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: At this point I have some concerns about Corki as ADC. We just had a game in which he bought {{item:3031}} , {{item:3072}} , {{item:3020}} , and {{item:3078}} (In MIDLANE). I saw a lot of Corkis (also in Streams) with a similar build in midlane and all carried the game. In my opinion it seems wrong that a champ, who builds Att.DMG deals 90% of the DMG as MagicDMG (last game 8k physical, 60k magic). Especially for the enemy team it is nearly impossible to estimate the DMG output.
simple solution: Build MR.
: Isn't the new passive a bit counterintuitive? During the laning phase, my support and I should focus our cc and damage on one target; later in the game, I need to kite the tank/juggernaut running at me before I die. Why should I be punished for doing that?
>Why should I be punished for doing that? Bear in mind that her passive is designed to work off of her abilities (and possibly Runaan's). If you catch both enemies with her Q, they'll be really hurting. Alternately, you can auto one, q the other, then auto the one again for Tons of Damage(tm) Also it isn't stated how MUCH bonus damage it deals, so try to keep an open mind.
: It was on the table, but we didn't feel like it represented the gameplay well. A pair of guns suggests more that you're comboing 2 attacks onto the same target or that the 2 guns maybe have different attributes.
One could argue that Love Tap as a name does even less so. .3.
: Well... That's quite a rework. Hmm...I'm not sure how I feel about this. I had no emotional attachment to grave's old kit, but I feel like his range issues are gonna be even worse than before, even if his overall damage is up, which means he may have trouble finding a place in a team. No longer a real ADC, but also not melee enough to be a great bruiser/fighter.
>his range issues are gonna be even worse than before That's the entire point. He's going to be weak against range (caitlyn, tristana, various mages) but he's going to be super strong against melee (assassins, juggernauts,) So he's effectively reversing the triangle so to speak, and I for one really appreciate a marksman that won't outright lose to Mordekaiser, despite having a short range.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Kind of Nitpicky, but I think the passive should be renamed to Shock and Awe. You know, her signature twin guns. o3o
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
> 2. Caitlyn can fire a double-range Headshot at targets she has trapped or netted by auto-attacking them. This is independent from her normal Headshot. At last, encouragement in combat to hit someone with your net who isn't melee range!
: I did not understand Vaynes change though :(
instead of having a base damage and a +% Max HP True damage, it just has %Max HP True damage, and a minimum amount of damage it can deal.
: 1) Does her W have 2 charges? If not, we really should add that in (parity with Ashe and Kalista's scouting tools) 2) A lack of blind will make Quinn completely incapable of fighting anyone unless the damage boost on her passive and Q were huge. Harrier was all of Quinn's damage before, is the total AD ratio better or equivalent to the previous base + 50% bonus AD? 3)I REEEEAAAALLY have to stress the blind here. I can tell that ult gives my virtually global mobility, and seeing Valor carry Quinn into battle is awesome... But what good is getting carried into a battle that I bring nothing too? I have some low skystrike damage (balance reasons it's obviously going to be low at 0 cooldown), no blind, and my vault which can get me killed if it's on cooldown and their jungler shows up. 4)Vault still applies harrier right? 5) Has harrier's application animation been sped up? Q applying harrier is nice, but there have been times where i haven't been able to get my harrier proc off of vault due to a janky animation. So getting the golden combo (Harrier proc -> Q -> Harrier proc -> E -> Harrier proc) could be tricky to pull off. 6) Does harrier still have 1 cooldown that resets if you apply a new mark?
Q executes now, so quinn will be really bursty still. She just won't last long in duels because she doesn't have the blind, which I think is fair. Quinn is supposed to be a scout anyway according to her lore, so being a duelist doesn't make sense thematically. In all honesty, I feel like quinn will have an even higher assassin pattern from before.
