: that bug was fixed in yesterday's patch
> [{quoted}](name=Soy malo en TFT,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=43OsoYIu,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-06-22T16:57:25.077+0000) > > that bug was fixed in yesterday's patch Will update! Thank you! Hard to see what's fixed, I can't get in PBE anymore because the queue is getting obnoxiously long. Lol.
: Big up! Also I think that a button to open a DPS panel is VITAL in the autochess genre. I need to know how shitty my lvl 3 Tristana is or how insanely broken my lvl 1 Draven is. Also another bug. Had lulu lvl 1 on field. A lulu lvl 1 on bench. And got myself a lulu with chainmail from carousel. Lulu lvl 2 upgraded INSTANTLY after the carousel was over and the chainmail was gone.. EDIT: Lvl 3's getting a Chroma or an upgraded model is absolutely necessary to maintain that "feel good" moment of making a lvl 3.
> [{quoted}](name=Tomura Shigaraki,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=43OsoYIu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-21T07:53:34.184+0000) > > Big up! Also I think that a button to open a DPS panel is VITAL in the autochess genre. I need to know how shitty my lvl 3 Tristana is or how insanely broken my lvl 1 Draven is. > > Also another bug. Had lulu lvl 1 on field. A lulu lvl 1 on bench. And got myself a lulu with chainmail from carousel. Lulu lvl 2 upgraded INSTANTLY after the carousel was over and the chainmail was gone.. > > EDIT: Lvl 3's getting a Chroma or an upgraded model is absolutely necessary to maintain that "feel good" moment of making a lvl 3. YES! The DPS panel I agree 100%. I heard they were implementing it in though so I didn't fuss over it too much in this post. The auto combine after carousel is so frustrating, and that item loss is even worse. :/ Again, agree on the Level 3's. They just look bigger, and they got pimped out. Where's my Project Vayne Level 3 or my Arctic Varus Level 3? D:
: Hello, I really like everything you say, and they are things that I have also thought about also came on public transport and I thought they should add the origin "cosmic" because there are several champions that originate is that, as a lion, aurelion, bard among others also that they should have a rule to not put their classes, since casadin I do a little wasted that is a magician if I could not take advantage of his class   I had also thought that they should add a passive and an active one to the champions the passive something that identifies or maintains the identity of the champion and not only his face and how he activates something that helps him to do his work and that has a relationship like Gnar that seems to me a well-achieved barbarity example L e o n a passive: When a lioness game is launched, it is thrown over the most Sercan enemy and activates a shield that lasts 2s and increases its armor and magic resistance. active: R of all life this would be like a lioness in lol, and this kind of thing PD: sorry if it's hard to understand, use a google translator greetings from Mexico
> [{quoted}](name=hola pts,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=43OsoYIu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-21T02:13:35.340+0000) > > Hello, I really like everything you say, and they are things that I have also thought about > > also came on public transport and I thought they should add the origin "cosmic" because there are several champions that originate is that, as a lion, aurelion, bard among others > > also that they should have a rule to not put their classes, since casadin I do a little wasted that is a magician if I could not take advantage of his class >   > I had also thought that they should add a passive and an active one to the champions > > the passive something that identifies or maintains the identity of the champion and not only his face > > and how he activates something that helps him to do his work and that has a relationship like Gnar that seems to me a well-achieved barbarity > > example L e o n a > > passive: When a lioness game is launched, it is thrown over the most Sercan enemy and activates a shield that lasts 2s and increases its armor and magic resistance. > > active: R of all life > > this would be like a lioness in lol, and this kind of thing > > PD: sorry if it's hard to understand, use a google translator greetings from Mexico No problem! I do think that they should really think about the origins, the one that you said "Cosmic" is a good idea! You are right about some units like Kassadin which I also think is a little wasted as a magician. I haven't even thought of passive and active abilities! Because there's less champions this would be a neat idea - hard to implement but still cool nontheless! Thanks for the greetings! Cool to have someone from Mexico chime in. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol!
I love Aurelion Sol, and the skin as well, but I personally think a storm inspired skin for Aurelion Sol would've been more appropriate - almost like a nod to the Ao Shin concept.
