: New TB and Duo Bot lane
I havent gotten onto the PBE (PC problems being repaired). But cant you both simply put each others roles as your second (ADC puts support as second role, and vice versa), and regardless of which you 2 get, you would get have the 2 roles between you and be able to pick ADC even though you go in for support?
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: What's Riot's reason for not giving PBE users RP refills?
I mean, it isn't like the entire content of the game is unlocked and skins only cost 1 IP to buy or anything.
: This is something that was meant to be do-able. The thing about it that is balanced is, the strategy is really only usable if Ekko is ahead. He loses out on an ult and has to be able to shop and heal in less than 4 seconds in order to ult back. If they buy Homeguard in lane then the Ekko player would have to commit to the play style of ulting after most recalls for it to be worth the purchase. Best case, for Ekko, enemy laner tries to take your turret after he recalls and is able to ult back on top of them to deal damage and potentially get the kill.
This. The amount of people who didnt even read the release information is crazy. This is intended interaction with his ult. if he to rush shop and use it as a teleport he is able to do that.
: Comment on Ekko's Movement Speed
He has one gap closer, and it is a short range dash that requires an enemy to complete, so it is hardly incredibly mobile. Then he has his ult, which has multiple uses, but is ahrdly just an escape or another form of mobility.
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
I mean considering that when a new champion gets released is when the game needs the largest amount of play testing, it isnt like this is a bad thing. This is exactly what is supposed to happen (minus the fucked up log ins).
: Toxicity in PBE
PBE is literally the most disgusting and toxic place on the planet. I hate it so much, because when i legitamately want to test something or just in general break the game and find bugs, you get people being asses the entire time for no fucking reason. That said, you were probably playing Blind pick, which is equally as toxic on live.
: It looks exactly like Diana, but we'll see, I have to try it to say. If you look at Tristana, she had (before her rework) some good ap ratios, but she was played adc.
Except Tristana had a massive attack speed steroid, on top of the longest range in the game. Which is way stronger than any of her ap ratios were. Ekko doesnt really have any incentive to build AD beyond going for an attack speed/on-hit build.
: Rp and IP!! HELP!!
you cant get any more than they give you initially.
: Looking for some people to test with
what exactly are you looking to test? You looking for someone to fight against or play with?
: I've found a few bugs with Gnar in my testing. It's possible that some of these have been fixed with tonight's deploy, but I haven't yet been able to find out. * Transforming into Mega-Gnar was supposed to retain your current %health ratio — a near-dead Mini-Gnar becomes a near-dead Mega-Gnar, albeit one with a larger pool. However, he's just plain healing now, gaining Mega-Gnar's health bonus, regardless of his current health. While interesting to play, this may be unintended. * He's missing sounds on a number of Mega-Gnar's actions, notably taunt and recall. * It's possible that Mega-Gnar was supposed to actually cough something out during his joke animation, in which case that particle is missing. * The angle of the gouge from his boulder is occasionally off. * Sometimes, after Mega-Gnar wears off, I still have a certain amount of rage, even though the Tired status should prevent this. A few things that aren't technically bugs, but that could stand to be improved: * Gnar doesn't have Homeguard animation in either form, which is tolerable on Mini-Gnar, but makes Mega-Gnar look incredibly silly; as bad as Homeguard Cho. * It can be very frustrating when I'm attempting to proc the movespeed boost from Hyper and my second autoattack crits and kills the target. Crits shouldn't randomly screw over the person who gets them like that. * His abilities have both names when cast, rather than just the one for the current mode. * Rocks can be tossed such that they land in the middle of walls and are thus irretrievable (they look pretty strange too). I think that like with Olaf, the projectile should be blocked by walls that it doesn't outright clear. * Unlike nearly every champion with a temporary attack speed steroid, he lacks any particle for the one associated with using Hop. * Gnar's color changes as he approaches his transformation. This is very clear on Dino Gnar (looking at the glitchy and unfinished skin preview), but far more subtle on the base skin. The two skins should probably be equally clear. * Gnar's recall animation doesn't account for transformations either way in the middle, leading to some abrupt animation overrides. * When Gnar dies as Mega-Gnar, it doesn't seem visually different from how he dies as Mini-Gnar. This has the side-effect of making the massive Mega-Gnar get swallowed whole if killed by Fizz shark! I'm okay with him reverting back on death, though perhaps not that instantaneously, but I do think there should be some acknowledgement in the death animation that this was a giant monster that just died, and not just a cheery gibbering chipmunk.
