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: Yuumi needs nerf on URF
I had a yuumi + leona (tank) she was unkillable. we couldnt get her health below 50% almost ever and yuumi was the one doing all the damage.
: URF is gone?
Wouldn't be surprised if they turned it off due to it being released next Monday.
: there is a reason why the None ban is the none ban. Because the person doesnt want to ban any champ. use ur head pls.
Not until you use yours first. Darn guess I'll never get to use mine now.
: Unless we make [this]( happen. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
This here would be amazing why can the rest of us not see it? is there a private beta environment?
: Nerf on Zhonyas?
Agreed Zhonyas and Barrier definitely need to be nerf'd. Too many games I've been in have those 2 paired and it takes way too long to kill those players. I have been in a game with an Ekko as well with Zhonya's and Barrier combo and he would just Zhonya then Ult then barrier and convergence (W) combo and would be nearly unkillable. he finished with like 30/5 or some ridiculous high number.
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: These players are meeting the connection problem (maybe) so that they can't have a stable gameplay. You should sympathy for that. I still meeting that problem too {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
As I do sympathize that I do believe that people who have this connection issue should just stay off of PBE all together. Go play on a live server in your own region. Constantly disconnecting and hanging on that re-connection or struggling with ping issues isn't helping any, it just frustrates your teammates. Live servers are more stable and have multiple regions to meet with the demand of players worldwide.
: Queue not starting (players not ready)
Same and there's no one else in party with me.
: Highest ping ever
I just came across this just a minute ago. My whole team was affected by it during the last 45 seconds of game before our minions took their nexus. The other team was hit by it as well but not as badly as they were still able to control their champs and defend their base slightly.
: I think that the item makes him become OP, an example is an infinity-edge which is the most broken item in URF
lol riot should just remove that item and replace it with a nerf'd version called "definitely not infinity-edge" or "the finite edge".
: Please no
Pineapple with banana peppers makes it sweet and spicy which is the best combination. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: NEVER!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Putting meat on your pizza is 'omo'rotic, change my mind. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: Stuck in Pre-Match Launch Queue
Me and my team were able to carry out a long conversation about how pineapple DOES belong on pizza.
: Champions that Still Feel Over/Underpowered in ARURF
The only champ I feel is OP atm is Aatrox. I have come across a few who are unkillable even against 5 because they heal so much per swipe that even other OP champs cant handle him.
LOL dude you must have been dropped on your head as a child since you were the first one talking shit in this forum maybe you should follow your own advice you whiny little hoe.
: Toxic players, inters, trollers...etc
> [{quoted}](name=SilverShadow,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ryeWtQAN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-06T16:02:34.573+0000) > > Will Riot do anything about players that are verbally abusing someone, trolling, griefing? I think not. I sent a ticket to report 2 players who verbally abused me and my team and were very racist. They said that they will check out those players and thanked me for reporting them, though I doubt it they punished them, I think Riot really does not care how players act on PBE, they only care about us players to test new stuff. In URF game I just played I had Anivia who was trolling, placing walls so we can't move, no one said anything to her, nor she said something, she just started to troll. I'm sick of this players, how can they be so stupid to ruin fun of others. And at the end when I recalled to base, that Anivia player just started to place walls in fountain so we can't leave, this happened like 2-3 times when I had Anivia in my team. I swear I will dodge the game if I see someone have Anivia in my team. I had an Anivia do that to me in a game and got me killed so much and at the end of the game she was like "report him for feeding" like wtf. And they did but luckily nothing happened. I had also reported her but nothing happened either.
: Remove Sona's healing on URF = Good / But you'll ever remove WW bizarre healing on URF?
Either nerf everyone to be equal or buff everyone to be equal. Certain champs arent approachable unless you have an equally OP champ.
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: Riot has always said it would only last for that event, though. There are no bugs or misleadings going on and people (should) know what they were getting into. Aside from that, PBE isn’t really here to discuss whether something is monetarily worth it.
Really? Because being part of PBE I have been given surveys in the past about monetization. I think you are misinformed about all what PBE is.
: That would not be a bug on live though. Riot always said that the Golden Spatula Club would last *for the remainder of the event*. It was never permanent to begin with. This is likely why it no longer works on PBE as well.
So people spent about 20$ for a one time thing? Thats not going to go well and could possibly encourage people to stop spending money with riot.