: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
Ok. I'm really OCD about these kind of things, so I would like to focus more aesthetically on this. Remember that this is all my opinion and I really like the improvements they've done so far - these are some things that I personally would like to see stylistically. Fonts - The fonts are inconsistent - there's too much going on, the thick, wide and bulky font used for the menu at the top (like "FEATURED" and "CHAMPIONS"), group titles such as "WHAT'S NEW" and "FEATURED ITEM", and when you want to buy something, "PURCHASE ITEM", really clash with the simple and tall body font you guys have. I suggest making the font more taller, or a new font entirely. It just doesn't look right in my eyes. - Also, why does it say purchase item? Isn't it pretty obvious what we're going to do when we click on the thing we want? I suggest removing those words from the top - again it feels bulky to me. - This might seem a bit too OCD, but the numbers on the buttons when you want to purchase something are too low on the button. Window - The store does not Fit to Screen. I'm on a Mac, and I don't know if that changes anything, but to have 2 scrolly thingies, (I have no idea what they're called) is bothering me SO MUCH. Especially that one is a nice looking, sleek gold and the other is a bulky, blue, AOL type thing. Organization - Some items appear in the NULL section when categorizing Champion Skins by Champion. - What's the point of having a Sort By IP and RP button for Ward Skins if they're all the same price except for the Mystery Ward? And you can't even buy these with IP on live. - How are runes organized when you first enter the gameplay tag? I feel like they're random, when you get on the gameplay shop screen literally the first runes that come up are cluttered - there is runes from different tiers, different types of runes... how do you expect someone new to understand what is happening, it's even difficult for someone experienced to just look through these and find the ones they want - the default sequence of the runes in the store is atrocious. Smoothness - Tabs move way too fast - "On sale for 50% off? Cool! Hm, Beast Hunters, wow! They're 50% off? No, the champions are - wait..." - I've already seen that you guys are working on the refresh that happens after every purchase. - You know the cool loading screen that we get when we open the loot and crafting inventory? Can I have that instead of having to watch the whole store blink before I get to do anything? Ah. That's a lot off my chest. Sorry for the wall. But I really needed to get this out there before I exploded. Great job on the store so far guys! It's looking good! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Just something for clarity, I don't know if someone posted this here but the indicators for enemy tentacles interact with terrain, so sometimes they are not clearly seen. Good thing we had different skins, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. [Clarity - Illaoi Tentacle](http://imgur.com/bknx9fI) When you said you were removing clarity I didn't think you meant this... {{summoner:13}} Just kidding, you guys are doing great I'm just adding pictures for attention. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I haven't played this yet, but it feels like Quinn's early game is so weak right now, its ridiculous. I mean the only think that was her saving grace was the blind that she had on her Q, and you guys even took that away. I'm going to wait until I can play her to actually see if this is true, but I have some questions... In Tag Team, if she has no combat spells except for Skystrike, what replaces her Q and E? What do I get in place of the damage and execute I am missing from Tag Team? I know that I will be rewarded if I use my Q correctly but does it compensate for the lack of damage in other areas of her kit? Is it worth losing the blind for? How in the world would she be viable at all in the meta, or in the competitive scene for that matter, if her mobility is the only thing that has been improved? How is she supposed to deal with other marksmen who just have plain better stats with her IN LANE when map mobility doesn't matter? Is she supposed to just farm it out and wait until team fights for her to be considered good? Where is her power spike and what does it involve? And the last question: What makes her FUN TO PLAY? If you are unwilling to answer I'll figure all this by myself. And if she is boring, I'll scrap her.
: actually riot did say it prioritizes the last target u AA, so attacking once before using q is the best way right now.