: To be honest, the problems I see here that will make Quinn as a top laner o ADC useless will be: -Q doesn't blind anymore, therefore no more early trades with champions like let's say: Draven, Vayne, Fiora or Riven if she gets near you. Considering how squishy she is in and out of bot lane, this would kill her potential for actual trading (1.5 seconds wasn't enough against some champions or against a bot lane who has a decent support, or even a long-ranged champion like Tristana, Kog Maw or Cait). I'd say to re-add blind into Q but to make it's 1.5 blind standard as 6-level Q therefore scale it into that. Let's not forget it's one of her core skils right now and this would make her lose a feature that just one other champion has in the entire game. -R doesn't allow you to basic attack: what I like it's the possibility to be a mobile champion outside of the battle, but I really don't like that fact that It doesn't have any use outside of that. I'd say to make it's cooldown somewhat of 20 or 30 seconds without the first R level and then make it decrease, but allowing you to perform basic attacks. -W has no actual changes. I think these could be useful, I'd love to see a response. G'day everyone!
As a Quinn main, I can safely say that most of the time, Vault's disrupt is more than enough to get in and out trade. (minions block q most of the time anyway) and it won't affect her trades as much. Especially since it applies her passive, she'll be able do a Q, Auto, E, Auto combo and it will do more damage now. Plus, with Vault's increased speed (and therefore decreased duration,) the short disrupt will be that much more powerful in trades.
: The entire spell.
Ooohhh baby, you've just made this Quinn main very happy indeed.
: Don't forget that his AD is reduced by a certain % during it, so crit will be less effective. I think the idea is to make Kog'maw a more on-hit focused AD.
Not quite. The only thing that would make crit less effective would be if the reduced damage was less than 50% of his normal damage. the idea is to make him the hyper damage marksman, but it seems they're taking the on-hit route to get to that fantasy. Again, the marksman items pass remains to be seen.
: I agree, if you can maintain a safe position in the back like Xerath, I am sure Kog'Maw may be up on top with highest possible dps. Very excited to try these changes. Also, without the range increase I feel the skill would be lackluster, so hopefully it stays.
in any case, applying on-hits as normal would encourage Kog' to build such things. We may even see the Ryze of an on-hit hybrid build for him with things such as Nashor's, Blade of the Ruined King, and even Wit's End. The marksman items pass remains to be seen though...
: Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) will maintain the temporal range upgrade?
It wasn't mentioned, so it's probably staying, but I can't say for certain.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
> While W is active, Kog'Maw attacks twice as fast, and his Attack Speed cap is doubled to 5 attacks per second. While W is active, basic attacks deal reduced physical damage, but apply on-hit effects at full effect. During this time, Kog'Maw attacks so fast that attack-moving efficiently becomes incredibly difficult, so choose a time when you don't need to move much, and go to town. Kog'maw seems to be taking a sort of Xerath approach, but as a marksmen. I approve, but I wonder if the range increase is staying the same, is being changed, or is completely being removed.
: It looks like the whole spell... but with it having a 2 second channel time, and no combat ability outside of the transform if the text is to be believed.
Skystrike is still there, it seems, but it does less damage and the execute was moved to [Q]. Hopefully it has a drastically decreased cooldown, because imo, 1:40 is a long time to wait for a selfish movement spell. EDIT: "Drastically increased movement speed" Okay okay, this changes things a little. I guess we'll wait and see.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
> "Tag Team now has no cooldown, and its Movement Speed bonus is now very dramatic." Does this mean the first cast of Tag Team, or the entire spell (including Skystrike)?
: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
Righteous Glory Total Cost: 2500 --> 2400 Catalyst Passive: Loses Catalyst Passive on Upgrade. Gg, Jungle Maokai. You had a good run.
: Essence Reaver - Feeling so weak
personally, I feel that 2-8% is fine... but it's just not doing that. if you do a 100-damage auto attack at 0 mana, you should be getting 8 mana, right? But you don't, and that's a problem.
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: When do you people learn that you are not a costumer of this game. This game is Free to Play the only thing which you can buy are skins, icons which you get and which work but the core gameplay is free.
except that, according to the post, he can't even play the game.
: ccs? i prob know what it means just can't think of it :P Is it like, plural of cc (crowed control)? or something entirely different :P
: Select a Trinket Suggestion, easy way.
: yeah, it doesn't grant immunity to spells, it just blocks spell damage
if they made it into one that blocks ccs, it'd be instantly fixed.
