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: Team Builder Bugs!
i went in as solo "There is no "Home" button that will bring you back to the Team Builder lobby after you navigate away - Shakkenbake" the home button is shown and usable before you go find a team links dont work in chat you cant select the text(to copy) in chat
: Rammus feedback
the bad thing about rammus ppl oversee is that he doesnt have a good position. jungle is best,but he is a slow jungler. maybe give him bonus return dmg vs monsters on W?
: [Important Feedback] Rammus Nerf
the bad thing about rammus ppl oversee is that he doesnt have a good position. jungle is best,but he is a slow jungler. maybe give him bonus return dmg vs monsters on W?
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: Login Screen..Problem?
confirmed and upvoted
: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
Riot, please check these two bugs:
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: That Minion bug was pretty funny,though,good luck on fixing those bugs.
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: There is a game I initially picked{{champion:37}} , then I Qed. In the team select stage, me and my adc decided to pick {{champion:1}} . But when we got into the game, i still got{{champion:37}} even though I picked annie during the select stage.
known bug No. 4: Solos can attempt to change their champion and skin after joining a group, but these changes will not be shown to the group, and will not take effect in game.
: I'm not really sure who I would sent up against blitz
wont trunda, aatrox, ezreal work? ryze vs trunda and aatrox and assassins vs ezreal
: I haven't seen it where the most votes haven't won. I can see where this wouldn't even be a good thing when someone picks urgot or something to "troll" and no one else wants to do that. Yeah I don't think it would be always a stomp but for my MF vs Blitz game I last played, we dominated early game laning but when it got to the team fight stage we didn't have a single chance. Teams with CC AoE are just too dominate Yeahh I know normals will just be worse than PBE though, the toxicity of normal all for one is going to be terrible
i have seen when 1 vote bet two votes, maybe thats the only time it can win idk. i was thinking about normal queue, but you are right about live servers every champ can be countered in OFA, although you cant see the enemy champion
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: Problem with One for all
ppl usually just dodge queue for that
: My opinion on One for All
the most votes don't always win, they have more chance but its random 6 bans for the most OP champs, and most of the champs have potential to be OP with good teamwork it isn't always a stomp, but yeah it is pretty often those toxic ppl will give up easy on normals too
: Same as mentioned above. Also statistics are not "personalised" - I dont know which are mine.
i believe the top one is always yours no? EDIT: i misunderstood, but you still can see your name when hovering with the mouse
: Nasus [BUG]
sona W+passive reduces dmg delt by some %. are you sure you did 0 dmg or just less? this is more of a sona bug than nasus bug
: [BUG] Nexus is still targetable if inhibs respawn
you forgot to say on which map, i assume SR
: [Masteries] Grammatical Errors
confirmed, here are some more: Inspiration, expanded mind and vampirism have the word "gain" in description only in rank 2 ; in devastating strikes the P is capitalised only in rank 2
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: **Known Bugs Continued:** 17.) After joining a lobby, the map did not correctly show all players on the minimap in the correct locations - crystian88 18.) Team Builder lobby occasionally does not inform players of Players leaving or joining the group - Best Syndra NA 19.) Team Builder music continues to play while you're in queue, but not in either the "Pick" or "Team" windows. - Vsin 20.) After navigating to the summoner profile, it was impossible to navigate back to the Team Builder lobby - P8 Donkeybat 21.) While in the Team Builder lobby Champion icons on the minimap can be cropped poorly/more than they should be. - belithioben 22.) Rune pages at the bottom of the Rune page list cannot be viewed when in Team Builder - Shounen Jump 23.) NO_NODE_FOR_GROUP_ID error message is displayed upon trying to join a group - Rubymatt 24.) If a Buddy declines an invite to a Team Builder lobby, and then accepts a second invite, their name will appear twice in the Invite list. - Driatos 25.) As a Solo, if you attempt to leave the lobby right as the game is starting, you will have a prompt about "Are you sure you want to leave" when you get to the end of Game Screen. - Sentinial 26.) Games played with Team Builder do not show up in Match History. - popipupy 27.) Summoner Spells are not showing correctly on the loading screen. - Mr. Mystical, Red Exergy 28.) As a Solo, the champ select dialog can be opened after finding a group and it appears to the Solo as if they can change their champion even though it will not take effect in game. - m3ndi3 29.) It is possible to launch a replay while in the Team Builder queue. - Chocobokokoro 30.) If you buy something in the store while in the Team Builder flow, you must exit the queue and join again before your inventory will be updated. - Zyten 31.) As a Solo, after clicking "Find Another Group" and being matched with a second group, the minimap Icon does not properly update to reflect who has filled the position. - Telanor
a note on 24), i dont think it was as simple as decline>accept. i dont remember correctly, decline>accept>quit>accept or some similar combination
: I found a bug when i tried to find a group,i choosed to be the midlaner. But when i found a group,everyone was Midlaner. Theres a problem in the search.