Transforming from mega into mini is supposed to main your health%, not going mini to mega. They said it wasnt exact so the healing will still be there, just not as much as you would think.
: ~~Mini-gnar Q sometimes returns early before reaching max distance. It also doesn't seem to be able to deal damage twice on the same target but reading the tooltip says it should do 50% damage~~. With the tooltip change this is no longer considered a bug. There are still bugs with the boomerang interaction though, notably with the Hop (E), and sometimes I swear that the boomerang goes max distance even after hitting a pointblank minion or something, though I may have been considered to be "in front" of the minion. Sometimes when returning to mini-gnar, gnar has some fury points even though he shouldn't be stacking any fury since he's tired. Sometimes Mega-gnar E has a delayed damage, and when I flash in the middle of it the land doesn't do any damage (don't know if it's a bug) Update: Can no longer flash in Mega-Gnar E, BUT you can in Mini-gnar E (at least after bouncing). There is no icon for the ultimate when in mega-gnar form. ~~Also I need dino-gnar stat or I'm going to fall into a deep depression~~... Thanks :) (AMAZING SKIN BTW GJ) Ult-ramming an enemy against his base wall (on the outside) sent him flying into his base on the other side of the wall instead of being stunned on the one side. This only happened to me once, but I also only tried it once, so I don't know how often it happens. You can throw the boulder off the map, I don't know if that's intentional. As mini-gnar, using the hop (E) and then boomerang immediately at the end cuts the distance the boomerang throws in half. This happens only sometimes. Also you can throw the boomerang, then double bounce E and catch it before it returns. You can't throw the boulder during hop when in mega-gnar form unlike when in mini-gnar form. Either way the interactions between Gnar's Q and E are inconsistent and seem to be buggy. This is hard for me to confirm, especially since it's a difference in numbers, but I think there is issues with mini gnar with AD and lifesteal. At one point I had 10% LS from BotRK, then I bought a BT and added 20% LS, my total AD was 300, and I should've been healing for 90 HP each AA. What I got was a lot of AA where I healed only 30 HP, with some 90 HP heals spaced intermittently. The issue seemed to disappear over time, but I was no longer keeping track of it, only that I definitively healed only 30 HP when I had 30% LS. If this is hogwash just ignore it. New: Delayed damage on the ultimate sometimes. Mega-Gnar skin in dino gnar sometimes gets buggy and has a part of original mega gnar showing. Boomerang sometimes goes one way when I go another, completely missing it. Also sometimes I'd be on top of the return line and it'd pass through me. This happened only a couple times, but sometimes I'd throw out the boomerang, and when it reached it's max distance it'd disappear. ***Mini-Gnar (Dino Gnar skin) turned all blue, and then after 10 seconds turned all red, when I get a high rage, almost changing to mega gnar, (I suspect it occurs when mini-gnar begins to walk on all fours). This began happening after you inserted gnar's mini-portrait in champ select.
Glad to see someone mentioning the Q returning bug. I dont think it has anything to do with hitting a minion, because sometimes it will go the full distance through minions, and other times it will return after the first minion.
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: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
just chilling in queue. Pretty much my worst fear for this system. How can you possibly test anything if the queue for midlane is 20+ minutes (my current wait time for now and only counting).
: To me, that still says that you shouldn't rank up W first. It's level 1 effect(two stacks of passive, two charges) is the most important.
I never said to rank up W over Q. I simply said i dont find it underwhelming, and even at rank 1-2 (pre level 9) It deals significant damage and is a threat.
: [Suggestion] Vel'Koz R should not increase in damage, but duration as he levels it up
If you increase the duration, you really need to increase the turn speed. As it is right now, you will never be able to hit someone who moves sideways from your ult (if it lasted longer for more damage) unless they are CCd.
: Yeah I get what you're saying. On the mana costs; I could basically spam early game and not go completely oom. I did have two {{item:1004}} faerie charms but i was almost casting his Q and W as soon as the cooldown got to zero. His W is a bit underwhelming early and mid game, but otherwise, Vel seems good
ill disagree with you on his W being underwhelming early. The true power of the W comes fromt he fact it applies 2 stacks of his passive. So if you catch someone in it, they are being chunked for a ton of damage. And landing both hits is not very difficult thanks to the knockup on his E. It is also his only reliable wave clear most of the game (although Q and E can wave clear, not nearly like W can).
: Vel'Koz's Q won't recast until after about half the initial distance.
Ive noticed this as well. Ive found that reactivating his Q at ANY point to feel really unresponsive. Ill be smashing the Q button to try and pop it early because my target moved, and the projectile will go the full distance anyways.
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