: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
So here's my thoughts that Im slightly confident in, given that with all these changes coming at once it's gonna be hard to judge anything until we see it in action: **Ashe:** Some solid buffs but with a side serving of nerfs. She can Q multiple times in a prolonged fight and her passive slow doubles ~~after the first hit~~ on crit, (to clarify, ashes crit damage modifier still works the same, but now her slow can crit, and wether that happens is based on crit chance). As minor as it is it's gonna be hard to tell if the removal of the Q stack from volley is overkill. She also might need some more immediate power in her Q or Frost shot passive to make up for the inability to trigger Q immediately, even if Q'ing immediately was suboptimal it gave ashe players an immediate option in pressing situations. **Draven:** Skill floor lowered considerably, gonna be hard to tell how the AS changes will hurt him since that's a numbers change, but overall probably a good change that'll help introduce a lot of new players to him. **Ezreal:** CDR changes likely to do with the new essence reaver that gives CDR based on crit chance. Expecting to see cdr+crit ez in the future and this change seems to reflect that. **Jinx:** OUCH, that rocket nerf hits hard. It's gonna seriously change weather or not jinx players even bother with it at all in teamfights. It still provides safety with range but the dps drop is so big that there are very few situations where it'll be ideal. The passive buff is pretty strong, but in exchange for the nerf to what was jinx's most reliable damage in a teamfight, this'll mean jinx absolutely HAS to get kill participation in a fight before she can be really useful when compared to her other adc brethren. **Kalista:** Not aware of how the scaling works so can't comment. **Lucian:** Lucian is going to become a massive threat as an AD caster now that the culling is static. He used to have some counter synergy with the need to make the culling good through AS, but with his abilities steering towards a more high AD pattern. Now that he's freed up to just go completely AD focused, he's going to be one of the scariest ad caster style marksmen on the field. Not to mention the new essence reaver crit+cdr synergy. **Sivir:** Early game nerf, late game buff. Early on she might suffer a bit because now her window to use her ricochet charges is minscule, later on however the CD changes to it will allow her ,with just a tiny bit of CD, to use ricochet as her default. This in turn increases her base AS, her waveclear and essentially gives her the lategame fantasy that they're taking away from tristana. She'll probably need a nerf, as with this and her ult she'll probably provide just too much to a team to be outclassed by any other marksman. **Tristana:** Welp, her entire kit got changed, hard to judge, so I'm not gonna. **Twitch:** Another snowbally passive change in exchange for a consistent damage nerf. This will make twitch better if he can assassinate people, but personally it feels like hes not good enough at assassinating currently that this buff outweighs the nerf. Some nice QOL buffs on the side, but they don't drastically change much. **Urgot:** Nice buff, not much else to say. **Varus:** Makes Varus's ult stronger versus tank compositions, but worse as a disengage tool (cause it's less likely to get procced). Pretty neutral change, but Id say it's in Varus's favor on a whole. **Vayne:** Massive vayne nerfs versus a lot of champions, but that's the point. This'll make her anti tank game ridiculous but her one on one dueling with anyone else has suffered. Compared to a lot of the other changes seen she'll most likely be considered too weak to play regularly after this. Which is good considering she isn't designed to be a healthy generic pick to begin with. So, those be my thoughts mateys. I probably got something wrong so if anybody, rioter or no, wishes to correct me feel free. After all these are just the ravings of a hipster.


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