog coming through the portal. I like the addition of her dropping her potion bottle to pick up the frog instead but please add back the frog coming through the portal!
: When I played on PBE I didn't even see pink wards to buy
> [{quoted}](name=SoundChaosDebug,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EhdvpIEi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-19T03:35:36.616+0000) > > When I played on PBE I didn't even see pink wards to buy Ah, maybe control wards are replacing pink wards entirely then
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: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I haven't played around with Talon much on live so I can't give much feedback for comparison but I will answer two of the questions asked until I've played around with him a bit more: _**Anything at all about the new E. Is it fun? Difficult to use? Does it suit Talon? Bugs?**_ Talon's new E is definitely fun and allows him to roam quicker, easier and a lot more. His new E allows him to bypass wards if used over the right parts of terrain and while having correct knowledge of where wards are placed. With the new E his gank potential (from roaming, not jungling) is actually very high and threatening if the enemy isn't prepared. I definitely like this ability for Talon, I think it suits him a lot and is very easy to use. I have not found any bugs as of yet but it does feel a bit clunky when jumping over alive turrets - it still works as intended, just doesn't feel as smooth as other jumps.. It may have something to do with the turret being so tall? I'm not really sure. _**With his new but different set of mobility tools, do you feel able to get on your desired target?**_ Getting onto a target is a bit difficult due to the low range of his Q (even when using at max range), not to mention that you no longer appear behind a target nor do you slow the target in any way (you will always need your W for that - ideally landing it both on the way out and back in). Skirmishing pre-6 against a ranged opponent is difficult but not impossible, you still do enough damage to equally trade if done correctly. However, when roaming as Talon, if you can find an enemy close to terrain it's definitely easy to stick onto them from there. I find in lane it is a bit harder to stick to a target, but out of lane it's a lot easier due to his new E.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Hi there, I just now played around with Kat and am really impressed with how smooth she's running so far. Getting her combo down is definitely a lot more difficult but feels a lot more rewarding when actually pulling it off. I can definitely confirm that you need to play "aggressive" earlier in lane in order to get cs and generally push the wave - I found Q, W, E'ing to Q dagger then E'ing back to W dagger as the most efficient way to combo in lane pre-6. I'd also like to add that I like that her E reset isn't instant when "collecting" Q and W daggers, so it allows for counter play by the enemy rather than Kat jumping in and jumping out. Positioning will be very important on Kat now rather than her just being a clean up champion. The decaying movement speed is a nice compensation as well for not having an instant reset on E. I don't have any specific questions but just wanted to give some generic feedback.


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