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: I thought that everything needs to be tested, but I think the price is like this because most of us rid away are blue essences so it gives us stuff to work towards. Instead of making it 1 blue essences we can earn it like we do in live like when we earn stuff. I think its kinda fun to try and get it cause, it makes people like me who like warwick want take up the Challenger to get all those blue essences. I only know that the back recall was changed not sure if anything else needs tested on it yet. But then again I think its going be fun to test no matter what. PBE = fun / testing / more fun xD
but since the sole purpose of the pbe is testing that would be pointless.. but i get where you are coming from
: URF Warwick
would be nice if they'd drag the price down on the PBE so you could test it since they reseted the BE and getting 150 000 in a few days is nearly impossible
: I didnt got a RP reset today! IDK WHY Pls help{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
It resets every time the server has maintanance its around 22-00 i think there's probably a more specific time somewhere else
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Rengar!
Just played with this skin and i gotta say i really love it, very different from rest of the rengar skins. Here's my feedback of it. The blade on the left hand looks quite small at first i thought it just was some led lights on the side of his arm. No dreadlocks. Would be cool if he transformed into a car whilst doing the "homerun" run from base. If you decide not to put dreadlocks on him do something else the back looks empty. These are just the things i found that were wrong with the skin. Otherwise the skin looks awesome very nice chromas the base skin is just a bit bland though.
: Given amount of BE and rp
You know you could buy the expensive skins with BE and the cheap ones with RP still doesnt solve the emote problem but its something i guess
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Zed!
love the skin played with it for a while and here's my feedback Claws look nice but if you can make zed's hand tilted so his basic attack animation looks like he swipes his target instead of doing an awkward side strike that would be less effective in real life than an actual swipe would be nice. I like the colours but wouldn't it fit more if the "essence" coming off of him would be red or a darker purple like the other death sworn skins because he would look a lot more intimidating with a darker red or purple "essence" coming out of him. Lastly i saw someone else mention an idea where he would throw his knives straight instead of in a spinning motion. I think you should try it out since. The spinning daggers as a "Q" looks kinda out of place for zed. Otherwise this is an awesome skin will probably buy it even if this is the finished product but there are some things you can improve ! Thanks for your time


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