: Diana Q code changes coming to PBE
FIrst Diana can still RQ reset with a combo known as "RQEE (yes, E twice or it won't work) animation cancel and RQ hexflash. I've tested both of these and will update this post to provide GIFS if requested of these combos. I had a few questions for you guys. If you can't answer them I understand. 1. Can she get any type of compesation for her combo being removed? This was used frequently by high elo diana mains, and didn't require low latency necessarily to acheive (i did this on 90 to 100 ping constantly pre server move). The compensation I'd suggest is giving her the base AS back that she lost after the mini overhual / buff to her E. Auto attacking at the rate of Janna level 1 feels lackluster. 2. have q move a bit quicker. WIth how it paths now, I feel maybe it'll be easier to sidestep?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Waters Diana!
Please fix the Q bug before releasing a new skin :l and her E bug if you guys have time.. There's several threads out there, and a few rioter's have confirmed it being in QA and then silence on the topic.. On another note, skin is almost perfect. I love everything except for how tiny the W orbs are.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
I will be testing this ton. I'm a 1M mastery diana OTP on NA; thank you guys for releasing this!
: Or they can let her keep this new high range and get rid of the slow, because that's what would make it way over the top after this buff
Its not a buff to the radius though, just the distance it pulls to her. I agree they need to remove the slow or make it last super short though, or make the pull distance scale with levels.
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