Ah ok thanks T1gun... I overlooked that I guess. Maybe just something for clarity. And speaking of clarity, they should also put the range indicator on his Q as well.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
I'm surprised that the champions that you chose for the ones that works with Kindred and struggles against were the ones that were there. I actually would say that the champions that are absolutely broken with Kindred are Karthus, Soraka, and Kalista. Kindred easily sets up Karthus with a moving Zhonyas. During this time, he is able to just hit everyone from full health to low health, and then when he finally does die, he can just ult and skittles right after Lamb's Respite is over. Karthus can also greatly enable Kindred by zoning enemies from entering the backline to get them. Soraka is outright broken by the same exact concept, she can heal and heal without ever having to worry about her health, and then right after Lamb's Respite ends, her allies are almost guaranteed to have more health due to her ult. Her peel and silence are also invaluable after the ult ends, and even when Kindred is alone and caught out, Soraka's passive allows her to get to Kindred quickly while Kindred is still in Lamb's Respite. Kalista can just delay her rend ability until Lamb's Respite is over, inflicting all the stacks on her enemies during the ult. And she can also bring her trusty support with her, with fear they won't die quite yet, to hold enemies in place while she pummels them with spears. Morgana would be a great choice in this case, with her delayed damage and crowd control. Gragas is good with and against Kindred, but he's more unreliable as an ally, I feel like Gragas should've been put in the struggles against section. Lee Sin (a good one) I agree can shut down a Kindred well. And Alistar has to be a counter. There's no way an 70% reduction of damage on this monster coming at you, stunning you and knocking you out of your own ult can be considered as fair. That's just downright rude. Also some thoughts on her skill set: Their Q is a little unreliable. It crushed my hopes some games where I couldn't trade with the enemy mid laner because i would have to jump into minions... and my Q would hit the minions instead of the champion. It's crazy that this jump by itself isn't an auto attack reset, but having the damage be unreliable in situations such as these are depressing. Vayne's Tumble exceeds this ability tenfold, being an auto attack reset, and having reliable damage. I understand that the main point of this ability is waveclear, but when I'm chasing a champion, I don't want to hit three raptors on the way. I'm proposing to have this ability target champions first, if this was the only change you made, I would be quite happy. AD scalings are horrendous. I'm pretty sure someone said this before, but I'll repeat it. It does not feel good buying an AD item. Bork I would consider buying. But other than on-hit builds that include Triforce and Devourer, their damage as a whole just seem weak. Their highest AD scaling is 40% right now. Even for a champ that does good sustained damage, Kindred is weak, especially during late game, where it feels like all this hunting isn't actually improving his damage. If you want to stick with the on-hit builds, I'd say make the Q act the same as his autos (without other on-hit effects except for his passive), so that his passive can scale with the the Q. Other suggestions would be to just increase their AD ratios a tiny bit. Other than that, Kindred is a blast to play, and I really mean it. The overall aesthetic reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki movies... like you got direct inspiration from several sources. Dha Ma, Princess Mononoke, Jekyll and Hyde, some really good lamb stew your co worker made, whatever the inspiration was, the product is amazing. Yum. Lamb stew.
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
Custom Game - Shadowfire Kindred Gameplay Bugs - Picking Kindred in Champ Select will cause the game to get to the loading screen a lot longer. - When Kindred dies, the whole game crashes and I have to reconnect. - Everytime I reconnect, the game acts as if it was a new game; for example, after I reconnect and get a kill, it says First Blood. Visual Bugs - When Wolf attacks an enemy during W, a black box appears at the point of impact. - When recalling, Lamb gains another Wolf. - This second Wolf keeps on circling after Kindred dies. Mac Version / OSX Yosemite
: PROJECT: Fiora ult bug
Same thing happened to me as well.
: [Fiora & Aatrox] If Fiora casts her Ultimate on a Aatrox with passive it will stay there
So have you tested with other champions? I feel like the same thing could happen with a lot others like Anivia, Kog, and Zyra just to name a few. Will test and edit this post if I find anything.
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: That's not broken at all... It's just really fucking broken. It's like someone linking to a fully maxed out AD Yasuo with 20 stacks on Occult and all ad items maxed then someone activating granting yasuo 100% crit chance to his passive meaning his crit will deal about 1500 damage or more. Lmao... Good job Riot...
That's why they put it on the PBE. If they release this on live... rip.
: Practically any ranged champion can solo Vilemaw easily - since they out-range its melee attack. Provided you stand at the back of the pit and react quickly enough to his web spell: you can avoid practically all his damage. His ranged spit attack can be out-healed by the smallest amount of lifesteal.
Gonna try this with mah AD Bard.
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
Is this why everytime I cast a spell now with the skillshot indicator, it tends to lag behind a little bit and flash the indicator even after I've cast the ability already? Playing on a mac btw.
