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: Ah yes, lemme just... heroic charge into the enemy tower.
at least it will be a heroic death !
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Whats the point of this thread anyway? I am not seeing any communication/collaboration from riot outside confirming a bug. Honest question, not a complaint.
: Poppy is the hero but she doesn't think she is. I too hate her new "ditz" character. They just made her plain dumb.
i find it funny that league players don't recognize humility, and mistake it for stupidity lol
: If it's "out of character" compared to old Poppy (the one people have potentially been playing for over 5 years), isn't that kind of a spit in the face? It's not like with Sion where all he really had to him back in the day was a mean Ahnuld impression, and the relaunch existed to flesh him out--with Poppy, they just replaced the character that people got attached to for no real reason. Riot seems to like doing that. I don't care much about Poppy either way, but I imagine that if I were somebody who dedicated a lot of time to her and enjoyed her character up until now, I'd be livid.
> [{quoted}](name=ItemsGuy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iELz2g6E,comment-id=002500000000,timestamp=2015-11-25T02:23:57.845+0000) > > If it's "out of character" compared to old Poppy (the one people have potentially been playing for over 5 years), isn't that kind of a spit in the face? > I don't care much about Poppy either way, but I imagine that if I were somebody who dedicated a lot of time to her and enjoyed her character up until now, I'd be livid. Poppy was one of my first champions in season 2, Noxus Poppy was my first skin. In recent years i shied away from playing Poppy because i thought her rework would be out sometime "that year". Poppys rework is being paid for not by Riot games but by YEARS of player time.... my time. And ill tell you one thing, had Poppy not gotten a Sion level rework AND proper yordlefication THAT would have been the slap in the face. Keeping old Poppys voice overs would also mean making her a different race and not a Yordle, personally i think race is a bit more iconic than a few angry lines, don't you ? New Poppy is EXTREMELY stubborn, resolute, and noble... atleast by Yordle standards anyway. But that's EXACTLY who Poppy has always been. A lot of Poppy players only ever bought into the shallow exterior of a few angry sounding lines and unstoppable damage. thats always been disappointing to me, i mean honestly think about who Poppy is - Father assassinated but stubbornly and resolutely completes delivery, strives for peace and harmony in Dalaran, doesn't know any jokes. Yordlefy that and tell me if you can actually find any differences between NEW and OLD. There is only one.. the new Poppy wont shut the F*&% up sometimes lol...jokes.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Possible bug? Maybe intended? I noticed that Shen can still taunt nearby targets in Poppys "W" despite not moving. I feel like the latency engine is allow him some sort of tiny ghost dash? Also i would really like to talk about Poppys passive, i think it lacks synergy with the rest of her kit so badly that its contradictive/anti-synergistic. What i mean is that with the Q creating a slow effect on the ground, the W creating a "no-dash" zone, and the Ult massively re-positioning enemy team members, what we have is a really good zone control tank. However, the passive punishes Poppy the instant she steps into a team fight by demanding she get out of position if she wants to get her most valuable tank stat, her shield buff. I love the idea of throwing the shield/buckler, the concept is awesome, but i think the mechanic need some heavy tweeking. My personal suggestion would be to have the shield always land halfway between the struck target and Poppy. Keep the shield buff but do away with the return on kill mechanic as it is largely is largely irrelevant. (I.E. the long cool-down makes it weak as a lane cs-tool out side the support role, and in team fights the first thing you attack will most likely not die) So, once the shield is on the ground it should be target-able by Poppys "E". If the subsequent follow through collides with an enemy champion they take damage and are effected by "shield slam". Targets effected by "shield slam" are rooted by "Q", additionally targets that are stunned via terrain from Poppys "E" should also become effected by "shield slam" Maybe my idea is good maybe it isnt, but either way with how long this rework has been out it WILL be worth further delays to get it right.
: Repertoir, are you still working on Quinn?