: Unable to sign into PBE
I personally was finally able to sign in after 3 attempts but it seems they turned off all PVP modes as I am only able to select training with no ability to choose anything aside from "confirm", and it autos into tutorial. I'm sure Riot is working hard on fixing the multitude of these problems but they may need to shut the server down soon for some major maintenance.
Good hope it stays that way for you loser.
: Golden Spatula Club disappeared
I hope this doesn't stick for the live servers as people PAID to be in the golden spatula club. It would be a spit in the face from riot if they did. For the PBE i dont care as everything is free anyway and its just meant for testing.
: Did Riot move the PBE server back to LA?
Im glad if they did. I went back to my normal 39 ping instead of that horrid 90 ping.
: High Ping
Funny my ping dropped to 30 from 90 since last patch. Perhaps they moved server location.
: How amusing
This is less of a feature feedback and more of a reddit rant but I agree. Those people saying EZ were forced to wear the dunce cap in school and forgot to take it off and decided to wear it permanently
: Don't allow "Skin Boosts" when there is 10 seconds before the game starts
LOL I'm not going to lie I do this a lot because its funny to see people get crazy OVER A FREAKIN SKIN! It's PBE not live. We are not there to play your favorite skin we are here for testing. So if you are using a skin you don't own then its probably most likely a skin that hasn't been tested this patch therefor something that NEEDS to be tested. Also if you are downvoting this you shouldnt be on the PBE server PERIODT! because you dont know what PBE is for.
: ARURF Available for Testing!
Please ADD one of these: 1._**Add poison/fire in jungle for the first 5 minutes of the game and then periodically every Three to Five minutes forcing the jungler to actually gank.**_ * **Reason:** Too many games where there is a jungler who either 1. Does NOT gank until mid to late game, and flames the laner who went solo for feeding in a 1v2 lane. Or 2. Ganks once then dies and never ganks the lane again then rage quits and calls everyone bad with his/her 1/13 score and has the audacity to call us toxic....... 2._**Nerf Oracle lens, Shacos Decieve ability and especially Pyke's Ghost Water Dive **_ * **Reason:** The oracle basically makes Teemos ult useless and nerfing shaco's and pykes invisible abilities would also lesson the need for oracles. 3._**Delete dragon buff and in its place add a Doom Bot that shoots Ezreals ult in all directions from both dragon pond and baron pond. Also Ascend one random champ on both sides**_ * **Reason:** Because it sounds cool. Plus ARURF+Ascension+Doom Bots should have been a thing ages ago. OR add all 3 and call it _HavocARURF_
: May as well just make it ARAM, and _really_ force the game. No one is allowed to break meta, if they do they _should_ definitely be flamed and screamed at and be permanently banned !!1!1!111 /s
#SoDramatic lol i said for the first few minutes. not the whole game. those people who jungle are usually the same ones flaming the solo laner for feeding because he went 1v2 top and never got a gank from the jungler.
: [URF] Remove Smite from URF
Thats not going to stop people from farming jungle or non laning. they should just put poison in the jungle so no one can go in there the first 5-7 mins of game.
: URF Garen
The people complaining in this thread are ridiculous. You just want an easy win, **no-brain-required** champ that spins all day. He is still OP as long as you know how to build him. No longer get IEx4 like you are used to.
: MINIONS AI in Nexus Blitz
Same experience. I've noticed a minion or two get anxiety and walk back and forth not knowing what to do. It was very heart breaking. RIP little sad minion.
: huge client bugs after update / honor a player screen doesnt work properly + blank screen client
I may have a temporary workaround. Its worked for a few games. i went into settings and on the General tab i ticked the "Close client during game" option and Ive been able to bypass the whole logoff logon process after matches. Even the post honor system seems to work and after selecting play again I can continue in a lobby. No random blank screen. Maybe this will help some of you too.
: huge client bugs after update / honor a player screen doesnt work properly + blank screen client
I may have a temporary workaround. Its worked for a few games. i went into settings and on the General tab i ticked the "Close client during game" option and Ive been able to bypass the whole logoff logon process after matches. Even the post honor system seems to work and after selecting play again I can continue in a lobby. No random blank screen. Maybe this will help some of you too.
: also facing this have to restart client after every match
I have this too but now I have moakai skins while having jynx champion?
: i have all skins except those you said it and a few weeks ago i see one player playing with victorious morgana and he cant tell me how does he obtain that skin
If you saw Victorious Morgana in game and someone was using it in O4A they could have obtained it with skin boost as its possible if you own every skin.


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