: My thoughts as a Diamond 3 midlane main peaking at Diamond 1 in S3. I've been playing him on the PBE and I think his kit is very interesting. While his kit is difficult to fully master he also feels inconsistent. And here is why: Q: His only poke ability, yet it's too hard to actually poke with it. It has a fair max range, but it's nearly impossible to actually hit someone with the full effect because it's SOOO slow. In diamond it can be difficult to hit Ahri Q sometimes since people know how to dodge, now imagine hitting Ekko's Q. Make it move faster, or make the first hit deal more damage than the second hit(reverse their damage). By reversing their damage you won't make the second damage redundant, because you still want to get that 2nd passive proc. This ability is his main damage source combined with his ult, so it shouldn't be this inconsistent. W: I don't understand why this ability is a part of his kit. It takes 3 seconds to land. Anything can happen in those 3 seconds. While it might work on other champions that needs self peel, I cannot see how it's gonna work on an assassin that has so much mobility and move around a lot. E: Great ability. Lots of mobility AND deals damage too. R: Very interesting ability. Can be used offensively or defensively and deals tons of damage. But is VERY situation dependant. Conclusion: He feels like an all-in champion that can't all-in so well. He can't poke properly because his Q is too slow and too easy to dodge. His W feels like it doesn't belong in his kit because you cannot poke with your Q so you have to find a target to all-in, and when you all-in both you and your target is gonna run around a lot, so you cast it somewhere and hope it's gonna do anything good, but you end up not using the ability at all, or it feels wasted. Right now he heavily relies on hitting squishies with his ult to actually have a chance to assassinate, but you cannot use it when Lucian is behind Maokai and Sejuani, Nautilus while Ahri is trying to kill you. You try flank them instead, so you can actually assassinate. You throw a W and hope it's gonna hit him, but he casually walks out. So you try to Q him, but he dodge it by casually walking or dashing away because it's too slow. You try to E him and get a lich bane proc with some AA's and then you die or ult to safety and recall because Nautilus showed up and you didn't have the damage to even get Lucian below 50% health. I feel like Riot is focusing too much on creating champions with fancy kits that looks good on paper, but in a realistic scenario it just doesn't work, so you might as well just pick another champion that is more simple and consistent like Ahri. I hope you understand that I like this champion a lot even thought it doesn't seem like it. He is very interesting and fun to play, but he's too frustrating to play. I know there are many who disagree with me, but he gotta feel rewarding to play on a high level where everything is in a faster phase.
As a Silver 5 scrub who is probably going to get demoted, I feel like Ekko's kit can be inconsistent, but I feel like I have more options in the process. Not only can his Q be used as a heavy damage source, it can be used as a disengage and a wave clear tool as well. Not only can his W be used as CC, but it can be used as a zoning and utility tool as well. Not only can his E be used as an efficient gap closer, it can be used as an efficient escape. Not only can his ult be used as a way to one shot Teemo, it can be used as a TP back to a teamfight that I took a humongous chunk of health in beforehand. Not only can Ekko be used as an assassin champion, he can be used as a utility zoning champion as well. Because of his inconsistency, I feel like mastery of Ekko is far more rewarding than mastering other champions. Hitting his abilities is so rewarding that it covers the risk when it does hit. His range of what he CAN do gives him the medal of "Can do something any point in the game" reward. When behind, he can still zone. When ahead, he can do damage. When in skirmishes, he has mobility. When in teamfights, he has utility. He might seem inconsistent, but his kit is almost designed that way... if I had to explain him, he'd be, "The risk is worth the reward." And if you can play him right... I'd say his potential is pretty good. I hope he's not CLG though. Again, from a Silver 5 scrub who started in late Season 4 so you can ignore this post. :P
: @Ricklessabandon Can Lulu's R work with Ardent Please?
I like that idea. While it isn't technically a heal, Lulu probably needs some love as a support... she's a little underwhelming in bot lane nowadays with some of these dominant supports such as Janna and Leona.
: Alistar really need an update
Alistar is completely fine right now. He is a tank support, with good peeling, but also a great initiator. He has a mini Malphite ult at level 2, and a great setup for initiating any fight, whether it be a small lane skirmish or a full on teamfight. He may not have a HP or armor ratio, but that is completely negated by the fact that his ult is a cleanse and reduces incoming damage by a whopping 70 percent. Alistar is all about windows, and if you can execute them properly, his kit, even without any ratios, is pretty strong. Even on his last visual update, which was in Jan 2015, it was even mentioned that Riot didn't see the need for a big gameplay update for Alistar anyways. I'd say if you want to ask for an update Alistar is probably not the champ you want it on.
: thanks for taking the TIME to give us an update. {{champion:17}}
I mean, he is working on the CLOCK.
: Me too
I just hope Riot doesn't make the same mistake as they did with Fizz and Nid and change their identity completely to be AD or AP, switching constantly. I just want one good Hybrid champ that I can say I'm am going AP, or AD, or Hybrid, and no one will think I'm a troll.
: Diversity in his kit would be nice (Blue vs Red), but have you tried Triforce on him??? Oh my word.
