: The Return of Clash Test to PBE!
Multiple servers died from TFT release yesterday, let's try Clash next, it will totally work!
: The bans are to prevent tryhard level 7 yasuo mains and 9 other obnoxious tryhards. And the next 10 obnoxious champions are at least less obnoxious.
So your team bans Yasuo, Talon, Fizz, Yi and Katarina. So 5 tryhard champions are gone. But now the enemy team picks Zed, Zoe, LeBlanc, Kha'zix and Rengar. What did your bans accomplish in this scenario? All it accomplishes is occasionally deny somebody a champion they want to play. When it comes to actual gameplay experience, there are tons of champions that are going to kill you without it feeling fair, so whoever you are up against doesn't matter.
: Jungling feels useless in Nexus Blitz
I haven't jungled myself, but from what I've seen the entire shove 2 players jungle just so lanes aren't overpopulated is honestly stupid. They should at least remove the forced smite.
: Havent lost to a Yi yet, but Yasuo, holy crap. And im pretty sure the mode will have bans on Live Servers, like you said, its not good for testing.
I hope it doesn't have bans. It's supposed to be a for fun bloodbath not a tryhard game mode. Besides especially in a game mode like this, even if you ban 10 champions all that happens is the next 10 obnoxious champions will show up.
: Hey folks, We typically leave leaverbuster off on PBE due to the instability of the environment, but PBE is for testing after all, and recently we needed to test some changes we made to migrate some of the Leaverbuster tech (no visible changes to the feature), so we've enabled it temporarily, and may well do it again in the future if we have similar needs. It'll be turned off when we're more confident our changes won't break things on live environments. Sorry for the pain on PBE, but the hope is it saves some folks pain on live.
Can you please remove my leaver buster? I've played a lot of games already but it still hasn't disappeared, there is no post game notification that it is decreasing either.
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: Zoe when someone kills the person's death screen appears
I think this is a feature of her Cyberpop skin.
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: >It's not too many players crashing the servers. It's too many games running that is crashing the server. aint that the same when it comes to new champs?? everyone will runs to try em on the sandbox mode rather than dive in straight to a match as it was on the old times.
On live servers you actually need to buy the champion. Not everybody will invest IP/BE into a new champion, and even fewer will buy it unless it looks like they will like it. PBE is also one big fusion of multiple regions together. On live most people will be asleep when a patch hits. On PBE at least one region will be awake to instantly login and try out the champ for free.
: why every day i have to download a 1gb update?
It's not actually a 1GB patch. What it actually does is check all the important files and fix them while adding new stuff. Actual patch is much smaller.
: yes but, what was the point of increasing the PBE user if they were then complain that too much people were crashing the servers?
It's not too many players crashing the servers. It's too many games running that is crashing the server. And the recent opening of PBE sign ups didn't change anything, it has always been like this. If people actually played normals instead of customs to try out new champs and find bugs like intended then there would be no need for this. If everybody on live servers suddenly all went to play a custom game with 9 bots then yes, servers would collapse. It would be like a huge DDOS attack on the servers since it has to process millions of games at once.
: The config files aren't shared between Live and PBE. Could be something in your settings.
Possible, I transferred my live LoL directly from my previous PC. If I nuke my config files they will be automatically restored right? Your Teemo is godlike btw.
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: Zoemania
It's like this because the server can't handle as many custom games as people make to test new champs.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Veigar!
: Ascension enabled now on PBE
Another round of Ascension... I can't contain my enthusiasm... yay
: Legend of the Poro King: Portal Party Coming Soon to PBE!
Please tell me you removed the Poro King snax otherwise this will be one giant clusterfuck where you constantly have to dodge stuff and it won't be any fun...
: I would like to restate the fact that AR URF was implemented by popular demand.
No it wasn't. A) People wanted BOTH blind draft URF and ARURF or at least let them to rotate B) People wanted a TRUE all random URF where it is random from all champions in the game and not just those you own C) People realized that ARURF sucked immediatly because of RNG and some people only owning the OP champs, and wanted blind draft URF back the next time
: My AR URF Experience
But ARURF is great don't you love it! /s
: > [{quoted}](name=A horny Glaceon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=qHFFRnQl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-12T12:24:43.164+0000) > > Yeah people who seriously think they prefer ARURF over normal URF are delusional. Every game is just a one sided stomp where that 1 guy who got the OP champ has all the fun and others can't do shit. Also shit ton of leavers. Well, that explain it then, I've been having fun almost 85% of my games on arurf this pbe patch... I might be the guy having all the fun. anyway, bringing back the normal urf wont change shit, you will just lock the same shit over and over again and then complain about people '' taking it too seriously '' and people '' picking the op champs '' and it'll be worse.
