: I can't use Arena skins in PBE, TFT when i claim them
Same here. Not really a point of putting them up if we can't test em really.
: pbe urf
"hacks" on the pbe, you have to be kidding me bud, first off any claimed program that's "hacks" is just a virus to everyone's computer because League of Legends is server sided, meaning you can't control any of the data because it's all on riot games, side. Player experience exists within the game whether being on pbe or live servers. Maybe he had different rune setups then you, and maybe he didn't just all in rush down mid feeding. But hacks on league of legends let alone pbe servers, is most likely impossible to even run through since it's all server sided.
: can't use my verdant arena skin :(
Same thing with me, i've unlocked it and relogged many times to still see it locked and unable to use
: A friendly reminder to any that may read that bug abuse is forbidden, and if you're reported for it by others there is a real chance you get banned.
Thank you for making it clear amy, i'll be more then glad to report the tft item bug abusers when they are glitched and not working as intended, maybe we need more of these comments around
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