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
Just one question... the frames on the loading screen, can we have them be purple instead of red? The nexus is purple and so is the minions and turrets... just a suggestion. >.< Edit: Just realized a lot of this stuff is a month ago and you guys probably moved on. Lol. Never mind then. :D
: like like and more like i think that right now he does feel like diana i also feel that there still are not many (if any) viable hybrid champions. there are champions that can be played with either or but not both. what i would love to see is make ekko a viable hybrid champion by making clear power spike opportunities for both AD and AP so what i would love to see is changing his QWE to all scale with AD to a degree that in the early game building tri force/AD is good in the early game. then build pure AP mid to late to make his passive and passive W shine. to make him not to overpowered i would make his base damage on the passives lower so that until late game when he gets that AP they will not be as meaningful. in this situation an AD ekko would have a decent early game but in order to have a good splitpush game they would need to either build tri force OR more AD both or witch sacrifice the late game damage of full AP with a lich bane that is so scary now. or they could build full AP at the cost of a weak early game. this would for once make a hybrid build with a tri force BotRK and AP ideal. so possible hybrid ekko game would be like this. either build cutlass first for lane strength and delay the tri force power spike or have a weaker lane and rush tri force. in mid game with tri force and BotRK splitpush wile i would recomend having TP to join your team for team fights if needed. then late game be an actual risk assassin with sorc boots ZH, DC, and hextec. anyway just an idea
I actually like that idea... that sounds so good. Hybrid Ekko. YES YES YES. THAT BUILD LOOKS AWESOME. I definitely agree on a hybrid champion though. Really the only champion that promotes even a hextech is akali... and that's about it. I've definitely done some troll builds with Eve and Rageblade and Hextech, but who really buys rageblade anymore? I feel like these items should have a spot in at least SOME champ's recommended section... they're fun items, but no one uses them. {{champion:32}}
: Love the design can't wait to see what story the lore department comes up with for him. As for gameplay, he's fun, though very misleading. His kit makes me think AD, though scales with AP. He has a boomerang {{champion:150}} {{champion:15}}, a dash/blink {{champion:91}} , and an AA enhancer {{champion:107}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:75}}. When I first saw the teaser my mind went to a melee AD fighter. That said I do believe I understand why he's AP. As an AD champion he'd be difficult to balance and would probably end up in mid, top, and jungle crowding out competition with his utility and damage. As an AP "On Hit" champion it takes longer to scale than an AD "On Hit" champion would. With AP his power spike doesn't come until sometime mid game when he can roam and make ganks after picking up a Litch Bane or a Nashor's Tooth. As for balancing, his numbers have to drop. Passive plus W passive makes Ekko able to melt the health of his opponents with a Q+E combo. If Surrender @ 20 and the wikia are correct his passive scales with 70% AP, and the passive on his W gains an extra percent for every 35 AP. In a game where you have 450-500 ap these two abilities along are going to decimate most carries. The ultimate I can understand why the scaling is high. Though I think 130% is a bit much. I could understand It being that high if he was a hybrid champion and his other abilities required him to build some AD instead. But only needed to build AP and having an ultimate that deals 500 base damage and another 585 - 650 is very scary mid game. TL:DR Ekko's design is great. Kit seems like it should have been AD though I can see its balance need to be AP. AP scaling are too high and need to be lowered.
An occuring trend in new champs that come out. Azir's crazy 100% + AS steroid, Rek'Sai's crazy base damages even when built full tank, I think Ekko will have a lot nerfed as well when he comes out. Let's see what happens. Poor Bard, I think he was underwhelming from the very start though. {{item:3070}} {{champion:432}} {{item:3070}}
: So new champ, and a crap ton of bugs that need to be worked on, like the ghost speeds up and slows down even if you are running at a constant speed in a straight line. Backing, his ghost dashes to you at the speed of sound instead of beaming back. His ult, is a bit too strong. PS: I know this is not all.
Lol, remember Azir? So many bugs that we found in PBE, and then it went on live and there were even more bugs. Of course there's bugs.