No I won't? I couldn't care less about the OP picks, I just don't want to be stuck playing fucking Cho'gath into a team of Varus, Camille, Karma and Tryndamere. No really it happened, I have no fucking idea how we even won considering the fact that I was absolutely useless and it was a 4v5. Or Morde who is just completely useless here, I just rage quit my game with Mordekaiser because I was completely useless and couldn't do shit. Or another game where our team rolled 3 ADCs AFTER 4 of us rerolled our ADC gets TWICE, enemy team had a Wukong, I think you can guess how the game went. I just want to play URF Veigar every game, if Hecarim kills me once a minute then whatever, at least I still had fucking fun deleting someone every now and then, and everybody else laughed too as people killed each other while stupid shit happened. I have no idea how you think ARURF is better than normal URF, there is still an OP champion in every game, hell I see the same OP champions over and over again cause there are up to 20 possible rerolls almost every game because atm 1 game = 1 reroll and there are probably people out there who only have the OP champions on their PBE account. The only difference is that the only ones having fun are those who rolled the OP champions.
: I noticed it too. Fountain heals too slow. I get used to normal fountain in sr. I'm going out low health because of this slow regenerating.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah this happened to me so many times. Backed, waited a few seconds then TP'd back, only to realize I still have 300 health.
: Remove the "random" from URF
Yeah people who seriously think they prefer ARURF over normal URF are delusional. Every game is just a one sided stomp where that 1 guy who got the OP champ has all the fun and others can't do shit. Also shit ton of leavers.
: Offensive Summoner Names
I don't get it, what is offensive about them?
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: Change one, then another will become the strongest.
Except you need to gut Galio, Alistar and Hecarim (and maybe Kat), then nerf Edge of Night and make it so heal/shield buff never increases, and boom, suddednly everyone is equally viable aside from champions whose kits just aren't fit for URF mode. And we can also pick the champion we want! It's not rocket science.
: I would much rather have AR URF be fixed, than just discarded for the lesser of two evils, which ever that may be. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/EQiO28L3-the-problems-with-ar-urf-and-an-approach-to-fix-it-rather-than-remove-it
Or we could have normal URF where we pick our champions with some changes so OPs aren't as broken..
: Camille's Q shouldn't proc on towers, that's way too much unnecessary power
But how else is new champ gonna sell if they won't be strong enough to be worth purchasing?
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: Feedback Wanted! - Changes to Base Yasuo's Attack Animations
Now just give us the spell particles back (maybe tone them down if they were a problem not completely remove them?) and make Blood Moon's better to fit with them and we will be happy.
: IDK, this doombots feels far sub par from the last doombots. It is definitely missing something last years had but I can't figure it out. It just doesn't feel as fun as it once did. Same with ARuRF that mode kinda sucked the AR aspect made it so either you get a good comp or get a bad comp and lose horribly. It is the same with this game mode now. You gotta counter pick as a whole team in lights that you'll be able to surely succeed.
Last time Doom Bots came around you could actually fight them, even if it was incredibly hard once they started grouping. Here the majority of champions are useless vs Doom Bots and you just feel helpless playing them :/
: Doom Bots are wrong for the wrong reasons
I meant to say "hard for the wrong reasons" in the title. Epic fail.
: Hey Partially :D I recently edited this post, but turns out we accidentally had the wrong scaling on Gauntlet :( There's a bug where basically it's not advancing past difficulty 70 (so 1 ~ 70 is different, but 70+ is the same as 70). They get health, AD, AP and lots of stuff. ^^ Also we're going to start it at two curses above certain difficulties. (Right now, it only does 1 until a certain time.)
Just saying, but that's a really boring way of making them more difficult. Making them smarter with levels and have abilities have more effects with higher difficulties would be way better(along with passive champ specific effects and curses being more frequent and what not). Atm it just makes everyone so tanky at start of game that it's pretty much impossible to deal with them since all your damage tickles them.
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: Play normal urf in customs: Any Map, Blind/Draft/Tournament
Yep you can do this with every custom game mode. Hope they don't fix this though.
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: An Update on Chromas
Why not just make chromas always IP purchasable? I know you need to make money somehow (and even then there are already tons of stuff that encourages spending money, and it's way better than chromas), but if you made the IP cost something high like 3k IP per 1 chroma (with no IP bundles), you could still encourage RP buys instead of coming across as greedy. Sorry if this post comes across as really negative, but that's just my opinion in chromas, I honestly doubt they will ever be considered good without an IP purchase. I like the aesthetics idea though, for example Teemo looking more like a dog even though it's an entirely unrelated skin. It looks great.
: They couldn't give him exposed brains/bones and other decay because of China. So they compensated by giving him new spell effects. It's a fair compromise IMO.
At least make him move like a zombie..
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sir Kled!
At least make his ult actually charge in this skin instead of rolling on a ball. It just looks really bad for what would be an otherwise good skin.
: "Nemesis Draft" for rotating game modes now live for testing on PBE.
How long till URF comes back? By the time next Ascension finishes on live, it will be 3 months since last URF rotation.