: He needs a VO to match his current iteration, not a silence.
not to mention, his beautiful particles, and his outdated model clash horribly, so at the very least, he needs a texture update in my eyes.
: I agree, he really needs his silence back. The shield just isn't very good.
On the topic of this, I feel like his shield should be like Morgana's. (I've used kassadin, and it didn't block cc like morg's does. could be a bug, or it could be intentional, but it's frustrating either way.) I feel like if they buffed the shield, it'd be a lot better.
: He has somewhat a silence. His Q interrupts cast/channels rather than giving a silence that stops the enemy from countering him. It stays in the ability description.
seeing as how it isn't a real silence though, it just makes no sense for his quotes and joke to be about silencing people.
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: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
personally, I feel that the changes to his q will "janna" him in the sense that simply, charging the ability is just not worth it most of the time, but this is just speaking from on-paper. I have yet to actually try it.
galio akali AND KATARINA HAVE DR ARE YOU DUMB. In addition to them, see: See: {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:105}} and {{champion:32}} for DR champions. Please do your research before making posts.
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: People don't generally appreciate Auras as much. Its kinda like Heal: no one uses it even thought its AWFULLY broken in team fights. It's kinda like those "sleeper OP" champions: people fail to acknowledge certain champions being viable in some positions or being good with some builds (Caster Master Ez) because of their ignorance. Some blindly follow what others say not even thinking with their heads. I hate this part of League because i feel like League is an a innovative game that gets ruined by annoying people.
I know this feeling all too well, as I main Jungle {{champion:143}}.
: I would like to see this question re-phrased. Why are there so few aura items? There are very few aura items that are really worth buying. Aegis is the one most people think about. Also, frozen heart and randuins are aura or aura-like items that can be bought to help your team. Zeke's is not particularly good, and it's build rate supports that. It seems to me that we are seeing aura items lose focus from the Riot team, and these are just the remnants of a dormant project. A simple fix would be to add a few items, or modify others. In particular, make an armor mirror item to Aegis, an AP focused mirror to Frozen Heart/ Randuins, re-work zekes, and make a spell vamp mirror of zekes (although spell vamp is a whole new can of worms). Mirror items are something we are used to (bf sword-nl rod, I.E.-Rabadons, etc.) so using them here would be a great way to open up an item type to viability without having to come up with a bunch of unique item types. As a support main, I will conclude my argument with the fact that support item builds would be more interesting if I had aura items to consider. It would provide a new build route, one that is focused on grouping and team fighting, instead of having one that I always used, which has to work for both team fighting and split tactics.
Spell vamp version of zeke's: Old {{item:3152}}
: RIP Soul Shroud,Locket, and WOTA
{{item:3190}} still has an aura, Legion. I deeply miss {{item:3152}}'s aura though.
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: Custom game mode idea to help with testing.
In lieu of this, I feel like adding a training menu of sorts would work--Have the ability to manipulate champion levels, and gold count and such, so you don't have to play an entire game to test a specific element, or restart an entire game for the same reason.
: I agree, these over kill nerfs on Teemo is highly unjust. He suffers from many problems already and unlike other op champions has reasonable counter play. First off, I agree on making him a bit more bulky, he is so squishy atm that he can be easily burned to cinders by any strong burst like Annie or Brand. But this is his counter play,like all adc's. They are squishy, burst able targets that have to play smart. But unlike adc's Teemo is built commonly AP and has no sustain, life steal, and doesn't do well with spell vamp. Giving him sustain wouldn't be amazing since he is not made to take hits. Next off, I, for the love of Suwako, want his range increased as compensation for this nerf to his mushrooms. Giving him 575 attack range like Ziggs would be nice, but I would without a doubt take 550 like Lulu as well. But in doing so, his blind's range has to be increased, like in the live game, out ranges his basic attack. He is too auto attack reliant that he need's this because his self peel is nonexistent. He is reliant on his W and sh-rooms for escape. Lastly, if you are still adamant on killing off Teemo's mushrooms, make his W stronger. So far, it is weak and only good for speed. Make it something like {{champion:119}} blood rush. Give him some attack speed and movement for a prolonged time so he can do more damage in return for his ultimate lacking it. His passive as well is only good for a sneak attack and has varying use in escapes. No one ever really has a chance to use his passive for it's attack speed bonus. So why not make his W give attack speed when activated or make his passive give you attack speed that scales per level. From 10-20-30-40% per level 1-6-11-16 and double it when he is in his passive state and leaves it for 3 seconds. Doing a nerf to any single champions skill, ultimate no less and not spreading some more power in different arias makes no sense. It lowers the overall game play and power of champs.