the team leader can choose what people he wants to invite, he can put himself and all other potential players for midlane (all mid strategy)
: Team Builder Bugs!
you cant type numbers and some special characters in chat ! and * can edit:as captain you have no bugs in writing declined then accepted invites show twice (couldnt reproduce after first sighting) both me(captain) and my friend(invited)saw this. it wasnt decline>accept invitation. he accepted>quit>accepted spectate suggestions show just 2 ppl, sometimes same side, might be teambuilder bug edit: nwm, just noticed it said "custom" no cancel button in champions screen if have already picked a champion and want to change it and retink. you need to find the same champion again (draven) ward skins work good when replacing to jungle you get different sound (probably intentional, but just in case)
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: Old testers from before this new system was implemented will have to start from scratch. I.e. **Everyone start from scratch now.** 1. Start from scratch on new account with ~~0 IP~~ **Low IP** * Play for a month, Get some 15k IP * Someone else gets your spot for a month so you cant play * You once again get accepted to PBE * Start playing from where you were with 15k IP. **All Old account will get deleted, everything that exists will be the new account** These new accounts are already linked to the real servers so this won be an issue.
well that is the problem, old PBE testers starting from scratch, both in IP/RP and riot's opinion (metrics) of our contribution
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: testing formatting guide
same comment testing ~~a * a ** a ** a * a~~ asd >quote asd >quote2 as(10 spaces to D)> D asd{{champion:21}}{{item:1001}}{{summoner:3}} .............. {{item:3086}}{{item:3100}} asd *list 1 *list 2 *list 3
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: Are the Masteries fixed yet?
RIOT said they want to rework masteries, maybe they are putting new masteries on PBE
: [Xertath Scorched Earth Skin] – Can't see q animation all the way
i noticed it too, guess it is cos of xeraths rework same thing was with headhunter nidalee spear, Riot will fix it
: Minor: Unexpected Platform Error
i had the bug when pressing "PLAY" and switching to profile after was in shop before this
: Least toxic queue?
that's why i always play ARAM
: ARAM with having ALL CHAMPIONS ...
ambiguous title, i thought u want a mode where everyone can random from all the champions
: Well still in NA i think, i'am playing on EUW normal and have 30ms ping on pbe over 200.
i'm EUW too, got kind of used to PBE lag protip: if u play earlier in the day(say noon) there will be more europians than americans, than evening/night
: What icon had the blue square over it? I am assuming it was a summoner spell, do you remember which one? Additionally, have you seen this issue since this post? Thank you for taking the time to post this issue Driatos.
no, your own summoner icon(avatar), exactly like here: was using flash and barier btw haven't played since then
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: Thanks again - this has been addressed
: Thanks for this report. What browser is your friend using? I'm having trouble replicating his issue.
the picture in the link is 15 hours ago, when i made the post i perssume he opened the post when i edited it, it took me a bit of time so the bug is: when smb edits the post you cant see it btw i use chrome
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