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: To all the Mac users of PBE
I've crashed once or twice.... but I'm a bad person and never send the reports.... mostly because I've got in the habit of closing them out cause almost every time a game ends... and I click Victory/Defeat, the game will crash and give me a bug splat error.
: New Audio Engine Activated On PBE - Round 2!
The audio seems inconsistent, sometimes the noises are WAY to loud, and other times there is nothing. The sound on Braum's Q seems to be like throwing a feather, and I once saw jax taking double golems and there was no sound of him attacking... also I could never hear his Grandmaster auto attacks. And this is only from 1 game a played.
: [Feedback] Atlantean Syndra is not up to par.
All I want is for the in game model to match the amazing splash art. The in game model is way too green.
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