Quinns new kit is awesome, every time I've seen one in game she wrecks because of "Behind enemy lines", that said I've never seen Sky strike used for anything beyond landing in a wave to help do some minion damage. Maybe have it always one shot the scuttle crabs but do 0 damage to everything else? that would help cement her as a scout right? Then change the name from "Sky Strike" to "Quinn Trolls Devourer junglers" lol.. ok j/k on that last part =P maybe something closer to "scouts decent"
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: My opinion about Illaoi
> [{quoted}](name=Curantis420,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iTytqZ5A,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-27T14:42:48.325+0000) > > I like the idea about Illaoi, but in my opinion she is too OP at the moment. {{champion:420}} > Here is a little list what i would change: > > - The AD scaling on her Q is too high. 160% of her AD on lvl 5 with a 5% heal is really too much. I think 100% on lvl 5 or a 2.5% heal would be enough. > > - The W is good the way it is now. > > - On her E she gains 8% per 100 AD. I think 4% or 5% would be enough here, too. > > - Her R is really strong, but thats ok. Ultis needs to hurt. > > How about you? What do you think must be changed to balance Illaoi? Or do you think she is already balanced? :) I don't have any suggestions, but i 100% agree that she is currently overtuned
: Poppy identity needs to be brought back ! (Suggestions inside)
A lot of this your post contradicts its self, and your only suggestions were "undo rework" and "replace with Ball-O-Stats" abilities. Ill try to explain where i disagree. before i get started though i do want to say that i DO agree that the rework still needs some work. > [{quoted}](name=Mecar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=96uXJey9,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-26T20:52:18.467+0000) > > I feel like Poppy should be more offensive oriented, and her current "Devastating Blow" fits her identity better than "Hammer Shock" (Especially now that she got a frigging 2H hammer) I completely disagree, no part of me see's Poppy double tapping some one with that giant hammer with any amount of force. She would need to be Sions size to be able to double tap with a hammer that freaking gigantic. Take into account that the Hammer is magical and the resonating ground damage also makes much more sense. The New Q needs some work i agree, but the old Q with mixed with the new Hammer would end up looking more ridiculous than a Saturday morning cartoon. > Her Q is a large part of her live damage, and it should stay as it is to make sure she is a late game oriented champion. Disagree again, why does rework Poppy have to be a late game only champ? I am personally kind of sick of the garbage early game she has. > The insane burst, the magic damage (even when AD), the aa reset, these are all necessary things for Poppy's identity Why? her identity is a relentless resolute yordle that crushes people with a hammer. The new kits and model both capture this better than the original Poppy. I think what you are actually asking for is to have Poppy removed from the yordle race so she can have the hateful angry side of her personality back. I personally don't see how her emotional state was more iconic than her race and heritage. > - Change back E to magic damage an add the AP ratio back. Why ? putting more power into the E means you have to take it away from something else (mixed damage is power) > > Hybrid and AP poppy need some love. Also, magic damage has always been an iconic part of Poppy what ? lol how is this iconic? if you want magic damage on the new kit you can get an on hit item like Rage Blade or Lich Bane and boom she is iconic again ! not really... i was just highlighting how terribly UN-iconic damage sources are since there are only 3 type spread among 100+ champions > > - Remove W's passive and change active into something like this : " Poppy gains bonus movement speed for 5 seconds and generates a barrier around her for the duration, causing all enemies who dash within to be Airborne (can happen once). Deal X (+ X% AP) magic damage over the duration to enemies inside the barrier" > Again disagree, you want to make new Poppy even easier to kill ensuring that the damage build you want is even less useful. At this point your suggestion to add damage here will actually takes damage away. Don't forget old Poppy got to build damage ONLY because she had a broken ult and semi broken passive. This W is the best thing about the new kit and preserves the iconic feel you are striving so hard to keep. Ill explain. Poppy's new W means she can build offensive defense items like Maw and Ice Born. This is the old Poppy in a nutshell !! offensive defense. keep this in mind. Poppys old kit was BAD and crutched on a broken ult and passive. With out those 2 things the live Poppy kit is dead in the water from start to finish. If this were not true Poppy would not need a Sion level rework. > Gives her a small farming tool, + better duelling power and reward you for keeping enemies inside. you mean the new Poppy Passive and Q? This description fits them to a T > > - Ultimate need to be reworked into something else. The new ult is super powerful, but do you have something else in mind? > Poppy's role has never been to peel for others, especially not now that she's wielding a friggin 2H hammer... Peeling isn't a role, its something players that want to win team fights do > She need something to make her more surviable, whilst scaling with items (Like {{champion:24}}'s ultimate ? Idk yet) you mean the new W you want to remove survivability from? > Idea : Valiant Fighter > "PASSIVE : Poppy's total armor and magic resistance are increased by 5/10/15%. This bonus increased the lower Poppy health % is, up to 30/60/90% bonus at 99% missing health. > ACTIVE : Poppy focuses on a target, increasing the damage dealt to that target by 20/30/40%. Whilst near X range of this target, Poppy gains %Tenacity and movement speed" (numbers can be changed) Ball - O - Stats ability's have been largely discussed and considered bad for game health, and TERRIBLY boring to play.