I couldn't help but giggle at "For the love of Suwako." Someone's a touhou fan, huh? :P
: Dear Riot, regarding Teemo
I feel like giving teemo's mushrooms the evelynn treatment would solve the problem in one fell swoop.
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: The nerfs to Teemo are a stopgap measure, not a solution.
I don't understand what the big deal is. We DO have a measure against invisible traps, and it's called Sweeping Lens.
: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
I have exactly one complaint about the team builder; Having to select your champion BEFORE you get into queue is not a good thing in my eyes; often times, I find myself picking my support based on the adc I'm laning with--If it's graves, I taric. If it's Ez, I sona. If it's Varus, I karma, etc etc. Of course, it's not just supports either. I often times will find myself picking champions based on my team mates, like picking malphite when my team has a yasuo. Other than that I LOVE IT IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT TO PUT IT IN A BOX AND LOOK AT IT BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
I just played my first game with the new Spell thief line, and I have to say, I'm liking it a lot more than I thought it would. The only problems I really found were that the projectile felt a little slow, the charge mechanism looked absolutely weird, especially with frost queen's, and that the tooltip doesn't really portray what the item actually does. I'd suggest wording it similar to the relic shield line with tribute charges being consumed and how they come back over time, rather than "This effect can happen 3 times per thirty seconds lel." when worded the way it is, one would think "Oh, the thirty seconds is up, time for my next three procs." But that's not how it works at all, from what I can tell. En lieu of targon's line, maybe you could put the tribute charges above the skill bar? It'd make the item much easier to understand.
: > I like the changes on the support items. The heal on Targon's line will make place for some really nice plays if done correctly, the additional damage on the Spellthief line is going to be good for some early harass and the fact that it doesn't go on cooldown when upgraded to Frost Queen's Claim is pretty neat (Still asking myself if there is going to be some visual effect like the one on Targon's line or some small buff icon to know when the Tribute passive is available), the change on Coin Line is the one I like the most and I agree that Nomad's Medaillon generates a little bit too much gold. > > The CDR boot changes are reasonable (RIP 30 sec Final Spark on ARAM, I'll most likely have to buy Frost Queen's Claim to get to 40% CDR) and the same goes for Mobility Boots, that's how roaming boots should be in my opinion. **Concerning the 5% CDR, it can be added to Ruby Sightstone or Mikael's Crucible. > ** I would **soo love it on Mikael's Crucible** - I'm always torn between Athene's or Crucible - I need the **mana regen** but I would love the **cdr**... Get my point ? :D **The Ruby Sightstone is just meh at the moment**... I almost never upragde it until I haven't finished everything else... Maybe the change would help... Othere candidates I see the 5 % on is Liandry's - half ( IMO ) the support cast with crappy scalings have a slow or some other movement impairing effect and benefit greatly from Liandrys. I don't like the change to boots... They **seem useless**... It's another case where supports have a) underpriced items that are weaker than they're normally priced counterparts so they can afford them and no one else wants them. It also affects the slot effectivnes. b) it also makes ad casters a little bit unhappy... The doran shield was a obvious candidate for nerfs... I always disliked the tactic soo I was stubborn enough to not use it for some time... Then I switched to it on my Leonas, Threshes and Annies... Whats more I tried it also on Janna, Nami, Lulu... The benefits it gives is just u can stay in lane forever and u won't be bursted down to oblivion in one rotation. Then u can keep ur distance (except Leona) and lick ur wounds. I don't like the frostfang changes... Again I was stubborn to stay with my frostfang and ignore the coin... It was feeling more "right" to earn your gold... Easily to say it **was not** a effective tactic... **Still it never generated enough gold (and the more u were behind the more u were getting behind)**. Now u **reduce the income** by another 4/8 gold (because it could be triggered two times with spells and aa on anyone) soo when the jungler came you would get some extra gold. I'm upset. What's more because **of the lack of any sustain on this item** compared to coin or shield (the targon one) I think this won't be a viable option... It let's u poke more at the cost of getting poked... and then u can't heal up while they do it with their new shiny items... Let's asume two Jannas in normals are on bot - one of them buys coin the second one buys the frostfang - the the coin one will just regen the frostfang "poke" right away... with two minions... I would like to see the actives in action - as of right now the shurelia is just too tempting... I almost never have any other active from the support gold items. And last - the self heal on the shield will make Leona's even more annoying... just my two cents... Hope I'll at least get an answer for one xD I wrote it for some time xD
