: 1st ult was exactly as pbe locket, it was changed because it was useless 2nd ult was too op because he could move it For a item, it isnt that op
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: Probably because the new locket is more interactive and less abusable by other classes. The way locket is now is that it's heavily favored towards other classes that can build health easier, like top/jg tanks. With the new changes it will be a little better and more usable on more supports, since it will become a flat damage reduction without any hp scaling, so champs like Janna and Lulu can build it without losing value.
Alright, but with Locket's change there will be no shielding items left in the game. If Riot wants them gone I'll deal with it, but I'd like to at least know why. Also, didn't they change Locket last season, so that it gives less base shield and has HP scaling?
: I guess they don't want the healing to come too early in the game and affect the lane, like ornn buy it as a first item...
That would make sense... However, to get the Warmog's Heart passive, with just Warmog's, Ornn would have to be around level 16.
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: Looking at Kindred Causes a Bugsplat (Game Breaking.)
Well Kindred are the equivalent of Death. They should be "the last thing you see". Kappa
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: Replay Problems???
Same with me. Pretty sure it's just not yet ready.


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