: How can I sync my PBE to my main acc. (skins)
Hey catSQUID53, Your PBE and other accounts are totally separate - there is no syncing or transfers of data. You will need to repurchase content on PBE for testing on PBE.
: 54 Runes! [Rune page bug]
Yep, as Lunar mentioned I assume you did a naughty and purchased the bundle from the store multiple times. This screws your runes, but if you use the rune combiner you'll be able to fix it eventually. Just combine all the excess runes.
: 3 Sand Soldiers, instead of 2. ┬┐Azir Bug?
Don't believe it's a bug - you can summon as many as you want, the "2" limit is on how many you can have stored. Kinda like Teemo's shrooms, you can only hold 3 at a time, but can have a minefield planted :-P
: Summoners Rift Updates.. Erros
Lol yep came to post about this, the world's went mad...
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: [suggestion]Ping detector
This wouldn't be as difficult as some people seem to think - although it's true if a particular server is having issues you may experience higher ping to it, generally the route taken to each datacenter will be the same. All Riot needs to do is set a central location to ping on each datacenter and give you a value back - honestly very easily done, and there's batch files out there to do it already. I support this though, easy and nice to see! :-)
: PBE Down?
Thanks guys, I am indeed new to PBE. Do Riot post a list of patches/patch notes anywhere when this happens?
: PBE Down?
I can confirm it's showing as unavailable here too :-(
: 7.1 sound rly bad
Hey King of Jungle, I have a 7.1 virtual surround set (Plantronics Gamescon 780) and didn't notice this issue. Can you give more details as to your headset? Might help Riot pinpoint if it's with certain configurations!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
Hey folks, not sure if anyone has mentioned it but Miss Fortune's laugh on her ult is pretty much unhearable. Please bump this up - although I love the 8-bit sound effects, her laugh makes it clear when she's ulting and ya pretty much can't hear it at the moment. Still a damn awesome skin though =-D
: Arcade Miss Forune's laugh while ulting
Agree wholeheartedly, first thing I noticed when I used her ult was the lack of laugh audio - it's hard to hear, when normally it's a clear indicator of her ult. Up the laugh audio please! :-)
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: It happened to me with Anivia too http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/Pk3NZihx-anivia-auto-attack-flare
Here's a shot of it with Leona - too much flare! :-P Edit: worth mentioning it's only autoattacks showing it.


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