> Let's asume two Jannas in normals are on bot - one of them buys coin the second one buys the frostfang Honestly, I don't think you would ever see {{champion:40}} build {{item:3303}}. She doesn't scale too well with AP, and she doesn't have very good poke. A better champion to use for a situation like this, in my eyes, would be someone like {{champion:117}} who actually might buy either of these options. I believe the point of having spellthief's edge in the first place is to reward aggressive behaviour, rather than passive behaviour like {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}}. While you're correct in stating that {{item:3303}} doesn't offer the sustain that the other two items do, I believe it is BECAUSE of the playing style that it has. It reinforces lane dominance, as opposed to lane freezing like the other two support items, and is also the only item that grants both gold AND bonus damage upon attacking towers. Also, in mind of this, {{item:3303}} would only give you the bonus gold before upon auto attacking an enemy champion, and not until upgrading it to {{item:3098}} would it give you gold for spells. To support your argument, however, I feel that with the current state of the support items, {{item:3092}} is by far the weakest of the three final items. by the time you've built it, the laning phase will be close to over, and it will just fall off really hard, as you don't have any champion or tower readily available to poke any more. To counter this, My suggestion would be the following changes to the above: {{item:3303}} **Spellthief's Edge** **UNIQUE Passive - Tribute** -No change {{item:3098}} **Frostfang** **UNIQUE Passive - Tribute** * Your spells and attacks deal 15 additional damage to champions and towers as well as generating 8 gold. * This can happen up to 3 times every 30 seconds. * Tribute is **not** disabled for 12 seconds if you kill a minion. {{item:3092}} **Frost Queen's Claim** **UNIQUE Passive - Tribute** * Your spells and attacks deal 15 additional damage to champions, **minions** and towers, as well as generating 8 gold. * This can happen up to 3 times every 30 seconds. * Tribute is NOT disabled if you kill a minion at this upgrade level To note on {{item:3092}}'s active, in comparison to the other three, I feel that it isn't in a good spot either, being inferior to both actives. To compare, {{item:3401}}'s active gives a decent shield that explodes for approximately 450 aoe damage, assuming that it is, of course, cast on an AD champion. I feel that this could be easily remedied by allowing {{item:3092}} to scale off of AP, or even mana akin to {{item:3146}}. Alternately, you could simply change the 1.5 AD ratio on it to something that scales with Champion level.
: Hey Riot why wont you fix you RP and IP i am not receiving it every week what is going on?? this happened to me for about 4 weeks FIX IS RIOT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This might answer your questions.
: Kayle's bugs or no.
Confirmed. This issue is known. I believe it was caused by an error in the coding, as Kayle is supposed to be getting new ability icons soon, or so I've heard, though I can't confirm this. (Lord knows that our angel rep needs new arts, haha.) It has nothing to do with Kayle's skins, or runes or anything. Just Kayle herself.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
> Grants gold equal to the kill to your ally, but does not grant the additional +5 on live. I'm going to nitpick on the grammar on the last part. Shouldn't it be "As on live"? Also, as I see it on the tooltip on live, I believe it's (kill + 10) gold for Targon's Brace, and Face of the Mountain.
: Kayle Bugs (only tested on Aether Wing)
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
I do notice that it is extremely uncommon for players to purchase the trinket upgrades. Perhaps we could dump the extra 5 percent CDR on there?
: Kayle icons missing
From my guesses, this is most likely because she's getting updated icons, and Riot messed something up?
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