: Sivir W does too much damage
: [Sivir]- W damage is too high.
Confirming that her crit is WAY broken atm
: All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE
After playing some rounds, PLEASE enable bans. All down for the random, but bans really need to be enabled to help with some more balancing besides random.
: ARURF Just perma ban some champs
There should be bans in this mode with random
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Want to report I had this issue too. Wasn't sure if it was connected to the undo button. I'll pay closer attention next time. It happens in the defenders side too I've noticed. At least you can walk out of there
: Aurelion Sol's e has enormous hidden cooldowns
I have yet to play him (mac client), but from the many games I've watched and learned about him I feel like this is a very important thing to be talked about. Other people's thoughts?
: Aurelion Sol can't hide in the bush
I was highly curious about this and how it was going to work. Couldn't test cuz of Mac not working. Something should be done to some degree as that seems highly unfair for fog of war or trying to plan a surprise attack.
: Mac client crashing just before game starts on OFA
I have a mac as well and did not come across this error. I would suggest repairing the client first and seeing if it repeats?
: ***Add Tenacity buff for One for All****
I can second this. Especially for Gnars and Bards, if you get hit by one in a group you can't move for quite some die and almost ALWAYS results in deaths.
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: Bards 'Out of Combat' isn't really 'Out of Combat'
This is a very good point. Either re-word the concept of Out of Combat for passive or make the same as those boots. Personally I think it should be the same as boots. Gives a little bit of a buff that may help with speed through collecting chimes and roaming if you come across another roaming enemy champ.
: Morgana Shield lost part of its functionality
From my understanding of what you are saying, that does seem kinda jacked up
: Why would they do this? i mean its the only actuall dmg spell and with all these gapeclosers around u never ever gonna hit somebody because he dont even need to get in ur q range before engaging.(and did u ever try to hit for example ahri using her ult? its impossible, if ahri isnt seriously braindamaged or u are overpredicting mega hard) i mean it would make sense if q could stun instant or atleast would slow mega hard but u need to hit a wall or another enemy so why would u nerf the range or misslespeed on q? its the only usefull spell to kite and peel. it is alrdy hard enough to land ur q so why? sry for bad english, not my native language
You're good! Made sense to me. But totally agree!! If you look at even JUST supports their range of skill shots are beyond longer. And since he doens't have many skillshots, I would consider his passive another one as well. So removing that extra range took it away. EXAMPLE: If I am against a morg support. If I try to slow her with my AA/Passive she can Q me before I can even get close. Even if I tried to Q her, her Q would catch me first. Maybe if they didn't like 100 range, at least do 50 extra. 80 I think would be fair but just my opinion.
: Bard is very "teamplay" champion. He will never comes viable in solo q, coz he needs perfect communication inside his team to realize his potential.
Idk. I highly disagree with this. I'm getting really tired of people saying he's only a "teamplay" champion and only does well with duo or more. I love him to death, and he's challenging as hell but it is possible to do well in solo; just not that often. I wouldn't call him a "teamplay" champ, but with a few tweaks to his kit he can solo q better. (Sorry, very opinionated about him :P )
: As a Bard player who has seen plenty of ADCs unable to handle playing with a roaming support, I 100% agree that this would encourage the roaming that Bard's kit emphasizes.
I strongly agree with this. He is very slow moving in early game and when I would leave lane with him I had to either choose to get my buff from chimes or allow my adc to not be able to push or get cs because the other team would push without me there. Clearing chimes faster would help a lot.
: I think the buffs on Bards ad ratio and base armor will help him alot but the dmgbuff on q isnt necessary. i hoped for some range or missilespeed on q, bec Bard does not need to deal dmg he just is there to create plays so hitting q is kinda important and should feel easier to hit. I mean Ult and e are rly nice but also kinda special, u cant use them in all kind of situations. i also thought about a little Manarestore on **full** charged w (like 50% of w`s manacost).
Well. They just took that extra range away ><
: I agree the buff is cool. The range increase makes me wonder if adc bard viable. I tried it in a bot game but his attack animation was a bit slow for me.
I'd kill for a world where ADC bard works. Lulu worked for a while and that was awesome.
: bard buff was very much needed he was not very strong against most support champs and was usually beat in reliability a lot , now that he was 50 more range on his autos this pretty much gives him a longer range aoe slow which is amazing plus the damage buffs on his queue give him more poke potential against other supports like sona and soraka
Exactly! Sona was one of the hardest ones I experienced to counter.
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: Mandrake ward causes an unlimited ward bug
I don't think you guys got the point across, SO I feel like you need to place more wards :P Haha that was a hilarious bug.
: From my one game of Bard (It's really hard to get him) and my 4 years of supporting experience, I want to say thank you for creating a really cool concept of the roaming support and constantly bringing new things to the game. Only problems I had playing with him and as him were a few things: **1. Chimes might could use a small exp buff.** I somehow was behind in levels when roaming and acquiring 2 assists compared to the other team's Bard who had 1 death and was in lane longer than me. I'm not sure how exp works too well now, but if this is a common thing when roaming and collecting chimes, then maybe they could use a small exp buff. **2. Shrine Clarity.** At least for me, when I had a bard on my team, it was incredibly hard to see shrines at times, even with the default base skin. I think the Elderwood skin is more noticeable, but for the default skin, the shrines can blend with the colors of the ground or the brush. So I get instances where I don't want to pick up a shrine and I end up doing so because I accidentally walk into it without seeing it. **3. Itemization.** It bothers me that Spelltheif's Edge is the only support item with base Gp/5. I think it forces Bard to pick that item because it gives good harass and allows him to roam freely while still generating gold. I think if Ancient Coin had a base Gp/5, even if it was 1. It would allow players to make the choice of getting a more offensive item or a more passive item with some sustain. I think Talisman of Ascension would be a good item to get on him if Frost Queen's claim wasn't cheaper to build because I'm forced to get Spelltheif's Edge.
