: Lane minions' life bar
I think this would be a nice QOL change for the game. I'd like to see the height of the bar above the champion to be even across the board. I'm looking at you Renekton.
: You aren't understanding it, but i'll get "past" this and get to the point. Testing is something that occurs on the PBE through playing. Through playing we will also form opinions and give feedback on content. Riot doesn't give us access to the PBE with the specific intention that we find bugs in the game. I can't believe I'm repeating myself again, but, > They want to keep the PBE as similar to live as possible, so that they are analogous as possible. Riot has said as much themselves, so regardless of your opinions, this is the reality of the situation. The speed with which a bug is reported is, and should be, proportional to its frequency and pervasiveness in realistic scenarios. If there is a bug that you don't notice easily in regular play, its not much of an issue, is it? Other people will eventually notice it as well, and it will be reported in due time. In all honesty, even with a custom game mode there would probably be very few instances where a bug was reported any sooner than it would have been otherwise. What happens if the one bug you happen to catch early only applies to the custom game mode in which you found it? A lot of wasted time. If a more custom game mode went to live as well, sure, fine, put it on the PBE. But it wont. Probably for pretty much the same reasons that featured game modes don't stick around for long. I don't need to explain why that happens, do I? I'd link to it, but past experiences tells me that would be a bad idea. > If Riot didn't have such a fucked up engine and coding Fine, there might be some truth to that. But as the saying goes, if if's and but's were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas. Look, my point is that we don't need to worry about things so much. We don't need to try as hard to find bugs, and we don't need Riot to make it easier for us to find bugs. Just play the game, man. Play the game and be satisfied with any bugs you can report or feedback you can provide.
> Just play the game, man. Play the game and be satisfied with any bugs you can report or feedback you can provide. I will say that most people will be completely fine with this. Most people come here to try the new skins and champions. That's totally ok. For some reason I feel like I have to do more. I'm definitely a minority, and it's probably why this won't ever be implemented due to this fact. But I love this game. I want to see it grow, and I want to be a part of it's success. For me, being content with just going with the flow isn't satisfying enough. Doing more for the game and ultimately the community is what keeps me going, and it's why I'll keep providing feedback on things I think will help improve the game. Even if it's overlooked, if it even helps a little, that's all I'm looking for.
: No need to be so defensive, dang. Don't get mad at me for something you didn't understand. The thread I linked is related to this one in that the idea is similar. Really similar, in fact... I'm not sure how you don't see that. A separate game mode, with convenience options and features, with the sole purpose of testing. And yes, I was referring to my comment, but also the comment mine was in reply to. Riot is not interested in things that wont be put into the live game. A PBE specific game mode for testing is NOT something that would EVER go live. You need to understand the difference between *might* not make it into the game, and *wont* make it into the game. You also need to understand why a game mode only found in the PBE is not a valid testing platform for the live servers. Finding a bug in that type of sandbox doesn't necessarily mean the same bug can be recreated in other modes (or the live server). That bug you found might be specific to the sandbox, in which case all you managed to do was find something that Riot needs waste their time on to fix, but that wont improve the live game in anyway. That is why it is a waste of their time. That is why it is not a valid test platform. That is why it wont happen.
> No need to be so defensive, dang. Don't get mad at me for something you didn't understand. I think it has more to do with the fact that the reply sounds like you are angry at something and you're talking in a frustrated sort of matter. Like, you just basically passively told someone they were dumb by not understanding what you really meant. His reply wasn't that nice either though. I didn't mean any harm by my original post. I'm wanting to try and help Riot. I'm sorry if you're angry I didn't realize that they weren't going to ever put this in, or why. It would be nicer to educate us about these matters instead of scolding us on our lack of knowledge. I've just never seen Riot make an official statement on this. The thing is, Riot already has a sandbox mode they use to showcase new things. They used it in their video showing us a preview of the new summoner's rift. Tryndamere had as much gold as he wanted, and did not have to start level 1 to walk around and show us the new monster animations and timers. It looked like heaven :) I don't want a new game mode either. :D I just want "Custom" games to actually be custom. I'm not sure if "custom" games have their own set of bugs separate from any of the other queue's, or if changing things would mean existing bugs would get their code changed and fixing them in this mode would be the same code change in the live server. Here is what I do know. I literally spent hours in a custom game leveling, grinding, and restarting games to figure out why Thresh's Flay did not knock back opponents sometimes. I had to farm minions in lane, level up Q and E to a point where the cool-down was low enough to do it over and over and over. I had to get last hits to get gold so that I could buy enough mana regen and CDR to do the Q-E combo enough times in enough situations that the bug finally resurfaced it's self. I ran out of mana so many times. Even with blue buff and Athenes, I'd still have to back sometimes. And since bots don't stay still, I tried it on jungle monsters and hoped to Christ that the bug affected jungle monsters too. But while I was in the jungle, I wasn't gaining levels, so I'd have to go back to farming minions to get exp. I just feel like to go through all of that just to fix Thresh's Flay, It would have been done in half the time or less had I been able to start out the game at level 11 :P also with athenes and morellos please. :)
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: Gnar Bug thread
I've found that when you are hopping on someone after you throw the boomerang and the boomerang comes back to you while you are in the process of hopping the boomerang goes through you and you do not catch it. Don't know if this intentional or not. I've got a video of it happening. I will update this post later tonight.


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