: I really wish they reworked her into an assassin instead and kept her oneshot Q :(
> [{quoted}](name=Mecar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-25T22:10:13.357+0000) > > I really wish they reworked her into an assassin instead and kept her oneshot Q :( her Q has a pretty high scaling. you can still one shot with it assuming you weave in an empowered shield auto. the problem, is that with out the immune to everything ult you will most likely die before getting to your target.
: I agree with all of this for the most part. Her W is terrible passively, it gives Poppy barely ANY bonuses armor and mr wise. If the scaling was better it could be a decent ability (the active is good(wish the movespeed buff lasted longer like prework poppy)) Also her Q is really weak, it used to 1 shot people, yet now it feels like its not even reliable for damage. I like that her ult is so useful for disengaging and escaping aswell as 1v1s or duels where you can use it as a HUGE knockup, but for the most part it isnt good for teamfights or engaging. If the ability could knock the enemy the same way it hits them (liuke suggested above) then it would be 100% better and it wouldnt be that broken(if at all) {{champion:78}} Another HUGE issue is Poppy's Identity and Character. This has been touched on ALOT by others in the community, but Poppy is not the same Battle hardened, merciless warrior anymore. She is an extremely modest yordle and thats not like her. The only change to her character that Ive liked is that she finally knows some jokes. But she isnt the same Poppy we know and love.
> [{quoted}](name=Poppy The Hero,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-25T22:02:56.564+0000) > If the ability could knock the enemy the same way it hits them (liuke suggested above) then it would be 100% better and it wouldnt be that broken(if at all) you dont think a massive AOE lee Sin Insec kick that could put 5 people about to win into your fountain is powerful? What about knocking the two enemy carries smack in the middle of your team? it would literally be impossible to win vs a good Poppy with this ult. it wouldn't just be broken, it would render any game with Poppy in it unplayable. > The only change to her character that Ive liked is that she finally knows some jokes. But she isnt the same Poppy we know and love. actually poppy still doesn't know any jokes, its a very clever nod to old Poppy. There is another nod to her old hammer as well.
: The scaling on her Q right now is .65 bonus AD, if they made it simply .65 TOTAL AD it would make it more balanced.
The scaling on her Q is 1.30 actually, a lot of people are quoting her Q damage and scaling wrong. its 12% max health shred with a 1.30 bonus AD scaling... yet its weaker than the old Q for multiple reasons.
: I like your ideas! What do you think about her passive?
I LOVE the "Idea" of the passive. I HATE how it was implemented. You either have to sacrifice your shield or your positioning, you cant have both. its an automatic punish every team fight. Im fine with this if Poppy gets extra power some place else to offset this negative, but currently the kit is already under power budget due to lack of synergy. The passive shield mechanic needs to be set up so Poppy can make interesting plays OR act as a power branch. By power branch i mean that since you have to choose between your shield and your positioning, the one you choose should be really strong. basically allowing Poppy to branch into tactical directions, get the buckler for a BIG shield or ignore it and go into a more aggressive hammer mode doubling the size of the AOE effect from her Q.... or something. If we wanted to go for the more interesting mechanical plays then have the shield telegraph like a Draven axe EXCEPT, have the shield only travel half as far. The idea would be to get the shield to land between Poppy and an enemy player, Poppy could then use her charge on the shield to pick it up for a shield AND if she made contact with an enemy champion the result would be a shield slam that would knock them back(Alistar style) or do extra damage, etc... or maybe even double the shield granting Poppy a soft initiation tool.