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
What people want is an actual reward for achieving high mastery levels so it's not completely useless, not new levels that just give new shiny mastery badges that nobody really cares about aside from using them to BM. This solves absolutely nothing and just adds to the problem, since now you will usually have to spend some IP or essence on something that gives you absolutely nothing of value back if you want to reach mastery levels that will be added in the future and will (hopefully) have actual rewards.
: When someone asks for feedback, you give it - positive or negative. I wouldn't say it's "bashing" - it more like "passionate correction." People don't want a fun game to be bogged down by unnecessary changes. People don't want the midlane meta to consist of Zed, Corki, Ezreal, and Yasuo. Further nerfing mana items and the elimination of mana pots is doing just that. There are about 70 other champs that people never see, most of whom use mana items that are seeing drastic change, and such changes alienate them even further. Change for the sake of facilitating change isn't always a good thing, and we're sick of it happening on a consistent basis. The power gap between AD and AP is growing ever further, and people SHOULD be pissed. It's one thing for a Riot employee to descend from their ego cloud to admit a mistake (Like CertainlyT did over the mordekaiser rework with an extremely unprofessional "Sowwy :3" kind of attitude), but the fact Xypherous defends Riot's so-called "genius" ideas so stubbornly and with such distain is NOT ok. Sometimes (arguably, many times), Riot has been wrong, and its frustrating when they hear us try and tell them about what's wrong, and offer up ideas on how to revert or better improve their changes, they never fix it. 99% of the shit they initially propose ends up in the final build, and passed to live servers - no matter if it's healthy, or even if it's anti-fun. We're all pretty pissed, because our feedback is almost entirely unconditional. Sometimes, we have to "bash" on the forums in order for Riot reps to get the hint.
I wouldn't say talking with sarcasm and pointing out all irony and hypocrisy is passionate feedback at all. And how can you say the AP changes are bad already? People complained about the Ahri changes, people complained about the Fizz changes, but they ended up being more broken than before. At least let the changes HIT LIVE first before deciding whenever it's good or bad. He is defending Riot because of most the time, they ARE correct and it turned out people were just overreacting.
: That was a pretty passive-aggressive response. I expected a bit more professionalism... {{champion:238}} nerfs were compensatory because of the release of the {{item:3147}} . You HAD to nerf {{champion:238}} lest he become 100% pick/ban. If a nerf is due to a new item making a champion too strong, then a true nerf it is not. (RIP {{champion:113}} , BTW. Got nerfed for {{item:1401}} , {{item:1401}} got nerfed, {{champion:113}} left in the dust. {{item:3070}} ) Energy and fully resourceless champions will have a huge inherent advantage as their sustain is either high or solely reliant on cooldowns. All a champion like {{champion:238}} will have to do is use his cooldowns to poke you, wait for you to run out of mana and either force you to back and lose experience, or all-in you and kill you. Either way, for anyone playing a mana-reliant AP mage in the mid lane will have a very tough time sustaining. AND you're nerfing {{item:3157}} to boot. You guys need to take a long and serious look at what you're doing and how it will affect the game as a whole. This drastic loss in mana sustain is going to make AP mages extremely weak versus energy and resourceless champions. You're probably going to end up shoving AP mages out of mid altogether. Let's not have another Juggernaut fiasco, please. {{champion:82}} was a disaster that took nearly a dozen patch cycles to get him back to a similar place prior to the rework. This AP item overhaul reeks of the same impending disaster.
Why should he keep being professional after 5+ posts of you people just bashing on him and being passive aggressive yourself?
: it would be op,and how short in actual game voli's passive is he would be unkillable
: Can we nerf zed for urf?
There are way worse champions in URF than Zed. Hecarim, Sona, Xin, Jax, Yi, Alistar, Galio, etc.
: We actually playtested with Taric a lot and tried some different things, but without any nerfs Taric was insanely OP. Especially while building tank. Because he could build tank and get into the middle of a fight with his allies, he would constantly refresh the CD on his ult and W, which ended up making teams impossible to kill. On top of that, it was possible for him to have a perma stun at certain ranks. I think he's still really strong though :)
Can Hecarim, Alistar and Galio please get some nerfs? Hecarim is just straight up broken since all the MS he builds and Ghost all have the same cooldown as he duration, so you pretty much just 1 hit everything with E. Alistar and Galio are just unkillable, Alistar can go full AP and you just cant kill him. Galio perma W heals him from turret damage if he gets a bit tanky.
: Ga doesn't for me
It doesn't say it has a lower CD in the tooltip (just like all other items), but it actually has a lower CD, doesn't seem to be the full 80% though (I guess cause balance?)
: SKT skins will be reworked/remade but RIOT won't even touch Diana skin after getting feedback?
>I made it in 20-30 minutes in Photoshop and I have no art skills... imagine what talented person from RIOT could do with access to skin model and proper software for making/modifying skins. Obviously, photoshop is used to make 3D models for video games.
: read the URF passive thing, only ACTIVATED items have a 80% cd. Not passive like MAW
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