: Try him with Bork and gunblade plus any sheen item you like then some tank, max his w and try it out, AD ekko is already viable due to the utility and base damages his abilities provide any aditional ad scaling would make ad ekko far too powerful
Unfortunately I doubt it'll stay that way. A lot of new champions on PBE are usually still a WIP and usually have higher stats than usual. Remember Azir's OP passive where it granted him a max of more than 100% AS? Or how Rek'sai had ridiculous amounts of damages while still going full tank? Don't expect Ekko to break that sequence.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
There are people comparing Ekko to Diana, and although I can say that their playstyles are very different from each other, I can say that they seem similar because of the similarity in items you have to buy. When I think Diana, I think Lich Bane, Nashor's, ROA, Deathcap, Zhonyas, and Sorcs. When I think of Ekko, I think of... about the same thing. Now I'm not hating on Riot for the similarities, I'm just saying that when a new champion be made, thought should also be put in the item diversity as well. Although Diana and Ekko have different playstyles, the AP scalings and AA based passives built the way they both deal damage, promoting similar item builds in the process. Personally, I would love to see Ekko's passive and his E with some AD scaling at the cost of some AP scalings. This would promote different playstyles to be viable. I remember a post where Riot thought Blue Ezreal promoted different playstyles in a positive manner. I would like to see that on different champions as well, and I believe Ekko could be another example of that. "Blade Ekko", which consists of a BORK, Hextech, Rageblade, Youmuu, TriForce, and Berserker Greaves, (although a farfetched build) might be one example of a different playstyle, and something like this is what I hope for. Well I love Ekko and I thoroughly believe that his kit is pure genius, I feel smart just looking at his abilities... someone give gypsylord a medal. I'm done rambling.
: No I did not receive vision from it ,but it allowed me to know where the enemy thresh was a good ball park. Say that happens and you see the lantern in the enemy jg then you know that the afk bot lane isn't close to you so you can push an advantage.
Now we patiently wait for a Riot member to find and dig this up. :D Thresh's lantern can be seen by the enemy team, even in fog of war. Gives no vision of the surrounding area, just the lantern itself. That seems like the problem. Good luck! *crosses fingers*
: Toxic PBE player
Please no name shaming. Simply send a Support Ticket if you have this problem, block him, boil some water, and make a hot cup of soothing tea.
: I think all reports go to Riot directly on PBE
Yep, the tribunal for PBE is viewed by the Riot Crew themselves!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sandstorm Ekko
First thoughts: Now I haven't played Ekko yet because my position in queue is always OVER 9000! (Yes, I am referring to DBZ, I'm not mad lol.) But in all seriousness, I was not expecting a Shurima-themed skin for Ekko. In my honest opinion I really thought Ekko would look absolutely amazing with a more modern theme such as Neon Strike Ekko, or Arcade Ekko; he seems like a futuristic, techy kind of guy. I wasn't expecting his launch skin to be related to the relics of the past, I was thinking more from the future. I'm pretty sure you guys have got some cool skins for Ekko coming up though! :D With all that put aside, I want to say that I do like this skin. I do feel somewhat skeptical because you changed two things that I thought made Ekko's aesthetic unique... his AMAZING mohawk and face tattoo. I mean, it's a type of mohawk, in a way, but it doesn't sit well with me. I don't like the bandana around his mouth however, I think the bandana takes up more of his face than what ACTUALLY should be on his face... the tattoo. I say keep one and leave the other, in my honest opinion it looked like you guys wanted to make a new character from the same base model... But all in all, I probably wouldn't buy this skin. The effects and animations are really good from what I've seen so far, and I think it's a solid skin, but it just needs a little bit of tweaking for me to want to buy it. A redder and darker scarf maybe? The bandana lower so you can add that cool hourglass tattoo look? I'm not much of a designer but I think those would look nice. Just my opinion here... >.< Well, I'm off to watch videos and read up on Ekko as I patiently wait in queue. I'll edit this post on what I think about the skin when I actually get to play him. :D Bugs: I'm still looking for more bugs, I will add screenshots for some of the bugs that I found. MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) Disappearing Sword Bug During emotes, the sword disappears ONLY on Sandstorm Ekko. This does not work with the base skin. Control + 2: The sword disappears once Ekko stabs it in the ground. Control + 3: The sword disappears for a short while when starting to play it like a guitar. Emote Ending Bug Ekko stops at the end of his emote, and holds that position. It does not repeat, or go back to his normal actions. After this, he slides along the Rift in that position for a very short time, then goes back to his running animation.
: So it's just tristana's jump? I really feel like that should be fixed...or if it's intended, why is it intended? It should cancel the jump :I
To be completely honest, I have no idea why it is like that. You should make a thread about it though if you haven't seen it yet before! No functionalities like this are even mentioned in the ability's description... and as you well know, Riot likes clarity more than anything.
: I've been hit with Zyra's Q while I was in leap with Jax and Kha'zix.
Well there you go boys. And back to the original question, NanePie... I think that it's possible, but it will take a lot of coding to do so. Adding a Z coordinate would probably be the most difficult tho, probably have it be a unseen buff or form of some kind while the champion is in the air would be a better way to go around it.