: I don't understand why she's using the hammer she's trying to deliver to a hero.
The hammer likes to fights, Poppy is just helping it fight...Also, Poppy doesn't realize SHE is the hero the hammer seeks.
: A Poppy Mains Feedback
I was going to make my own feedback thread, but ide like to compare my feedback with yours. 1st, my credentials as a Poppy Player =P Poppy was my 1st champ in season 2 and Noxus Poppy was my first skin purchased from Riot. I played her off and on for a long time, but often had spells of not playing Poppy when i assumed a rework was coming out sometime THAT YEAR. lol > [{quoted}](name=Hammer Diplomacy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T21:40:27.737+0000) > **Her Q-** > 2. The damage is very very lackluster. The AD scaling is low (only .65 of BONUS AD) This makes it very hard for a non-full-damage Poppy to be able to use her Q as a reliable damage source. > 3. The 6% Health damage seems very unnoticeable. > 4. Other than above, it seems to be a good ability. I like the way it works and the feel of it. You can use it to kite now which is great. 1st I want to clarify that her Q does 12% max health not 6%. Its 6% now + 6% later. That said i very much agree with everything you say here. But lets talk about why the damage is lack luster. The reason the damage sucks is because Poppy must now build tanky and wont have the pen + damage to support this 12%, combine that with the some what lack luster cooldown currently on Q and this explains the terrible damage IMO. But that's not the only problem i see with Q. Poppys current kit is VERY MUCH a zone control tank, the Q however is an abysmally tiny zone that cant be spammed effectively and doesn't punish properly when ignored(your point #2). I think Riot is trying to hard to reflect old Poppy here and as a result we have an ability that does not work correctly with the given kit. A "possible" solution IMO would be to keep the damage the same and make the are bigger with a slightly lower cooldown OR dramatically increase the damage. it honestly needs to be doing 2-3 times what its doing now, just look at kenchs numbers, around 30% max health damage on 1 ability that cant be dodged and it seems to be just fine. I think some one on the design team did not understand where OLD Poppys damage came from. > [{quoted}](name=Hammer Diplomacy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T21:40:27.737+0000) > > **Her W-** > 1. The speed buff does not last long enough. Possibly keep the no-dash buff at 2.5 seconds at all ranks, but increase the duration per spell rank? > 2. The passive armor and MR is absolute garbage. Building full tank poppy is the only plausible way to get any sort of value out of it. Possibly make the scaling raise with spell rank? (12>14>16>18>20) > 3. The AP ratio is pointless, as it's low scaling and isn't even good for a source of damage anyway. Maybe make it slow/root instead of do damage? > 4. Other than that, it's a very unique ability and I find it as a great tool to outplay opponents. I actually have some disagreements here. The speed buff is fine for the current kit, its just enough for how this kit currently works. adding power here would take away from the power budget which needs to go other places. The no dash buff... hmm I think the real problem is that the kit isnt functioning properly. This ability is VERY powerful for creating or shutting down plays, i dont think its rank 1 should have THAT much power in it. The passive Mr and Armor is about right. Poppy is a tank now and will be built as such. I think what we NEED to see is some added functionality. Maybe when W is up make the buckler return to Poppy? this would reward cooldown management. Also some dashes like Shens taunt still manage to work just fine despite having the dash portion of the ability blocked. Finally, i think this SHOULD interact with Poppys Ult. This would really open Poppy up for making plays if targets she ulted where immediately grounded and stunned if with in the W's range. > [{quoted}](name=Hammer Diplomacy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T21:40:27.737+0000) > > **Her E-** > * Exactly the same as her live E, but with AD instead of AP scaling. > * I would complain about her E not giving enough breathing room after a stun but that's already confirmed fixed by Riot. > * Not much to say here, it's a core part of Poppy. > agreed, but is there a way to fix the breathing room problem with out just buffing stun duration? or is the short stun duration the problem? half the time i use this on minions to get away or to chase, or as a stunless gap