: > the grounded effect is something nothing should ever have. Do you like having a wall of circles that you can't even flash over or dash through? Literally, a massive AOE of no escape. Think about it. She literally throws out 10 circles or so of poison and mobility-denial. lol, now you know how it feels to play an immobile champion edit: I find it humorous how debilitating you claim Cassio's poison is, simply because you can't use movement abilities. Do you realize that none of the champions in this update (aside from Ziggs) have any movement abilities? They're able to deal crazy damage or do ridiculous things because of the huge tradeoff of essentially being permanently "grounded".
The thing is, the items in this patch almost ALL give mobility or some way of inhibiting mobility. And besides, I've had prior experience with the "grounded" effect (Ares in Smite) and he was top tier for a good season until they made it so items didn't benefit him so much.
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: Personally it's moments like this I wish Riot enforced extremely strict rules on people like that. Namely things like permanent expulsion from the PBE being a possible outcome. If people's tryharding is getting in the way of acquiring valid testing data. Then something should be done to dissuade people from doing it.
playing these champions is literally tryharding
: Yeah I pretty much only test in customs because people treat what is meant to be a testing server as some kind of tryhard zone.
That's because they're bullshit and no fun to fight against. As usual with reworks.

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