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: New HUD Feedback
How about items in the scoreboard get sorted by price, like in when spectating? Would make it easier to see the important items of teammates/enemies.
: New HUD Feedback
I would really like an option to make the map bigger than how big you can make it now. Made a screenshot of what I wish was possible.
: Hide Eye Candy Menu Option
This is a great idea. Could you include strg 1-4 into that?
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: Official Braum Feedback Thread
He only has 2 spells to dmg creeps with. One being single target and the other being his ultimate. I think his q schould do aoe dmg to creeps in a straight line. Otherwise playing vayne/ezreal + broum would hardly be possible.
: FFS - It is LITERALLY a second Ohmwrecker. Ohmwrecker is there to take the tower shots away, same as your idea.
: No it shouldnt.. sorry, but I'm against this idea. It would give every player nearby Braum a "Ohmwrecker" for free. There needs to be risks taken when you towerdive.
Ohmwrecker completly disables tower agro for a while, this would only switch tower agor as if the first person walked out of range.
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: [Sale] Rune Starter Kit
Can confirm, I have 18 AD runes for exampple.
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: [summoner rift] - The river is black !
I have a screenshot: [](
: [BUG CLIENT] Custom Games
If I leave a custom game, the client doesnt allow me to recconect, but says that the game is still in progress. Reloging does fix the problem though.

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