: hello. i am an anivia onetrick with over 200k mastery pts. just first want to say its awesome seeing her finally get another skin. so here are the things i am not satisfied with: -the animation and sound effect for when she revives from her egg is very underwhelming. currently she just appears out of thin air with no animation and the sound effect that plays is very small and quiet. i would like to see something more dramatic for a special moment like this. reviving from egg is one of anivias high points in her gameplay. -i dont like how the crane in her E is static. sometimes you E someone while they are using a mobility spell and the E travels very far to hit them and it will look awkward. i think maybe the crane she throws out could be flapping its wings at least, that would be very awesome. -even on max quality, the pages of the books in her wall look compressed jpeg-ish some minor idea: -i think she should explode into scraps of paper when she dies -her Q flies very slowly, so i think there is room to add something to it while it flies, like maybe it starts off as a sheet of paper and folds itself, when it finally reaches the end of its range it will be a finished origami waterbomb -seeing bits of paper fly out from behind her as she moves around would be nice, like how kassadin leaves a trail of those purple void lines
yes, the wall looks like jpeg. it really need to be changed.
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