closer... still not sure how i feel about it in the new kit personally > [{quoted}](name=Hammer Diplomacy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=BEZ7NEoL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T21:40:27.737+0000) > **The big one. Her R-** > 1. For defensive use, this is a great idea. > 2. For offensive use, the only possible way to use it offensively is by just tapping it for a giant knockup. It's literally just ASKING to be used incorrectly and can easily ruin a teamfight by accidentally charging it up too much. Since the knockup makes enemies untargetable, there's no real way to follow up on it, as it's essentially a mixture between Braum and Bards ult. It creates a sort of Hockey-Puck-Drop effect where after her ult is used as an engage, both teams are at an even playing field for using their abilities. **It does not give your team an advantage, usually.** > 3. The damage is average. Nothing special, but I doubt it's meant to be used as a large damage source. If it had more damage, it would be more valuable, but honestly Riot should just improve the **mechanic** of it rather than the damage. If it's changed to be more useful in teamfights or offensivly, then it would be insanely better. > 4. Some players have recommended making it knock the person away from the ability, so it can be used offensively if Poppy goes full offense and dives into their whole team. This would make the ability overpowered because of how far they go. I'm not sure how Riot is going to react to the criticism on this ability but that's up to the design team. All the players and I know is that it's not that great. > > Now don't get me wrong, I like the **idea** of a Poppy rework, but so far it's not that amazing off the get-go. Riot, I'm hoping you will read this and take into consideration some of the changes and weakpoints of Poppy thus-far. Poppy at the moment just feels lackluster and boring. Although this is very refreshing to see Poppy have some love, she still needs some more. I'll be following up with every major change to Poppy and improving the list you see. Feel free to add your own requests or comments on this. Thanks! > I have a REALLY different view on this ability than most apparently, i guess because i see NEW Poppy as a zone control tank? To me giving control over where the targets of this ult go would be a GROSSLY abusive thing to do. IMO its already borderline over powered/broken. Here are the uses i see for this Ult 1. massively peel divers from back line 2. Huge control tool for dragon and baron because of walls - to - nexus relations 3. HARD COUNTER for heavy initiation teams with champs like Malphite or Hecarim. you use it on Their team mates leaving them completely alone. 4. The mini knock up as stated before, giving this Ult a second mode where it can act as a short range bard ult that ONLY hits enemy 5. a flanking poppy can remove the back line making the front line VERY easy to kill, no front line means no way to defend towers 6. knock defenders away from a tower for EASY tower kills (maybe the most abusive things about it) 7. tower defense between waves 8. STILL the best tower dive ult in the game! knock em out from under that tower, just position correctly for it ( have jungler ready to receive the punt, or if jungle Poppy have the laner charge forward as you do what can only be described as the most beast volibear flip ever) 9. **as you mentioned** incorrect use of this ability can ruin a team fight... just like Bard, Kalista, J4, Kench, Janna, etc... IMO that cements this kit as a higher skill based kit which im honestly happy to see. Unlike yasou who was suppose to be all about skill yet he still rewards mindless button spamming to a point.... and windwall This Ult is just so absurdly powerful IMO and cements Poppy as THE zone control tank. I also find its really fitting with her super resolute personality, which hasn't changed... it's just... yordlefied, after all she still doesn't know any jokes. (+1,000 clever points to Riot for this one !) Your #3 is of course dead on, its an accurate observation. Honestly though, i could see removing the damage completely and adding the power budget to other places in the kit. I also Agree that the kit is currently lack luster and boring to play, but i blame the poorly implemented Q as this is the foundation ability of the kit. IMO when Poppy starts slinging her hammer around people should want to stand back for fear of the punishment. This would give us back the feeling of being the indomitable hammer warrior that is Poppy.


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