: i think that was a bug,i hope. Try to jump over a brand W,Zyra Q or anything else that says on the ground. does it hit you?
I sure hope not, I haven't tested any of it. Or experienced any of it. But I say if that shroom got popped anything is possible. :P But I feel like the pillar of lava should hit you tho... lol.
: so why it's possible to jump over the walls? If i jump from A to C and B is in the middle with Teemo's mushroom...do i hit it? No. OT i don't even understand abilities that let you pass through the walls (sejuani's Q,Amumu's Q etc. etc.). Jumps and blinks (intended as small teleports) are ok but you can't pass through a wall. Bard's E has been made for this,that should be an ability
Walls are simply obstacles. If a unit is able to pass through the obstacle using an ability, the system allows it. If it can't, it fails. That's why there are flash fails and Leblanc W fails and Graves dash fails because you either cross or don't. Just as long as you don't land in the null zone that we call a wall, the system accepts it. Depending on how your ability is placed helps the game figure out if you want to escape across the wall or slide your entire body across the rim of baron pit. Think of all the dash champions that would be nerfed tho if that happened, and you couldn't use abilities to cross walls. Ahri, Akali, Alistar, Amumu, Azir, Braum, Caitlyn, Corki (is that a jump?), Diana, Gragas, Graves, Hecarim, Irelia, J4, Kalista, Leblanc, Lee Sin (OMG literally unplayable), Leona, Lucian, Malphite, Maokai, Quinn (is that a jump?), Rek'sai (probably doesn't count, she goes underground), Renekton, Sejuani, Shen, Thresh, Tryndamere, Vi... a lot. And btw, you still do get hit with shrooms during jumps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA2Rv3L3-no
: Yeah but the weird thing is that some leaps aren't affected by cc until they land (except displacements) and others are completely stopped mid-leap. For example, tristana's freaking rocket jump, if she starts it before someone lands cc on her, she keeps going until she lands. Kha leap I don't believe works that way for some reason. I have been thwarted as morgana many times this way by tristana.
Oh trust me. Trist's leap is affected by cc. Famous example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DFDORY6s3w However, trist's jump does work differently, when hit with hard cc during cast time, she will jump the full amount then be fine. (lol) If you hit hard cc during the jump or before the cast time, hard cc will stop the jump completely. Kha'zix doesn't have a cast time on his jump. Hard cc during jump - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcW5EBiGsoM Hard cc during cast time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhdoSKD-S_4
: Thresh lantern in Fog of war
Well, it is a lantern... lol. But in all seriousness, did the lantern provide vision? Like did it change gameplay somehow? And was it just the lantern that you could see, could you see other people if they walked near it as well? A vision bug could be fixed, yes, but a vision bug affects gameplay, and the way they interact is much more in depth.
: ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik i ki kik and then there were so many other people in the game that were toxic aswell lol god it just doesn't make sense I wanna know the number of how many people are on the pbe and if that number is under 1000 just... why why WHY WHY!
Lol you can add me :D Drexon! And on NA too it's Drexon as well. I'm pretty sure I'm not toxic. And PBE, yes it's quite small the number of people, but it is also deceptively big. Not a lot of people regularly get on, but when there is a new champ or cool skin the whole thing goes crazy. Watch out for the Ekko release. About the toxic players... there's nothing really we can do but report them. The tribunal for PBE does eliminate a lot of toxic players but just remember that no matter what they're doing on PBE... remind them that IT'S THE PBE. Even in ranked, PBE is designed to be a small community to gather feedback from, and for people to have a say in what Riot does in adjusting the game for the better. If they can't get over their blue buff for the sake of the game, as a whole, well that's their problem. I just mute them. I've never done more than 10 normal games probably, but I haven't got a lot of toxicity in my games. I usually go in custom normals to test skin, map, and mac bugs (yep, I play on a mac). And usually when I get on the forums it's already listed. (The horror.) I say you keep on giving norms a try, and if you really can't deal with it, just mute people. Welp, that's my 2 cents!
: omg this is hilarious I was in a game and the game just started I was writing this (on the pbe btw obv) and then when I get back in game the udyr jungle in my game got his camp stolen or something and then he died and then flamed at everyone and then dc'd just... The freaking irony hahahhaha
Irony is more like, you posted that the PBE community is really nice and you just met that toxic Udyr. Wow I'm a buzzkill and a douche huh. Sorry about my presence. I leave now.
: Desde la creación de mi PBE no obtengo ni pi ni rp
It is a known bug, play a game, and then after you shall get the RP you so truly desire.
