: Thank you.
Agree .. but please LISTEN MORE OUR ADVICES. This is just think what i want to say. Then THX RIOT GG WP !.
: [Doom Bots] Annie Bot appears in the dragon area
It's a bug.. it's a ,,copy'' or ,,clone'' of them , cause they ALL use tf ulti to teleport to dragon , and then they all recall.. but this time the tf ult bugged and annie had a clone there:D.. i hope u understand me..
: Doom bots + URF?
REopening the thread
: Doom Bots - Buying a health pot gives you Biscuit of Rejuv instead
: They only taunt if you are in them when the field ends. Is this intentional? I have no idea.
Yes , it is intentional. It's exact opposite to galio's ulti. Galio's ulti taunt , and when finish , taunt is eliminated for 0,5 seconds , then explode and gives damage. Well those fields aren't taunting when they are there , just when it ends and doesn't give damage
: I just want them to being back URF.. Doom as nothing on URF, but if they did allow players to URF on the Doom bots that would be even more fun.. GOOD IDEA
Exacly :D or Doom bots vs URF
: Doom bots are too easy to have us buffed with URF xD
Too easy? Ok , go you 1v1 you vs 1 doom bots lv 5.
: My suggestion would be to not add this to all of the doom queues, but have as sort of a bonus after the 5-bomb queue, giving somewhat extra incentive to beating 5. Great idea, though.
Yea.. at least that infinite mana or cd reduction.. but urf would be better..
: Doom bots + URF?
Riot , answer to this please.
: (Suggestion) Doom 5 vs 5
This won't be possible. Why? HOW THE HELL TO put DOOM to all champions? Are over 100 champions and it's impossible to put doom abilities to all of them. So absolutely won't be. Too much work for riot. Better urf..
: I think it would be more fair and more fun because Doom bots 5 Is difficult and adding doom bots and urf on level 5 bots would be lots fun because a level 5 doom bot can 1v4 sometimes.
Just sometimes? I think all time , doom bots lv 5 can 1v4.
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: [Minor][Game] Shop's Cancel Buy functionality can reduce health and hp
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