> [{quoted}](name=Pacemaker9669,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EIIgQvbX,comment-id=0059,timestamp=2015-02-26T19:12:09.315+0000) > > **1. Chimes might could use a small exp buff.** > > I somehow was behind in levels when roaming and acquiring 2 assists compared to the other team's Bard who had 1 death and was in lane longer than me. I'm not sure how exp works too well now, but if this is a common thing when roaming and collecting chimes, then maybe they could use a small exp buff. > I strongly agree with this! I had the exact same experience. The enemy Bard was behind in kills/assist/minions but I had more chimes, but was ahead of me by 2 levels. It also seems like roaming is not a good thing to do until LATE game once a bunch has popped up so you can collect them all at once. (Have done several games now)
: Bard's E Suggestion
I strongly agree with this as well. I have also ran into this problem.
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: MAC - Summoner Rift (Updated)
I'd suggest posting your bug splat logs so people might be able to see what problems you are having. When Mac had it's own client and was separate from Riot's client that was one thing that really helped.
: Wow, thanks for this! It's really well-thought out and your English was great :] From a gameplay perspective, I believe we tried to avoid changing the white/blue "hurting water" too much for Nami's (E) Ebb and Flow for readability. On her base, her "healing water" is green and "hurting water" is white as well :] But! I'll still bring it up with the team and see if anything can be done! {{champion:267}}
Feedback/Suggestion: Make the color difference higher so it is more noticeable.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: River Spirit Nami!
First I want to say good job on the skin!! I am highly impressed. Two things: 1) Bug Report: there is a small bubble that is flying around her while she is idol. You can see it most when she does a backflip on the left. 2) Feedback: I noticed her laugh has no animation atm. As a suggestion her default has blue splashes that come up. Why not have yellow lights come up like in her wave ult?
: Thoughts on Team Builder
I second that! Changing roles will hopefully cut on wait time. I mean in live I imagine it will still be better. But I believe that's a good idea. And let the "captain" approve the change or not. I'd also like to add that once a "Captain" makes a game you can't change what you're searching for. I think that should be changed. For example I select "Top Lane / Tank" and I should of selected "Any Role" for a higher chance for people to join.
: I haven't really noticed supports falling behind anymore than they have in previous seasons though. Not sure if the exp they receive needs to get buffed either, considering they're already decently strong early game, and some champs have the ability to snowball into the later game. What are your guys' opinion on this?
I feel like due to the gold items supports and stay fairly equal to everyone else. But the stats they gain per level falls behind. I notice once EVERYONE is at level 18, the game is vastly different than when the supports are still several levels behind. I mean I have changed my gameplay to adapt to this. But I wanted to post about this possible concern before S4 to see if anyone else agrees. Not saying things need to change if no one else sees anything, but I feel like some slight changes can be done.
: I often, play support and it's true that they do fall behind in levels. There have been new ways for supports to get more gold and play a bigger part in the game. unless you play like nid zilien or champs that can do big damage while playing support you often fall behind.
Gold items are helping supports not fall behind in gold equilivent to everyone else. Just levels aren't. Which for some champs is important if everyone else is 18 and supports are 15/16
: Supports are usually behind because they leave lane often to ward, or base more often because they get focused. Of course, the solo laners will always be higher levels because they don't share exp with anyone.
Well I am aware that top and mid champs will have more experience than bottom and jungle. In past I noticed supports would be equal of adcs
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: Took me a while to get my MBP up to mavricks, (2010 mbp, 2.66 i7 dual core, nvidia 330m), it plays decently on medium-low settings @ 1440x892 resolution but i do notice some serious lag on death
Sorry this is a late response. But I would like to add that now I am not having any problems on neither my iMac or MBP. I am not sure what fixes got made in the most recent patches but that seemed to work!
: What type of mac are you playing on, what processor, is it the integrated gpu or do you have a discrete one? How old are the machines you are trying, and are they all about the same age?
**iMac 2005:** 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo / NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512 MB (Integrated) / 4GB RAM Memory **Macbook Pro 2012 Edition (Got in 2013):** 2.6GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1GB (Integrated) / 16GB RAM Memory - Both systems have Mavericks installed. From most Mac players I have talked to in PBE, any that are not having issues still have Lion or Snow Leopard. Not sure if this is important or not. Freezes/FPS Spikes tend to be worse around death scenarios most of the time, a few happen randomly though when no action is going on.
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: Pantheon Grand Skyfall BUG 0 CD
This is a sever issue. Please work on it. Thanks.
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
So pretty much there goes all play for Lulu AD. Alright, but excited for everything else!!
: about the new gold text
Second day to new visual effects. The gold, level up, and mana/health is amazing! Keep up the awesome work!
: Team Builder Bugs!
I am not sure if anyone else has gotten this error or what. The TB went down before I could test it a third time. I ran into this issue where I would Solo join a game. Everything would work fine then the Captain would start and the game would disassemble due to an error. I try again and it the game goes through I play. Then after that game ends I try to solo play again. The Captain starts the game and then we get the same error. Join another game and then it works. I have had this happen to me twice. Was about to try it again but the TB went down. So not positive if full bug or not.
: In the post-game lobby, if you try the "play again" button, the platform puts you in a "Waiting for stats... [Skip Waiting for Stats]" as if the game was loading the post-game lobby instead of bringing you back to the team builder or queue.
I can confirm this. It can be reproduced too.


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