: Are you playing on a MAC by chance?
I am, and I got similar issues.
: They posted a service status that says they are aware of the problem. It's on the pbe service status page.
Can I have link? Sorry I've never seen this page before. Prolly cuz I'm a noob.
: Mac is die.
The pop up appeared again so I took a screenshot. And Leavebuster hates me now. Thanks Rito.
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: > I really like the whole machete line (even if the individual upgrades still need tweaking). Has the team looked into doing similar item lines for other summoner spells? Teleport at the very least looks like it might benefit from such an item to alter how the spell is used. We are highly interested in seeing how the Smite changes play out. Ideally, it works, and we have a lot of interesting design space to explore. Ignite your allies to give them a pbaoe burning aura?! Charge based Flash? Revive to...revive? OMG~! Out of curiosity, what type of Teleport alterations would interest you?
I would actually like to see changes to other summoner spells. I feel like it is almost a given that you have to get Flash (or Ghost depending on who you're playing) in every game now, and as a secondary spell have Smite, Ignite, and Heal, and Exhaust, and the other spells are just left out. Clairvoyance is almost completely useless now that Scrying Orb can be used in place of it. Clarity, Cleanse, Revive, and Barrier... i don't even see them anymore. What about giving them buffs? Clarity could also reduce cooldowns by 4 seconds or something but make it so it's not AoE, give barrier an armor and mr boost while active, have clairvoyance have a passive to be able to put down another regular ward... something to encourage people to try new summoner spells? As for teleport, have you considered on making the cooldown depending on how far the ward or turret is? I don't know, I think TP is already fine as is. Sorry for the rant. Meh.
: Ruby eye's base stats are worth 2000g Emerald eye's base stats are worth 1855g Opal eye's base stats are worth 2241g. You could literally buy all of these, even if you aren't support.
Ok... maybe I didn't do calculations, but I mainly based it off of the original topic. Thanks for the base stats prices. Maybe increasing the overall cost or having it upgrade from the current Ruby Sightstone? I still think something like this should be implemented.
: Suggestion for Season 5 Sightstone - Support Mains plz Read
I love this idea... It's just... beautiful. T_T As a support main, I always feel limited in my late game and feel like the sightstone is a wasted item in my inventory because all it boosts is health. And just in general, I think this is already bad because to have just the support role have an item that requires no counter-play whatsoever is ridiculous. For example, I need more armor because their bot lane is super aggro... Sightstone. I want to be able to poke the enemy adc harder... Sightstone. I would love it if I just had enough mana regen to keep sustaining my adc... Sightstone. It actually got to the point where I just went Gold Generation item --> Athene's or Mikhael's --> Aegis because it helped my team more, just in general, and bought all the wards I needed by myself. Of course I went back to Sightstone because of the conveniency, but I always feel hindered when I buy this item. Unless I'm Leona, Thresh, or Braum, where those stats just help them be tankier in general, I think that most of the supports I play; Lulu, Zilean, Sona, Nami, Annie, Morgana, Soraka, Zyra, Janna, Karma, and Fiddlesticks, would ALL be better if we could get some AP with those wards. Ya know what I mean? Sorry I'm ranting so much but I just love this idea. Now I know this isn't my thread but I was so inspired by your post I've made some suggestions. **Sightstone - 800g** **Ruby Eye - 2000g** Reduces the cooldown of trinkets and gold generation item actives by 15 seconds. All your wards have a larger sight radius. (Cannot have more than one Eye Item.) 400 HP 10 MR 25 Armor **Emerald Eye - 2000g** Reduces the cooldown of trinkets and gold generation item actives by 15 seconds. You can have 4 sight wards on the map. (Cannot have more than one Eye Item.) 200 HP 45 AP 10 Magic Pen **Opal Eye - 2000g** Reduces the cooldown of trinkets and gold generation item actives by 15 seconds. All your sight wards last longer & have 5 hit points. (Cannot have more than one Eye Item.) 200 HP 10 Mana Regen per 5 8 Health Regen per 5 5% Cooldown Reduction Build Paths should be the same as before but with higher upgrade prices. Idk, something like this? I wanted to make it expensive enough and more utility based that it doesn't seem like a reliable choice for the adc and solo laners while being an ok choice for junglers. To this effect, I also think that there should be an expensive legendary item so that if we get into late game we don't have to sacrifice our build... something with (Holds a Vision Ward) would be nice, so you can buy a vision ward and it could hold it. Anyways, great thoughts! *Edits have been made.*
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